What You Need to Know About this Week’s Full Moon

Whether you’ve already been having an emotional and spiritually potent year or not, the Full Moon in Pisces is ready to bring those themes to the forefront here and now.

The Full Moon represents the completion of a lunar cycle, and it always focuses on bringing to fruition those things that we’ve been focusing on and attracting since the previous New Moon.

But what about when the Full Moon is in psychic and sensitive Pisces?

We’re diving deep today into the true essence of this special event, tips and tricks to help you out, and what it may mean for your zodiac sign in particular.

When is the Next Full Moon?

The next Full Moon in Pisces will occur on August 30th, 2023.

Key Themes & Essence of the Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces is a sign ruled by Water, the element of:

  • Emotions
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Fluidity

As such, Pisces is an incredibly intuitive sign – and when the Moon is in Pisces, it will feel harder than ever to avoid the energy of others.

Pisces is a sign that deeply appreciates art and all forms of self-expression. Therefore, when we experience a Full Moon – a transit that brings out the emotions within us – we may feel more expressive about our feelings than ever. This can take the form of communication or creative self-expression, such as writing, painting, singing, drawing, or dancing.

When the Moon is full, and in a Water sign, your emotions need to come out.

Additionally, psychic energy is amplified right now, and it’s easier than ever to pick up on the emotions of those around you.

The sign of Pisces is also deeply connected to dreams and fantasies, meaning that these themes will crop up during the days before and after the actual transit. You may find yourself deeply in your head, caught up in your thoughts and the fantasies that you want to bring into real life.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Full Moon in Pisces Energy

Interested in making the best of this transit but not sure where to start? Let’s take a look at a few ways we can make the most of this special Full Moon.

1. Prepare for Sensitivity

You might feel more sensitive than usual during this transit, regardless of your sign.

Preparation and knowing what to do with that energy is the key.

When you know you’re feeling more sensitive than usual, you can prepare yourself to avoid taking things personally. And if you’re a naturally sensitive person – or a fellow Water sign – you may feel this effect more strongly. Remind yourself that you are confident, beautiful, and brave to avoid falling down an emotional rabbit hole.

2. Listen to Your Intuition

Your intuition can take you far in life… as long as you learn to listen to it!

This is the perfect time to connect more deeply to your intuition because it’s stronger than ever. Pisces is a deeply intuitive sign, and the Moon is an incredibly perceptive planet in astrology. When these two energies combine, you can expect your intuition to be on fire.

So, don’t ignore it.

3. Give Yourself an Extra Hour Of Sleep

When the Full Moon occurs, the tides are all over the place, and the gravitational pressure on our planet is palpable. In fact, it’s a hard feeling to ignore during this time. You may feel more emotionally drained or physically exhausted with so much energy swirling all around you.

It’s a good idea to account for and plan for yourself to get an extra hour or so of sleep if possible.

Let’s face it: emotions can be draining. Sleep lets you build up the strength and energy you need to face the next day of emotional exchange.

4. Get Creative

As Pisces is a creative sign, this is the time to tap into your self-expressive side and allow your thoughts and ideas to flow outward into the world. When you feel a wave of emotions coming on, try to write them down.

Or, put your favorite sappy song on and sing until your heart is content.

Paint a picture of a scene that brings you joy, or try writing a poem to your partner, expressing your feelings. It doesn’t matter how you choose to be creative, only that you make a choice to express your emotions.

5. Conduct a Pisces Full Moon Ritual

We all know that Full Moon rituals are a spiritual staple. Finding yourself in need of some inspiration?

Amethyst is a stone that is deeply connected to the energy of this sign, as it is emotionally healing and soothing.

Working with amethyst in any manner will be beneficial during this Full Moon. Try placing a chunk of this healing crystal on your altar or in your left pocket to encourage emotional balance throughout the day!

How the Full Moon in Pisces Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Depending on your sign and its ruler, each individual will likely have a different experience – but it’s all about how you work with this energy.

If you’re an Earth sign, for example, like Virgo or Capricorn, you might find Pisces’s dreamy nature to be too ungrounded and unsettling. On the other hand, Water sign placements – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – can feel right at home during this transit.

Just remember: we’re all dealing with more feelings and emotions, in general, during this Full Moon, and it’s possible for this Full Moon in Pisces to bring it out of even the most stubborn Earth sign.


Aries, you have the Full Moon in Pisces in your 12th house of spirituality and secrets.

Anything that has yet to be uncovered or secret habits still lingering about is coming to light now. It’s time to go with the flow on this ending like Pisces does as a Mutable sign.

When you do, relief arrives. It’s time for you to focus more on your life than on everybody else’s right now — taking care of any unfinished business, wrapping up emotional loose ends, and paying attention to what your intuition has to tell you is the recipe to success this Full Moon.


Dear Taurus, your friends are going to be your lifelines right now.

The Full Moon in Pisces is impacting your 11th house of groups and friendships, where friendship issues can come to a close. You know who you can count on and who you can’t.

You can be proud of who you have chosen in your life, and they will take you far. Express some gratitude towards the loved ones who have remained in your close circle this Full Moon, and you can expect some blessings in this area to come back around to you.


The Full Moon in Pisces is working your 10th house of career destiny, Gemini, and you are feeling the crunch of some public image stuff.

You may not be too pleased with the results so far, either. But this is an opportunity for you to put something to bed that enables you to see a higher status or set of goals than you were before.

If you’ve been disciplined with the responsibilities on your plate, you may see some reward come to fruition this Full Moon. If not, tend to these now because people are often watching when your public image house is lit up!


The Full Moon in fellow Water sign Pisces is working your 9th house of foreign affairs and big adventures, Cancer.

You may be thinking far and wide into the big wide world and making big plans for your life. And if you aren’t, now is the time to just stare into the world and think long and far about it. What do you want? If there is a time to dream, it’s this Full Moon!

Perhaps it’s a good time for a road trip, the kind where you just drive and think about stuff. Or it’s a good time to expand your mind with different ideas for adventurous things.

Just be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone and explore paths of thinking you perhaps once thought were unrealistic.


You are ready for a total transformation, Leo.

With summer coming to a close, you are taking seasonal change very seriously. The Full Moon in Pisces is working your 8th house of transformations, and you are ready for that infinity-like change.

You know that you are ready to put one issue behind you so that you can form your rebirth with another. And you are committed to only saying hello to the things that serve your most empowered self.

It may mean cutting something out, and when you do, you need to put it behind you for good. The weight that is lifted will be exhilarating, and you will definitely see the tides of change turning in your favor.


This transit is all about the love for you, Virgo, and this could get a little more intense than usual.

The Full Moon in Pisces is working your 7th house of relationships and partnerships. You may be putting a relationship matter to rest, or you may be just putting something behind you.

Or you may decide that something isn’t serving you and you need to put something to bed. Just remember to lead with your heart in all aspects, compassion comes first, and you will see some magic happening in every possible way.


The Full Moon in Libra is working your 6th house of details, Libra, and you are going to see something come to completion at work or in a regular routine.

You might see a schedule change at work, or you may be putting a particular health matter to bed or bringing it full circle. Either way, it’s like something that has changed your recent routine is going to come full circle now.

It will be all about the little things now, Libra. Details matter.

Changing the slightest thing in your life now is going to make a big change today or down the road. If you’re paying close attention, you can make sure that works in your favor!


It’s possible that you always get a little bit excited when a Pisces Moon kicks around, and this Full Moon in Pisces is no exception.

This Full Moon is touching your 5th house of pleasures, hobbies, and entertainment, and you are excited by the possibilities. A romantic matter may come full circle, or your relationship status may change (in a good way!).

Just remember, Scorpio, everything has a chain reaction, especially under a Pisces Moon. While this time can be fun for Scorpio placements, just remember that actions should also have a purpose.


Your home and sense of stability are being highlighted, Sagittarius, and that is due to this emotive Full Moon in Pisces in your 4th house of roots and foundations.

There are a number of things that could be going on here for you. Home matters are taking front and center in an ending kind of way.

All in all, something involving the home, stability, or family is coming full circle, and you are feeling quite relieved by it all. Put your home people first, and that’s where your win comes under this Full Moon.


This is not going to be the easiest Full Moon for you, Capricorn, as you are full of emotions you don’t know what to do with.

The Full Moon in Pisces is working your 3rd house of communication, which means it’s a great time for you to close up unfinished matters related to information and communication.

Lead with good “feelings words,” like “I like” or “I love,” or if you can’t do that, try “I feel like….” And finish the sentence.

As the pragmatic Cardinal Earth sign, you don’t generally roll this way, so this may feel awkward. But you come out with a win here when you use your heart instead of your head this Full Moon.


With this Full Moon, your self-esteem is high, and you are feeling on top of the world, Aquarius.

The Full Moon in Pisces is working your second house of earned income, making this transit especially sweet for financial matters.

But this is also your house of confidence, so you are feeling good about something overall as well. Keep this positive energy going!

Whatever door is closing now should come with a sense of relief and perhaps a much-needed confidence boost. It’s time to put anything unnecessary behind you now, and you will likely feel ten feet taller when you do.


This Full Moon is in your 1st house of self, and you are feeling more confident than you have in some time.

You are closing a chapter, and it’s one that you’ve undergone a great deal of reflection for. And it’s working! You feel like the weight of a hundred buildings has been lifted from your shoulders.

You also may be considering a new look entirely, to put an old you behind you and bring in a new one. It’s almost a new year for you, and that is the energy you are feeling now. Do that thing you are inspired to do right now.

All in all, it’s your time to shine, and it’s time for that new chapter – and you’re writing it.

Start Preparing for the Pisces Full Moon

Suddenly feeling like there’s more on your plate to handle? (After all, sometimes, ignorance is bliss).

It’s true that the Full Moon in Pisces can be quite a doozy. It’s an emotional one, and if you haven’t been preparing, you may realize that you could be in for quite a rollercoaster of a Full Moon.

That said, one astrological transit on its own won’t be the end-all-be-all of your stability and foundations — keep in mind that, most often, astrology just sheds light on what is already there. Rather than create strange newness out of thin air, it’s a magnifying glass for what you already have going on.

So breathe in, and breathe out. If you pay attention and sit with your intuition, it’s likely that you can already feel how this Full Moon will impact you.

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