February 2024 Astrology Calendar

This astrology calendar outlines all of the major astrological aspects for 2024, helping you plan for the year!

You’ll find the major planetary transits, retrograde periods, all phases in the lunar cycle including New moons, Full Moons, and Quarter moons, zodiac sign changes, as well as what it all means for you this month.

Note: this calendar uses the Eastern time zone.

February 2024 Astrological Transits


Moon in Scorpio Square Pluto in Aquarius

Be mindful of struggles over power and control. They’re likely not productive, so don’t get sucked into drama. Keep your cool.

Moon Enters Scorpio

Passionate energy can run high. Stay in control of this, and use it to your advantage.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Scorpio


Mercury in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

Maximize your imaginative energy and work on a creative project or hobby. This can keep you focused.

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

With the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, this can be a time to passionately clear out, or to get to the core to clean up over the next week. Endings can be intense, but lead to solutions.


Moon in Scorpio Sextile Mercury in Capricorn

Keep yourself busy with a variety of projects to entertain your mind. Explore new information that helps you craft new plans.

Waning Crescent Moon in Scorpio


Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces

There may be little patience for anything that requires discipline, so try to give yourself time to get things done, or get a break from anything demanding.

Moon Enters Sagittarius

Adventure can be on the brain, and you can be open to having new experiences that are bold and daring.

Waning Crescent Moon in Sagittarius


Mercury Enters Aquarius

Mercury moving into Aquarius brings out sudden insights, unconventional ideas, and helps you think outside the box. Chat about ideas with friends, and work on plans for change.

Mercury in Aquarius Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

Focus can be intense and unrelenting, especially when working on plans for change or for your future. Pay attention to intuitive flashes and premonitions.


Moon in Capricorn Trine Jupiter in Taurus

Your outlook can be optimistic, and you want to focus on the bright side. Use this to come up with new options.

Moon Enters Capricorn

One of your goals can be important to you over the next few days. Make practical tweaks to your plans.

Waning Crescent Moon in Capricorn


Venus in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus

Changes can improve the way you deal with others or one of your relationships. You can open up your social circle and and find new ways to connect.

Mars in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

Take the initiative with creative ventures, and get inspired to take action. Your imagination can drive you, and your intuition can guide you.


Sun in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

It can be easy to give in to impulse, so try to avoid doing that. Get to the heart of the issue, which may have nothing to do with what you think is causing it on the surface.

Moon Enters Aquarius

There can be an important change for you to make, and you can be open to doing so now and being unconventional with it.

Waning Crescent Moon in Aquarius


Moon in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Impatience can get the better of you if you don’t maintain self-control. Channel some of the energy into a positive change, and see how that helps.

Aquarius New Moon

With the Aquarius New Moon, this can be a great time to get started with a beneficial change, to be more independent, and to experiment. Expand your social circle, and work toward the future.


Mercury in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Taurus

If you can get a break, this might be a good time for it. You likely feel pretty lazy, and taking time to chill out can do you good.

Moon Enters Pisces

Imagination can be strong, and you can make the most of artistic talents and creative hobbies.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces


Moon in Pisces Sextile Venus in Capricorn

Bringing more balance to your life can be easier to do, so focus on how you can do that. This makes you more secure.


Moon in Pisces Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Compassion, empathy, and sensitivity help you connect with others, and you can be understanding and helpful in many ways.

Moon Enters Aries

Your enthusiasm can help you take the initiative with what you want, and you can take the first steps.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Aries


Mars Enters Aquarius

Mars, the planet of energy and drive, enters Aquarius and brings enthusiasm and motivation for change, the future, and the unconventional. Take steps toward your dreams, and embrace unusual approaches.

Venus in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

Your relationships can benefit from a gentle touch, and you can be sweet and loving with those you care about. Make time for love and open your heart.


Mars in Aquarius Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

The future can be much more important to you, and you can feel motivated to take action. You can be passionate about this, and may pursue transformations that can catapult you to your dreams.

Moon Enters Taurus

Focus on an area of your life that could use more stability, and figure out small ways you can improve on this quickly.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Taurus


Moon in Taurus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

This can be a time for change, big and small. Work on what you want to change, why you want to change it, and how you can make it happen.


Venus Enters Aquarius

Venus moving into Aquarius means you can experience changes in your relationships, spend more time with friends, and open up your social circle. You can enjoy being independent and unconventional.

Mercury in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

It might be difficult to control your mind, and you may lash out because of this. Try to avoid fights, and consider if maybe your mind just needs a break.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus

With the First Quarter Moon in Taurus, there can be changes and adjustments made in a slow, steady way over the next week. You may want to be confident in your decisions first before acting, but can see it through once you act.

Moon Enters Gemini

Energy can be quick and a bit all over the place, so try to get focused as best as you can. Your mind can go from one idea to the next quickly.


Venus in Aquarius Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

Passion can be strong, and you can be more intense in your relationships. This can be great for romance, or you can channel this creatively.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Gemini


Sun Enters Pisces

Imagination, compassion, and intuition can be strong over the coming weeks during Pisces season. This can be a time to connect to your subconscious, strengthen your intuition, and release what has been holding you back.

Moon Enters Cancer

Take care of matters at home, and work to make your living space or conditions more comfortable for you.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Gemini/Cancer


Moon in Cancer Sextile Jupiter in Taurus

Your options can be wide open, and the more you open your mind, the more options open up to you, so keep your mind open.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Cancer


Moon in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

Try doing something differently. It might not be what you originally thought it would be, and could lead to new insights.


Moon in Leo Opposite Mars in Aquarius

There can be frustrations that boil over, so try to avoid that by keeping busy, especially with anything physically active.

Moon Enters Leo

You may want to make more time to play, goof off, and have fun, so if you can get a break, go for it. If you can’t, try to make everything you do fun.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Leo


Venus in Aquarius Conjunct Mars in Aquarius

Energy is passionate, and this can be great for romance and a date night. It can also be used for creative projects and ventures.


Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury in Pisces greatly increases imagination, and you can work on creative ideas and projects. You may feel you need to give your mind more of a break from the mundane and get lost in fantasy.

Moon Enters Virgo

Make a list, check it, and then get working on it. This helps you stay focused, and the more you do, the more you want to do.

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo


Venus in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Taurus

Indulging may feel good for now, and it can be easy to go too far, so try to control that and remember moderation. You may just want to be lazy.

Virgo Full Moon

With the Virgo Full Moon, this is a time to get things done. Maximize your productivity and tackle small projects and tasks. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as you go along.


Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus

Independence can help you get things going and move things along, so work on improving your independent side.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Virgo


Moon in Libra Trine Pluto in Aquarius

It can be easy to channel your passion and power into something helpful. This can make you feel even more empowered.

Moon Enters Libra

Surround yourself with peace and harmony as much as you can to maintain emotional stability and security.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Libra


Mars in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Taurus

Everything can seem like it’s going well, and it can be tempting to push too far, but that doesn’t help. Try to act in a smart way.


Sun in Pisces Conjunct Mercury in Pisces

Ideas flow and communication can be easy. You may see the results of something you start two months ago, and this can lead to new plans.

Mercury in Pisces Conjunct Saturn in Pisces

Mental energy can be disciplined, and you can focus on new goals, long-term plans, and take a practical approach. You can be detailed and attentive.

Sun in Pisces Conjunct Saturn in Pisces

Activity can be disciplined and smart, and you can work toward your goals. You can feel more ambitious, and you can make progress with what you’ve done.

Moon Enters Scorpio

You can research, investigate, and find out everything you need to know. This helps you make progress.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Libra/Scorpio


Mercury in Pisces Sextile Jupiter in Taurus

Ideas can be big, and your view of the big picture can be clear. You can express yourself easily and be more gregarious.

Waning Gibbous Moon in Scorpio

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