You Need to Read This November 2022 Energy Forecast

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Welcome to sweet November, lovelies! The month begins at full force with celestial shifts upgrading our focus toward the health of our inner self and world. It’s a magical time with an abundance of opportunities to refresh our intentions and ensure that our energy aligns with our soul path while navigating the daily concerns of the world and connecting to universal energies.

Essentially November is known as the eleventh month. However, in numerology, the collective numerology of November 2022 carries the “number eight” vibrations of infinite magic, wisdom, and the balance and harmony of cosmic order.

The energy of 8 also holds the magnetic powers of:

  • Self-confidence
  • Balance and inner stability
  • Physical manifestation and willpower
  • Abundance, wealth, and achievement
  • Pleasant surprises from the divine realm

What to Expect Astrologically in November 2022

November is a magical doorway to connect with your spiritual self and explore the unknown. From dropping old baggage, healing trauma in the body, stepping out of confusion, and rising from the ashes, the month ahead is an electrical storm that will shake, awaken, and move us forward in the quest for personal self-development.

Eclipse season presents a lot of emotional unraveling as the collective learns new ways to cope with anger, stress, or frustration. Yet, although things may seem foggy, magic can be found everywhere, especially in the power of the breath and stillness of the mind.

Mars is still retrograding in Gemini, presenting many themes concerning the relationship between power and authority, communication, and self-expression.

The Sun in Scorpio penetrates the deeper mysteries of life and the sexual waters of the Soul. Strengthening intuitive abilities to help uncover the essence of reality and see things and others as they truly are. In addition, Scorpio season presents potent spiritual alignment to work with, allowing you to tap into every layer of yourself.

Mid-month, three planets take over Sagittarius, along with a New Moon during Jupiter direct on November 23rd, refreshing our intentions and ensuring that our energy aligns with our Soul path.

Suppose you are feeling a little less grounded this month. Take time out to slow down, pause, reflect, and establish boundaries in your life. It’s time to bring wisdom from the past forward and explore new understandings to help movement flow freely from your inner to outer world.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the astrology forecast for November 2022.

November 2 – November 5: The Sun, Venus, Uranus, & the Nodes

Pursuing the Heart

The month begins with a Venus-North Node conjunction on November 2nd, driving us toward incredible achievements as we explore new ways to discover the meaning of life. This influence is a full-blown heart activation and upgrade, resulting from number eight last month.

Expect significant growth in your relationships, values, finances, and self-worth. Energies call you to become more aligned with your purpose and spiritual growth. In addition, this transit encourages creativity, music, entertainment, the arts, sexual healing, transformation, and anything that caters to pleasure.

Then, on Saturday, November 5th, the Sun conjuncts the North Node at the same point as Venus.

Currently, Venus forms a light bridge to Uranus, challenging our ability to balance our desires for harmony and stability in relationships with our desires for excitement, freedom, fun, and pleasure. The current focus is to dive deep, uncover your innate talents, discover who you are, and develop your most positive, high-vibrational sense of self.

November 8: Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus & Mercury Superior Solar Conjunction

Values Formation & Spiritual Transformation

Welcome to the heart of Eclipse season!

A Blood Moon eclipse arrives in its exaltation on November 8, and we can all feel the energetic forces at play. During this time, the cosmic energies are ripe for creating magic and aligning deeper with your Soul’s purpose.

A Lunar eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon that acts like a dramatic wild card or cycle that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas of our life that need to change. With the Sun in the passionate waters of Scorpio, opposite the Moon in Taurus, both connecting with the North and South Nodes, we learn the duality of light and dark and learn how to better control our desires and live more in sync with our authentic nature.

In addition, since the energies deal with the Taurus-Scorpio axis, we should expect themes of possessions, sexual pleasure, values, relationships, money, illumination, revelation, On the other hand, power, and rebirth. Venus and Mars rule the Taurus-Scorpio axis, relating to attachment and bonding, ownership of exchange, jealousy, sex, abandonment, transmuting the shadow, and ensuring one’s needs for nurture and nourishment are adequately and consistently met.

In addition, you can expect to deal with the following themes:

  • Significant changes in partnerships
  • Embracing pleasure, sensuality, and comfort
  • Destined endings, revelations, and breakthroughs
  • Moving away from manipulative tactics
  • Purging the heart and mind by letting go of the past
  • Attracting abundance with a fresh new attitude and outlook on life
  • Stepping into your power and owning your sexual energy at its purest manifestation

Mercury is in the heart of the Sun, deepening our intuition and relationship with the shadow. In Scorpio, both planets bring penetrating awareness into the emotional dynamics of current and past circumstances. In addition, the surrounding aspects expose fantasies and over-idealized perceptions we’ve fixated upon in our relationships, asking us to confront our deepest selves and penetrate our truth.

Overall, you can expect new insights, much-needed downloads, and healing as you wizard your way toward happiness and success. Remember to acknowledge your shadow with love and gratitude and learn to be stable in life’s emotional and spiritual turbulence. Mediate on gratitude and release.

November 9: Sun-Uranus Opposition

Establishing The Power Of Our Creative Force & Will To Live

Continuing to trace Venus’ footsteps, the Sun opposes Uranus in a dynamic light bridge, activating an illumination of your authenticity that will draw you toward opportunities to follow and trust your inner sense of self. Sudden events and unconventional situations boldly strike transformative change as the Sun, and the Great Awakener, find themselves at odds after an eventful Lunar eclipse. There’s an intense need for personal freedom and independence, causing a rebellion against any efforts to conform to accepted rules. Ah ha, moments and epiphanies cause a shift in goals and your mindset.

Also, the Saturn-Uranus square is still lingering, ranging from 16-19 degrees, which is still considered tight and generating slight restriction, along with revolutionary breakthroughs. Therefore, any other planet Uranus touches will feel the accumulation of energies designed to build our strength as a global community.

November 16: Venus Enters Sagittarius

A Time of Profound Heart Integration

Venus has been traveling alongside the Sun since their conjunction in October, innating a new pact of the heart. Venus’ trip through Scorpio prompted a massive shedding of old values, revealing issues with self-esteem, self-worth, sexuality, possessions, and the intimate art of giving and receiving.

Venus in Sagittarius inspires lightheartedness, optimism, expansiveness, understanding, and evolving consciousness through our spiritual path. Expect to find yourself drawn to exotic people, places, and experiences that awaken a new love for life.

November 17: Mercury Enters Sagittarius

A Full Blown Mental Body Expansion & Upgrade Into Higher Ideals & Philosophies of Life

Mercury, the “Cosmic Messenger,” enters the expansive lands of Sagittarius for adventure, fun, exploration, spiritual upgrades, and enthusiastic communication. Although Mercury may find it challenging in Sagittarius, it is still a strong position for Mercury because this transit expands and illuminates the ideas from the higher mind and reveals the creative urges of the spirit.

Tap into your intuitive side through writing, learning, and communicating with those from other cultures. Overall, there’s no time for small talk as the mind shifts toward more awareness. Avoid impulsiveness and reckless behavior!

November 19: Mars RX-Neptune Square

Cutting Your Losses & Rising Above the Ego

On Saturday, November 19th, a foggy Mars-Neptune square triggers suppressed anger and strange subconscious desires, symbolizing a dissolving of old mental programming and addictive behavior patterns.

There’s a level of confusion, deception, doubt, or self-destructive desires and actions which needs to be explored and released through holistic forms of self-care. Although this transit generates weird energies, it symbolizes the potential for transforming masculine energies and rising above the ego.

November 22: Sagittarius Season

The Sun dips out of Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius on November 22nd, closing out a monumental season of revelations and spiritual upgrades. Sagittarius is the light of expansion and soul-centered thought- also known as the archer devoted to aiming their arrow toward realizing its inner truth. Sagittarius is the last Fire sign of the zodiac, representing victory, where the higher self rises over, the lower self.

Ultimately, facing the ego’s shadows and moving beyond shooting in the dark to knowing precisely what the target is.

Overall, Sagittarius season burns down the old and inspires us to find acceptance, truth, and wisdom in the journey rather than focusing on the result. Your arrow will eventually land where it’s supposed to be if you have faith and trust in the power within. One must undergo struggles to free oneself from mental and emotional prisons. So, use the current energies to pursue knowledge and adjust your approach toward your goals or life purpose. A new vision of self emerges from the ashes of the ego and ushers in a feeling of unlimited confidence, strength, and a deeper connection to the inner spirit.

Happy Sagittarius season!

November 23: Jupiter Direct in Pisces During a New Moon in Sagittarius

You Can Thank Your Lucky Stars

The New Moon arrives on November 23rd, generating a grand expansion and enlightenment of the Soul. And this is the second to the last New Moon of the year.

A New Moon is a magical phase when the Sun is conjunct with the Moon, representing a brand-new 28-day Lunar cycle. During this phase, darkness takes over, and magic intensifies, symbolizing a prime to plant new seeds and water current ones. In Sagittarius, the New Moon comes in as the celestial bonfire of 2022 and clears the pathway for new opportunities.

Sagittarius, the skillful archer, and truth-seeker, inspires a sense of joy, faith, and optimism that we can carry into the upcoming year, enhancing our well-being and alignment with the natural order. The New Moon and three other planets in Sagittarius emphasize the importance of work, health, and habitual patterns. Creativity, joy, inspiration, and faith. Along with quick-witted confidence, truth-seeking, and fun.

Then, after four months of dancing backward, Jupiter goes direct in Pisces during the November New Moon. Jupiter in Pisces stimulates an intense period of psychic receptivity, mainly focusing on our dreams, inner worlds, and inspirations.

November 24 – November 30

Adjusting to New Frequencies

Finally, the month ends with a series of minor transits, and a Venus-Mars opposition on November 30th, during the First Quarter Moon in Pisces.

A First Quarter Moon is a 90-degree square between the Moon and the Sun that demands action and change on New Moon promises. During this phase, half of the Moon shines bright while the other half hides in the darkness. It symbolizes an intense desire to achieve balance and stability. This also indicates a period of heightened intuition, creativity, and imagination.

Nevertheless, the energies of the recent New Moon remain strong and encourage a well-balanced approach to life. So, create a plan, find peace through emotional turbulence, and increase your creativity and attunement. Emotional waves might become more robust, and the energy might feel anxious and escapable. When handling these energies, turn to soothing teas, crystals, affirmations, and meditation for the heart.

Use these Energy Tips for November

Undoubtedly, November is an alchemical shift of the mind, body, and metamorphosis of the Soul. It’s quite a busy time as we close out eclipse season and make space for more spiritual awakenings and consciously dissolving ego attachments.

This month’s oracle card is “Life Restored,” priestess of the phoenix brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

This oracle serves as divine confirmation that a spiritual resurrection is gifted to you, bringing an ending to trauma, struggle, or apparent defeat. You can trust that new opportunities will come to life after a period of emotional numbness, disillusionment, or confusion.

So, let go of the past, be brave and bold, and allow the magic of the stars to inspire you to return to optimum power. Just because something has fallen away does not mean it does not have value in the present moment.

Expect triumphs and unexpected twists working in your favor.

Make productive use of these energies by:

  • Pampering yourself
  • Cooking up a big, tasty dinner
  • Making every day a sacred ritual
  • Creating a gratitude list and journaling
  • Embracing and meditating on shadow work
  • Connecting with topaz and citrine to promote energy, strength, and vitality

In conclusion, November is a positive omen and transformation through the stars that indicate promising abundance and silver linings! Even if the month has presented challenges, a rainbow reveals itself after every storm.

This month provides many opportunities to connect with your higher self and envision your goals. So, focus on compassion, forgiveness, and trust in your divine authority. Become inspired and transport into higher consciousness. Tune into your spiritual light as you enter the passage through challenge and fulfillment.

This month, practice wholeness by honoring the shadow without judgment or resistance this month. Resistance creates more inflammation and disharmony, which severs communication within your cells. – find sacred wisdom, ever unfolding in each moment.

With love, November!

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