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For the Month of: June 2024

June - Happy Summer, ambitious Capricorn! The month ahead brings excitement and changes in your daily life, health regime, and work life. Relationships will flourish if you focus on adjusting your energy when needed. In addition, you are still guided to surround yourself with people who genuinely support, honor, and value you, versus tolerating you. In addition, it's essential to set clear boundaries and speak up if others cross them. Some people may be intimidated by you this month, however, once they get past the gates of who you are, they develop a greater appreciation for an ambitious and disciplined nature. So, let's check out your monthly horoscope.

Mercury kicks off the month entering its home sign Gemini on June 3. Because Mercury is in your work and wellness sector. Now's the time to schedule that much-needed checkup. There's some news brewing at work that could manifest by mid-month. Physical exercise is a great way to recharge your system during this transit. Plus, it inspires you to be more efficient and effective.

Additionally, a New Moon in Gemini is coming up on June 6, helping you manifest more responsibility in your habits, health, thinking, and routines. This is a great time to get back into a healthy, balanced routine if you've been overworking yourself. That means you can take a break! You set great boundaries with others, but what about the ones you set for yourself? The new moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle. You can use this energy to crop out old habits and behaviors that don't work anymore. Plus, you've worked through so much you don't need to hold on to them.

As Mars enters Taurus on June 8, your creativity will be at its best. It doesn't matter what you're doing, whether it's a new hobby, craft, building, making, or just expressing yourself, this sociable energy will make you happy. Try not to be so rigid. Get out of your comfort zone or do more of what makes you happy. At the same time, Venus clashes with Saturn, your ruling planet, causing slight delays. It's a great time to review and take responsibility for your relationships. Also, think about how you show up in your friendships.

Then, the Sun and Mercury align, bringing significant news mentioned earlier in the month. There could be a lot going on with this high vibrational energy. Try not to take in too much information or overwhelm yourself. You might get an important call or message.

The airwaves are filled with heartfelt conversations and quality time on June 17, when Venus and Mercury enter your opposite sign, Cancer. Having both of these planets in your relationship sector makes you more empathic and intuitive. Venus has you wearing your heart on your sleeve and spending time with your loved ones. While Mercury makes you crave emotional security and intimacy. Learn who's there for you and how you can better hold space for them. It's extra important to choose your words wisely and speak from the heart. Now's a good time to negotiate contracts and collaborate.

Cancer season starts on June 20, solstice day. Cancer season shines bright on romantic, platonic, or professional relationships. Mercury and Venus are here, so you may find yourself moving towards shared goals. Maybe you're planning a business proposal or investing. No matter what, you'll have confidence and self-assurance.

There's a potent Full Moon in your sign the following day. Yes, Capricorn, this Full Moon is all about you. There's something powerful about full moons, where the energy illuminates everything, bringing your attention to goals set during the previous new moon. Your identity and personal ambitions are in the spotlight during this Full moon. You've got the world at your fingertips. And whatever calls to you. Trust your intuition and follow it. Whether it's your relationships, finances, or self-expression, there will be some major turning points. It's a powerful time to celebrate your more authentic and aligned self.

Last but not least, you're encouraged to adjust your goals by the third quarter moon in Aries on June 28. These adjustments will help you get where you want to be. Trust that this change of forecast is necessary and will pay off in the long run. Pay attention to any challenge now that reminds you of what you want and what you need to let go of.

Overall, this month is about strengthening your relationships, expressing yourself, and investing in your loved ones. Don't let your emotions get the best of you.

Self-care tip: Set clear boundaries between work and family time. Make sure you schedule time for work and family, so you can focus on each without feeling overwhelmed. Communicate your boundaries to both work and family so they understand.

June's affirmation: "I strive for respect and understanding in all relationships, nurturing mutual support and harmony."

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