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For the Month of: February 2024

February - Welcome to a brand-new month, ambitious Capricorn. Although your season is over, the month ahead brings powerful changes, particularly in the realms of finances, self-worth, communication, and travel. Your monthly horoscope foresees potent energies at play—brace yourself for a transformative journey. While events might be jarring and uncomfortable, trust that the direction you choose will lead you to a better outcome.

Mercury starts the month by entering Aquarius on Feb 4, setting its focus on your financial sphere. Mercury stimulates a forward-looking approach to money matters. Explore opportunities for financial growth and consider innovative strategies for managing resources. Whether it be reviewing assets, your savings, or investments, use this energy to implement new ideas.

On the 6th, the waning Moon enters your sign, increasing emotional awareness and signaling a time for introspection. Simultaneously, Venus clashes with the North Node, currently sextile the Sun. This cosmic stand-off suggests a need to reassess your values and relationships.

And thanks to the New Moon on Feb. 9, you can set intentions surrounding current themes of personal development, finances, and relationships. This lunar event occurs in Aquarius, influencing your financial realm. Use this auspicious time to plant seeds of intention related to innovative business strategies and personal growth. Because a new portal is opening up and all you have to do is have the courage to let go of an old mind-set and walk through. You're being put back on the right path. There is nothing to fear.

A few days after the New Moon, on the 13th, Mars strides into Aquarius, igniting actions with boldness and a penchant for exploration. This transit brings inspired action to fruitition. Shortly thereafter, on the 16th, Venus joins the cosmic dance in Aquarius, bringing a touch of charm and harmony to your relationships and financial pursuits. This combination ushers in a favorable period for collaborative efforts and exploring new ways to enhance both your connections and financial well-being.

A few days later, Pisces season begins and you can expect to feel a shift in your mental landscape. The energy of Pisces infuses your thoughts with sensitivity, empathy, and a heightened awareness of the emotional undercurrents in your communications. This is an excellent time for creative expression, especially through words. Whether you're a writer, speaker, or someone who enjoys sharing ideas, Pisces season inspires the artist in you.

Mercury enters Pisces on the 23rd, shifting the way you connect with others toward a deeper, more intuitive level. Your mind is open to a broader spectrum of ideas, and you may find inspiration in unexpected places. Engage in heart-to-heart conversations, listen actively, and let your intuition guide you. Embody a softer, more flexible mindset, making it easier to adapt to the emotions and perspectives of those around you.

The next day, a Full Moon lights up the sky, highlighting the intersection of travel, spirituality, and long-term goals. The Full Moon in Virgo prompts you to examine the details of your broader life philosophy. It's a time to assess how your beliefs align with your practical experiences and whether your educational pursuits contribute to your personal growth. Virgo's meticulous energy encourages you to fine-tune your understanding of your life's purpose and the path ahead.

This lunar phase also illuminates your connection with distant cultures, travel, or spiritual practices. Consider how these elements contribute to your overall sense of fulfillment. Refine your goals and find a balance between the mundane and spiritual sides of life.

The month ends with a smooth conversation between Mercury and Jupiter on the 29th. It's a favorable time for learning, sharing knowledge, or engaging in positive discussions that broaden your perspective. At the same time, Venus gently connects with the North Node, encouraging you to nurture relationships that matter most.

In summary, February brings breakthroughs, shifts in finances, clarity, new ideas, and success. However, you must keep your plans top secret!

Self-care tip: Set aside dedicated time for activities that bring you joy and relaxation, whether it's reading a book, enjoying a soothing bath, or practicing gentle yoga. Prioritizing these moments of self-nurturing will contribute to your overall balance and resilience throughout the month.

February’s affirmation: I navigate challenges with determination, knowing I am in control of my destiny. Every step I take is a step toward success."

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