You Need to Read This November 2023 Energy Forecast

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Welcome to the beautiful month of November, lovelies! As we step into the month, we’re greeted with the promise of magenta skies and the opportunity to reclaim the energy we’ve left in the past. November brings a subtle shift in our energy. The crisp, cool air invigorates our senses, awakening clarity and focus dulled by the summer heat. This period is perfect for self-reflection and setting intentions for the remainder of the year.

The landscape of this month invites us to access a new sense of purpose deeply rooted in authenticity and self-awareness. As we listen to the call of our soul, we are drawn to things that resonate with our core desires and values. We are truly dropping old baggage like leaves falling gently to the ground, releasing what no longer serves us. This act of shedding allows our power to flow through us, unencumbered by the weight of past regrets or self-doubt. With each fallen leaf, we make room for fresh growth, both within ourselves and in our lives.

November is known as the eleventh month. However, November’s 2023 collective numerology carries the number “nine” vibrations of completeness, balance, and perfection

The energy of the number 9 resonates with the following:

  • Karma
  • Universal love
  • Enlightenment and spiritual awakenings

The completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next

Key Astrology Themes in November 2023

November leads us out of Saturn’s retrograde fog, offering clarity and momentum. With Venus returning home in Libra, the zodiac sign of balance and harmony, our relationships and values are infused with a renewed sense of harmony and equilibrium.

Mid-month, we find ourselves setting powerful intentions under a transformational New Moon, serving as a powerful catalyst for soul renewal.

Mid-month, the Sun’s shift from the passionate waters of Scorpio into the adventurous lands of Sagittarius signals a change in cosmic tides. Scorpio’s intensity gives way to Sagittarius’s curiosity and enthusiasm. This shift inspires us to explore new horizons, both externally and in our inner landscapes. It’s time to expand our horizons, embrace spontaneity, and let our spirits soar.

Being the second-last month of the year, November offers an incredible opportunity to change the game.

The lessons, challenges, and growth experienced throughout the year have prepared us for this moment. It’s a chance to reflect on our progress, adjust our course if needed, and make the most of the time remaining in the year.

Before we delve into this month’s in-depth transit forecast, let’s explore some of this month’s key themes:

1. Breaking Old Patterns: November encourages us to break free from stagnant routines and habits that no longer serve our growth and well-being.

2. Gaining a Better Understanding of Karma: Expect heightened insights into the concept of karma – the law of cause and effect. Reflect on your actions and consequences, and seek to align your life with positive energy.

3. Cleansing and Purging Negative Memories and Emotions: This month offers an opportunity to release pent-up negativity, especially related to sexuality, emotional dependency, and other addictions.

4. Discipline and Order: Establishing routines and structure can help you achieve your goals and maintain balance.

5. Revealing Manipulators Abusing Good Faith: The unveiling of individuals who manipulate or take advantage of others’ trust. Stay vigilant and protect your well-being while supporting those affected.

6. Rebellion and Discord: Tensions and conflicts may arise, especially with authority figures or within institutions. Be prepared to address and resolve discord constructively.

7. Revision of Laws: Cosmic influences lead to changes in the legal and regulatory landscape. Keep an eye on developments in this area, as they may impact your life and community.

So, what are the major transits happening in November?

What to Expect Astrologically in November 2023

November 4: Saturn Direct in Pisces

Unlocking Possibilities

November kicks off with a powerful shift as Saturn, the taskmaster, the planet that deals with boundaries, contracts, definitions, and meanings, turns direct in the watery realm of Pisces on November 4th.

Saturn’s retrograde journey earlier this year in the final sign of the zodiac was a time of introspection and digging deeper. It encouraged us to peer behind the veil, unveiling hidden truths and giving us the chance to upgrade and elevate our current systems. In essence, Saturn in Pisces serves as a gentle reminder that there’s an abundance to be had for all if we operate through unity. It’s a potent reminder that no single entity can control our planet.

However, we each hold the power and responsibility to contribute and care for it.

During this time, Mercury is in the spotlight as it opposes Uranus, the planet of innovation and change. This tango will bring forth new insights and information, shaking up our belief systems, structures, and frameworks. It’s like a cosmic download, offering fresh perspectives and revolutionary ideas to upgrade our way of thinking.

Overall, Saturn direct, along with Mercury opposite Uranus, is a call to awaken to the deeper layers of our existence and to recognize our interconnectedness with all beings. It challenges us to evolve collectively, shift our consciousness, and build a more harmonious and spiritually aware world.

November 8: Venus Enters Libra

The Activation of Relationship Renewal

Venus returns home to charming Libra on November 8, impacting our hearts and the way we navigate relationships. Venus in Libra calls for us to tap into our power through our connections with others. When Venus resides in Libra, it’s like a mirror reflecting our hearts through relationships. This is a time for us to truly own our power by embracing unconditional self-love, regardless of the reflections we encounter in the people and situations around us. In simpler terms, it means that we can enhance every relationship and every aspect of our lives by starting with the love we have for ourselves.

Our hearts hold the power to transform the world. The love we hold can soften the rough edges of resistance and harshness in our interactions with others. This transformation happens when we recognize that everything and everyone is a part of the cosmic plan.

In essence, Venus in Libra encourages us to love ourselves. Self-love is a powerful method of healing our world and our entire Universe. This new level of self-love is also a source of healing for our planet. It leaves a ripple effect, potentially creating a more harmonious and loving world.

November 10: Mercury Enters Sagittarius

A Time to Broaden Our Mental Horizons

Mercury ventures into the expansive and free-spirited territory of Sagittarius on November 10th. Mercury in Sagittarius may find the going challenging, as this placement thrives on spontaneity and adventure, which clashes with Mercury’s analytical nature. However, this alignment promises mental expansion and profound restructuring of thoughts and belief systems.

During this time, your mind yearns for adventure and new experiences. You may feel a strong urge to break free from routines and explore uncharted territories mentally and physically. Your curiosity will be piqued, and you’ll be drawn to philosophical and intellectual pursuits that broaden your horizons. On the flip side, watch out for a tendency to be overly blunt or tactless with your words.

Sagittarius is known for its frankness, and Mercury’s influence may make you less concerned about sugarcoating your thoughts. Be mindful of how your words impact others.

Simultaneously, Mercury clashes with Saturn, adding a challenging aroma to the air. Mercury square Saturn can cause restriction and limitation in thoughts and communication. You may encounter obstacles that require careful consideration and patience during this time. Ideas that seem promising may face resistance or delays. This aspect can also manifest itself as self-doubt and negative self-talk. You might question your abilities or feel the weight of your responsibilities and obligations. While this can be challenging, it’s an opportunity to refine your plans, strengthen your resolve, and build a solid foundation for your future endeavors.

Despite the challenges, Mercury square Saturn can be a valuable teacher. It encourages you to approach your goals with a structured and methodical mindset. Instead of rushing forward impulsively, assess your plans, address any weaknesses, and make necessary adjustments.

November 11: Mars Opposes Uranus

Navigating the Battle of Willpower

On November 11th, Mars faces off with Uranus, bringing sudden disruptions, surprises, and a strong urge for change. It’s like an electric jolt shaking up the dependable Taurus terrain.

Mars pushes us to take bold actions, even if it means breaking free from our comfort zones. During this time, you might experience a strong desire to break free from routines or situations that have become too stagnant. It’s a call to embrace change and innovation, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

However, it’s important to handle this energy with care. Mars opposite Uranus can also be volatile and impulsive. It’s like lighting a match in a room filled with gas – things can explode if not managed wisely. So, while it’s a time for daring actions, it’s equally crucial to stay grounded and think before leaping.

November 13: Scorpio New Moon

Empowerment in the Shadows

On November 13th at 3:27 AM CT, a New Moon emerges at 20 degrees in the mystic sign of Scorpio. This is a cosmic rendezvous between the Sun and the Moon in the deepest, most mysterious sign of the zodiac, promises to bring about radical paradigm shifts and inner transformation for all of us.

Every New Moon marks the initiation of a fresh cycle, offering us the ideal opportunity to clear our minds, reevaluate our goals, plant seeds of intention, and set our sights on the path ahead. However, with this New Moon in Scorpio, emotions are amplified. Scorpio is known for its emotional intensity, making this lunar event especially potent in terms of feelings and intuition.

Scorpio is a Yin, Water, and Fixed sign, and when a New Moon graces this archetype, it brings to the forefront the themes of merging, intimacy, trust, and shared resources. It’s a time when we dive deep into the intricacies of our relationships, particularly those that involve merging, whether on an emotional, intimate, or financial level.

This New Moon has the potential to stir us in ways we can’t ignore. It might compel us to confront our limitations, vulnerabilities, and feelings of powerlessness. Scorpio and its ruler, Pluto, are associated with transformation, often through loss and crisis. The eighth archetype of the zodiac signifies death, rebirth, and radical change. While these processes can be challenging, they ultimately strengthen our character, making us wiser, more resilient, and self-assured.

In addition, the New Moon conjuncts Mars while opposing Uranus. This combination of Mars and Uranus can create restlessness and a desire for change. It’s essential to harness this energy productively and avoid impulsive or rash actions. Instead, channel this dynamic energy into setting bold intentions, taking calculated risks, and pursuing your ambitions with determination and adaptability.

Manifesting during the New Moon in Scorpio holds unique and powerful energy as it closes out the eclipse season. As we close out this eclipse season with the New Moon in Scorpio, it’s as though the Universe is inviting us to take stock of the shifts and revelations that have occurred in recent weeks, even months.

Overall, it’s the optimal time to set intentions and plant the seeds for what you wish to manifest in your life. To make the most of this energy, consider a manifestation ritual. Find a quiet and sacred space to meditate, reflect, and set clear intentions for the future. Scorpio’s energy encourages authenticity, so be honest with yourself about your desires and aspirations. Whether it’s in relationships, finances, personal growth, or any other area of your life, be specific and heartfelt in your intentions.

November 17: Sun-Mars Conjunction, Trine Neptune

Fueling Dreams With Purpose

The Sun aligns with Mars in Scorpio, intensifying the already fiery and determined energy of the month. When the Sun and Mars come together in Scorpio, it’s as if the universe pours gasoline on us, amplifying our desires, passions, and determination. It’s like a laser-focused beam of willpower that can help us move mountains if we channel it wisely.

This energy encourages us to dig even deeper into our motivations and take decisive action to achieve our goals. Now, add Neptune in Pisces to the mix. It’s like a gentle, guiding current that encourages us to trust our instincts and tap into our higher selves.

During this alignment, we’re driven by our desires and ambitions and guided by our inner vision and spiritual insights. It’s a time when our actions can have a profound and positive impact, especially if they align with our deeper purpose and values. Think of it as the flawless fusion of determination and intuition, allowing us to navigate life by trusting our intuition and ability to make healthy decisions.

November 22: Sagittarius Season

Exploring New Horizons

As November unfolds, the Sun leaves the intense depths of Scorpio and steps into vibrant Sagittarius on November 22nd.

This transition marks the beginning of Sagittarius season, a time that carries fresh, liberating energy that’s about clearing the path for new beginnings. Being a mutable sign, think of Sagittarius season as your last chance to finish the game, wrap up loose ends, and give your life a thorough winter cleaning; a cosmic reset button to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

Sagittarius, the final fire sign in the zodiac, possesses a unique power to transform and transmute energy. It’s the cosmic dismantler, breaking down old physical structures, systems, and even our preconceived notions to reveal hidden truths. During this season, we’re invited to release our attachments to the material world and embrace the spiritual realm.

This period is about adventure, expansion, shedding the layers of armor, and returning to our pure, authentic selves. It’s time we recognized our shared humanity and the common truths that bind us.

November 24: Mars Enters Sagittarius

Embarking on a New Quest Toward Passion & Purpose

Mars boldly steps into adventurous and truth-seeking Sagittarius on November 24th, teaming up with Mercury and the Sun.

During this time, you’ll feel a surge of enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. Mars in Sagittarius encourages the exploration of new territories, both mentally and physically. It’s like a fearless explorer on a quest for the ultimate truth. There’s a burning desire to uncover the hidden secrets and facts of life, peeling away layers of illusion and drama to reveal the true core.

Moreover, this transit is a cosmic truth serum, helping us break free from illusions and drama. Waking us up to embrace the unadulterated truth, which ultimately leads us back to our authentic self, our source of inner strength.

November 27: Gemini Full Moon

Embracing the Delicate Dance of Duality

On November 27th, at 3:16 AM CT, a Full Moon arrives at 4 degrees in Gemini.

Full Moons are magical and transformative, representing breakthroughs, culminations, surrender, and transformation. During this period, the Moon’s energy is at its peak, offering us an opportunity to set intentions and manifest our desires. The Full Moon in Gemini is especially potent for manifesting through the power of clear communication and intellectual alignment. It’s a time to focus on what we truly desire, as our words, intentions, and thoughts carry extra weight during this lunar phase.

Right now, we’re in the midst of a learning cycle—a chance to understand ourselves better, including our inner workings and emotions. We’re diving deep into our emotional makeup, uncovering how we express feelings like anger, frustration, sadness, joy, and excitement.

This is our chance to become more familiar with our triggers and old emotional wounds and recognize how we typically react when these past emotions resurface. During these times, you might find yourself triggered by various situations, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to learn from these experiences and discover new ways to navigate conflicts, confrontations, and disagreements. The key here is to approach these moments with curiosity and an open mind rather than reacting impulsively.

Expect opportunities to explore fresh approaches to handling conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings. Learn the power of your words, and do not deny their impact.

As you interact with others and confront challenges, remember the valuable lessons this lunar phase brings: explore new conflict resolution strategies, effectively channel your emotions, and be mindful of the impact your thoughts and words can have on yourself and those around you.

In addition, the Full Moon will closely join the fixed star Aldebaran, opposite Mars, and square Saturn. This combination of planetary energies creates an intense backdrop. Aldebaran’s influence brings courage and determination, while Mars ignites passions and desires. This opposition implies a cosmic tug-of-war between our emotions (as represented by the Moon) and our assertive drive. It’s like a battle between heart and ego, urging us to find a balance between our emotional needs and desire for accomplishment.

Yet, the square with Saturn may introduce some obstacles and tests of patience. Challenging us to reconcile our emotions and desires with the need for order and accountability. While we strive for our dreams and emotional fulfillment, we must also honor our commitments and responsibilities in the tangible world.

Overall, the current energy holds the possibility to guide us toward a more balanced and purposeful existence. So, set intentions surrounding clear communication, releasing negative thoughts, adaptability, balancing logic and emotion, and avoiding gossip.

November’s 2023 Energy Oracle Card

This month’s Oracle card is “Truths Unveiled” from the Isis Oracle deck.

This powerful card serves as a message, indicating that you are currently undergoing a significant upgrade in your ability to discern when people or situations are deceptive. It’s a reminder to pay close attention to your intuition and inner guidance.

Within you, there may be a sense of discomfort or unease regarding a particular situation in your life, especially in relationships. This Oracle card suggests that something is not as it appears on the surface. You are encouraged to dig deeper to uncover the truth and revelations hidden beneath the facade. Facing the truth can be challenging, as it requires admitting uncomfortable realities.

However, this process will save you from unnecessary suffering and feelings of being deceived, manipulated, used, or abused in the long term. Remember that healing can only occur when the truth is revealed.

Ultimately, this Oracle card encourages you to trust yourself and your inner knowing. Focus on navigating through situations with enhanced clarity and wisdom. Make choices that align with your highest good, and embrace the path of uncovering the truth. This will lead you toward greater authenticity and fulfillment.

How to Make Productive Use of November’s Cosmic Energy

Here are some essential tips to harness and use this month’s cosmic energy:

1. Set Clear Intentions: With the New Moon in Scorpio, kickstart your month by setting clear and specific intentions for what you want to achieve. The transformative energy can amplify your intentions and help you manifest your desires.

2. Embrace Inner Transformation: Scorpio into Sagittarius season encourages deep introspection and exploration. Use this time to delve into your emotions, confront any fears or limitations, and engage in personal growth and self-discovery.

3. Navigate Conflicts Mindfully: This month’s energy can bring about sudden changes. Stay adaptable and focus on resolving conflicts with patience and creativity rather than reacting impulsively.

4. Channel Mars’ Energy: Leverage the assertive energy of Mars to tackle projects, set boundaries, and assert your needs. Be proactive in pursuing your goals.

5. Practice Open Communication: Foster trust and intimacy by communicating openly and honestly with loved ones.

6. Release What No Longer Serves You: Shed old habits and beliefs. Let go of what no longer serves your growth and make space for new opportunities.

7. Stay Flexible: Adapt to unexpected circumstances and be ready to embrace fresh perspectives and solutions.

In conclusion, November is a month jam-packed with ancient wisdom and spiritual energies, offering us a divine awakening and a powerful call to action. It encourages us to look at how our entire life journey has brought us to this moment. Nothing is by accident; everything we need to move forward and grow is at our disposal, regardless of our current situation. The key is to look deep inside ourselves.

We create our destiny, rewrite our narratives, and manifest the changes we seek. So, let the magic of this month guide you toward a brighter future.

Adventure awaits, and everything you need is within!

Keep track of all of November’s astrological transits with our astrology calendar.

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