Earn Your Good Karma With These Crystals for Saturn Direct

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Saturn is going direct on November 4th, 2023— to soak in its effects, have you considered picking up a crystal or two?

The planet Saturn has an interesting rep for its intensity and association with karma. When we see Saturn taking the reigns, we can expect big things to come to fruition (or fall apart if we’ve been taking shortcuts).

Thanks to Saturn going direct once more, we’ll be seeing those effects in full swing after what may have felt like a lifetime of Saturn retrograde action taking up your energy.

Today we’ll explore what Saturn’s energy looks like in full force and consider some crystals that can assist in reeling in its sweet rewards.

What is Saturn Direct?

To understand the effects of Saturn going direct, it’s helpful to understand what it means for Saturn to be retrograde in the first place.

Saturn retrograde brought plenty of self-reflection and self-discipline. When Saturn moves backward, its karmic and discipline-focused energies go inwards, asking us to take on some responsibility for ourselves.

So what does it mean when Saturn goes direct once more?

Well, we’re stepping out of the shadows of self-reflection and self-direction and letting Saturn do some heavy lifting again when it comes to seeing tangible rewards and outcomes.

In other words, while Saturn retrograde has been about making sure all your internal boxes are ticked off, it’s now time to see the direct payoff.

5 Potent & Powerful Crystals for Saturn Direct

1. Sapphire

First and foremost, we’re cutting back to the basics with sapphire, which in itself has strong ties to Saturn on its own.

This special crystal often holds a bit of a royal hue, speaking to the seriousness, but also potential reward, of working with Saturn properly. Owning sapphire already creates a bit of a connection to Saturn, and aligning yourself with Saturn direct’s energy in this way can be ultra-smart.

Wearing a piece of sapphire can also be done for protective purposes, casting any negative energies and ill intent back to the sender.

After all, Saturn rules over karma — when aligned with its powers, honestly, you’re well taken care of!

2. Obsidian

While you’re throwing in the effort required to make the plans of your dreams, get stable, protected, and soothed with obsidian to assist with your success.

Obsidian dons one of Saturn’s primary colors — a protective, powerful black — and is associated with the Root chakra. As a result, it holds a bit of shielding energy, protecting you from outside, unwanted eyes that could halt your ideas from coming to fruition.

A powerful supportive stone, it can assist with your future plans as you use the momentum of Saturn’s momentum to forge the life of your dreams.

3. Smoky Quartz

Saturn’s actions may seem intense at times, but it truly is about “give and take.” What you put in is what you get out.

In other words, you’re going to want to be down-to-earth and grounded to see the cause and effect of your actions, especially after Saturn retrograde may have left you with new plans of action and ideas.

Smoky quartz holds a grounded but firm and powerful energy, helping you align just right with that kind of vibe. Get your hands on one if you’re looking to sync up with the stabilizing energy of Saturn.

4. Iolite

Planning and stabilizing are all well and good, but all of that requires one central component: foresight.

Say hello to iolite, a gorgeous crystal also called the “Viking’s Compass.” It can assist with the inner vision and pathway illumination you’ll sometimes need when using Saturn direct to set your insights from Saturn retrograde into motion.

Iolite is also a softer addition to this collection, often coming in sweet hues of gray and purple. If you’re looking for something sweet that still expands your vision in a powerful way, this stunner may be the next crystal companion to look into.

5. Amethyst

Classic amethyst is a renowned favorite for a variety of uses, and there’s no exception here!

This bold purple crystal companion has qualities of purification and protection, which makes it a popular choice for crystal users of any experience level. However, what makes it particularly potent for Saturn direct is its ability to reel in sweet dreams and ease up your Third Eye chakra.

As we’ve mentioned, foresight is a key component of any plan. With a protective and cleansing quality, as well as its influence on your mind and intuitive vision, amethyst is not to be underestimated in your crystal considerations!

Creating Colorful Changes With Crystals

Remember: crystals are a helpful tool and companion to your larger-scale picture, not the end-all-be-all of your work.

After all, there’s nothing Saturn dislikes more than slacking. With Saturn going direct, now is the time to take the work you completed during Saturn retrograde and turn it into something real and concrete.

And if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with all of that, this is where crystals really come in — they’re a gentle but powerful way to amplify the desirable energy you already are cultivating.

Whether a crystal on this list caught your eye or inspired you to keep searching, however, you’ll perhaps feel a bit more grounded and ready with the right one at your side.

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