What to Expect on the Rare Blue & Full Moon in Taurus

If you could use a bit of magic in your life, it’s time to brace yourself because there’s a very special Full Moon approaching, bringing with it exciting, mystical energy!

This upcoming Moon will be dancing in the steady sign of Taurus, a placement wherein the Moon is said to be exalted – making the energy that accompanies this Moon even more powerful and potent.

We are already experiencing a fascinating celestial vibe with the Sun hanging out in mysterious, watery Scorpio. Scorpio is connected to deep emotions, and the Moon rules our emotional center, making the Full Moon a rather emotionally chaotic transit. However, the sensual, earthy energy that accompanies the sign of Taurus balances these vibrations and helps us get more healing out of this transit.

Full Moons are all about bringing our manifestations and certain situations to fruition – they signal the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. If you’ve been focusing on bringing certain things into your life, you may start to notice their presence during the Full Moon.

This Full Moon is especially unique for multiple reasons.

Firstly, this is a Blue Moon, meaning it’s the second Full Moon to occur in one month. This only happens every 2 ½ to 3 years, and it means we get to experience 13 Full Moons in one year – as if 2020 wasn’t wild enough already!

The second reason this Full Moon is special is that it takes place on Halloween – the first Full Moon on All Hallow’s Eve since 2001.

So, while we can expect the flair for drama that typically accompanies a Full Moon, we may also experience a somewhat spooky vibe that adds even more flavor to our Halloween weekend!

When is the Full Moon in Taurus 2020?

This Blue Moon in Taurus takes place on Saturday, October 31, 2020. However, the effects can be felt for 48 hours prior to and after the Full Moon’s occurrence.

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What Does a Full Moon in Taurus Mean?

Taurus is a sign that embodies the ideals of its ruling planet, Venus – sensuality, beauty, love, connection, the finer things in life. Taurus is refined, appreciative of alluring art, mellifluous music, decadent food, fancy cocktails. And Taurus knows how to manifest these things with ease, as her visualization skills are top-notch.

As an Earth sign, Taurus can get things done when the time comes. She doesn’t shy away from hard work, but powerful Venus encourages a domestic side and a desire for pleasure that sometimes takes over Taurus’ senses.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure – and these themes are palpable within Taurus’ sacred space. While she does appreciate spending time near beauty and indulging in activities that delight the senses, she is also resourceful, independent, and fiercely loyal to her loved ones.

Between the sensuality of Venus and the emotional energy of the Full Moon, this can be a time of deep, intimate connection – especially with a partner.

While Full Moons tend to shine a light on issues within relationships, they can also work to make strong relationships stronger and deepen certain bonds. With a Full Moon in sensual Taurus, this is a good time to connect on a physical level and let your bodies do the talking.

When Taurus experiences a positive placement, we can expect feelings of resourcefulness, an increase in creativity, generosity, and a sense of peace and calm within the body. As this is a Full Moon – complete with deep emotions and illuminated challenges – we may also experience feelings of restlessness, a desire for self-indulgence, and a stubborn attitude.


Full Moons also bring an urge to reflect on the past, and this particular Full Moon may encourage you to reflect on the things in your life that have worked to build your self-esteem and help you come into your own. Perhaps your successes in your career or your close relationships have helped you find yourself. Or maybe your creative endeavors have helped to put you on the right path.

This is the time to sit down and really consider what it is you value in life. Think about how far you’re willing to go to manifest those things. And ask yourself if you’re currently doing everything you can to begin attracting those things into your life.

Your answer may be “no,” and if it is, don’t sweat it.

This has been a challenging year, and most of us are just trying to get by with our sensibilities intact. But this Full Moon in Taurus provides the opportunity to determine what the next steps should be.

It’s time to envision the life you want to live and begin manifesting it into this reality.

Other Influences During the Taurus Full Moon

As we already know, the Sun will be in Scorpio during this Full Moon, bringing its own intense, emotional energy.

Scorpio is also a sensual sign, and when its energy mingles with the energy of an emotional Full Moon in Taurus, you can expect increased attraction and a deeper desire for intimacy!

Taurus is all about latching on, while Scorpio is more focused on letting go.

This tug-of-war represents the main theme behind this Full Moon: What in your life are you clinging to? What do you need to let go of? This is the time to release the relationships, situations, and patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you, making room for new, exciting experiences and connections.

The Meaning of a Blue Moon

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Once in a Blue Moon,” before, but have you ever considered its meaning?

A Blue Moon simply refers to a second Full Moon within one calendar month. Each month typically experiences only one Full Moon – it is rare to see two Full Moons within one month.

While the Moon doesn’t actually turn blue, this rare occasion is cause for celebration. It is said that this rare occurrence amplifies the energy of the sign that it falls under, meaning that the themes of Taurus will be extra juicy and bursting with astrological flavor during this transit.

The Meaning of a Full Moon on Halloween

In addition to being a rare Blue Moon, this Full Moon also occurs on Halloween – a transit that only happens once ever 18 or 19 years. The last Full Moon to transit on Halloween happened in 2001.

While Halloween is typically associated with spooky vibes, what this really shows us is just how rare and powerful this particular Full Moon in Taurus is.

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How to Use this Full Moon Energy

There are a few things you can do to make sure that you’re taking advantage of this transformative, sensual energy.

Think Relationships


Want to amp up your love life? Then this Full Moon is for you!

This transit will be extra powerful for relationships, especially because the vibe is so sensual and connected. All of us will be feeling this romantic spirit, so this is a great time to make moves and put yourself out there – and try to act surprised when people cozy up to you with their flirtatious energy!

If you’ve ever hoped for an astrological transit that can sprinkle a bit of magic on your relationship, then soak up this Full Moon in Taurus, whose planetary influence acts like fairy dust for your love life.

Let Go

Full Moons always illuminate certain issues or emotions that may have been hidden beneath the surface. They shed light on information to help us make sense of matters that may have once perplexed and confused you. They help you understand why you experience certain emotional reactions and what you should do about certain situations.

Expect to receive some clarity regarding relationships or situations that may have seemed murky up until now. Embrace this light and get ready to let go of anything that might be dragging you into the darkness.

You’ll probably notice imbalances in certain relationships, whether personal or business, platonic or romantic. Tune into your authentic intentions and follow your heart. This wake-up call may be just what you need to let go of toxic relationships that are holding you back.

Dig Those Energetic Vibes


You can expect some serious feel-good vibrations to surround you during this Full Moon in Taurus, and your only job is to trust and appreciate them. You may feel more secure, self-assured, comfortable in your skin, confident in your abilities.

This is energetic magic for you to use as you wish!

These positive vibes help to attract even more love and abundance, so it’s important that you dig into them and let them wash over you. Don’t let yourself second-guess it, even for a moment. Trust in the energy of the Universe and allow it to guide you.

Have faith in the relationships, successes, and abundance that the Universe is sending your way. Practice gratitude for the things that bring you joy, making room for even more joy. Remind yourself that you are worth it, that you deserve the beautiful experiences flowing towards you, and that you’ve worked hard to get where you are today.

Believe it. Embrace it. And watch the magic unfold.

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Take Comfort in What You Love

This is the perfect time to practice gratitude for and take comfort in the things you love, the relationships that help you feel the supported, the projects that ignite your passion, and the art that soothes your soul.

Embracing what you love will help you realize how beautiful, how magical life is, and how skilled you are at manifesting the things you want.

Full Moon in Taurus Ritual Using Your Senses

Taurus is a sign that is deeply connected to the five senses, and one of this sign’s favorite senses is the sense of smell.

A luxurious scent is often enough to take the mind on a wild adventure of nostalgia and beauty. And a pleasant fragrance can make it easier to find peace during certain activities, like meditation.

For this Full Moon in Taurus, the perfect ritual involves the olfactory system. Invest in a diffuser for essential oils, and grab your favorite scents – lavender, jasmine, and rose are particularly powerful for Moon rituals.

Then sit comfortably, close your eyes, and simply follow your intuition, allowing the Universe to be your guide. This can be a great time to visualize all of the things you want to manifest into your life.

You can also use essential oils on the body when they are properly diluted. Applying them to your chakra centers can be especially healing, particularly during the Full Moon. Try placing a drop of diluted lavender oil on each chakra point and breathing deeply, imagining the light of the Moon healing each chakra individually.

A dab of this oil on the Third Eye chakra can not only open the Third Eye, but also help you establish a deeper connection to the energy of the Universe.

You can also include essential oils in any ritual of your choosing. Try dabbing your favorite essential oil on your wrist and meditating under the light of the Moon, or adding a drop of rosemary oil to your Moon water for a refreshing room spray.

The most important part of any ritual is the intention rather than the action. You can incorporate essential oils in any way that works for you – it’s all about the intentions that you set. So focus on your goal, connect to that lunar energy, and follow your intuition!

Get Ready for Some Magic

This Full Moon in Taurus is extra rare and extremely powerful, bringing magic into your daily life. Take advantage of this mystical energy by focusing on what it is you want to attract into your life, engaging the senses, and deepening your connection with others.

Remember, the Full Moon may stir the emotions or shed light on issues that we might have preferred to ignore, but the Moon is only trying to help us get back on the path of spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment. Trust the process!

Dance under the light of the Full Moon and let the healing lunar energy wash over you!

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