Your July 2024 Abundance Forecast

july abundance forecast

July is here, and solstice blessings are still pouring in! Every aspect of your life is energized by universal energy this month, whether it is your family, relationships, health, career, or spiritual growth. New opportunities and insights continue to manifest from last month, and the universe boosts manifestation skills in exciting ways.

A healed mindset is crucial to fully embracing these abundant energies, so align your thoughts, feelings, and actions accordingly.

It is essential to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions to manifest your desires. When aligned, you can better understand universal principles like the Law of Attraction, which focuses on how our thoughts and emotions shape our reality. In contrast, another universal principle, the Law of Assumption, emphasizes feeling like you already have what you want. Both are key components in the intention setting. And when combined with astrology, they create a powerful synergy that enhances your ability to manifest.

July presents an excellent backdrop for manifesting abundance across life’s four domains: material, relationship, self-care, and spiritual. During Cancer season, the focus is on nurturing relationships, setting financial goals, and taking care of yourself. As we transition to Leo season in the middle of the month, we’re encouraged to follow our passions with courage and authenticity, deepen romantic connections, foster creativity, and align spiritually.

Now, let’s uncover the best days to manifest the four domains of abundance in your life this month!

How to Attract the 4 Types of Abundance in July

1. Material Abundance

Material abundance is more than just accumulating wealth—it’s about creating a life of comfort, security, and freedom. It enables us to meet our needs, realize our desires, and support our personal and communal growth. The process of manifesting material abundance begins with a shift in mindset, focusing on the belief that you deserve prosperity and possess the ability to attract it. Setting clear intentions, visualizing your goals, and taking proactive steps to accomplish them are all essential components of this process.

The transition from Cancer into Leo season provides fertile ground for manifesting material abundance. During Cancer season, take time to reflect on your financial goals, laying down a solid foundation of security and emotional investment in your aspirations. This period is ideal for budgeting, saving, and setting clear, heartfelt intentions. When the Sun moves into bold and confident Leo, it’s time to turn introspection into action.

Leo’s fiery energy encourages you to pursue your financial goals with confidence and creativity.

The following days are most effective for manifesting material abundance in July:

  • July 4 – July 6 – Mars Sextile Saturn: With Mars’ drive and Saturn’s structure, you will be able to lay solid foundations and take decisive action to achieve your financial goals, which will ensure long-term stability and success for you. Transit exact July 5th.
  • July 21 – July 22 – Venus Sextile Jupiter: Due to Venus’ influence over wealth and Jupiter’s expansive nature, this is an ideal time to engage in financial ventures and investments. Transit is exact on July 21st.
  • July 21 – Full Moon in Capricorn: Set practical financial goals and work hard for long-term success during the Full Moon. Invest wisely and prioritize stability in your career and assets.
  • July 26 – July 29 – Sun Sextile Mars: The Sun’s vitality, combined with Mars’ action-oriented energy, enhances your ability to assert yourself, seize opportunities, and manifest your financial goals. Transit is exact on July 25th.
  • July 1 – July 15 – Mars-Uranus conjunction: Use this energy to break free from limitations, seize opportunities, and take calculated risks to manifest material abundance. Avoid taking impulsive risks; channel this energy into focused action and strategic planning. This transit is exact on July 15th.

2. Spiritual Abundance

Manifesting spiritual abundance is essential for inner peace, clarity, and purpose. It’s all about connecting with your inner self, practicing mindfulness, and aligning with your higher self. By nurturing your spiritual well-being, you’ll enhance your intuition, wisdom, and resilience so you can handle challenges with grace.

This abundance extends beyond personal growth to positively influence your relationships, career decisions, and overall sense of fulfillment.

The following days in July are fertile for enriching your spiritual journey and practices:

  • July 2 through July 7- Sun-Sirius conjunction: Enhances intuition and insight and offers potent energy for spiritual awakening.
  • July 9 – Jupiter Sextile North Node: A day of expansive spiritual growth, opening doors to meaningful connections, downloads, and insights to your purpose and destiny.
  • July 23 – Sun-Pluto Opposition: Personal evolution, transformation, rebirth, and empowerment are encouraged by this aspect.
  • July 31 – Sun Trine North Node: Supporting your soul’s destiny and alignment with higher goals, facilitating positive growth.

3. Relationship Abundance

It is essential to manifest abundance in relationships in order to achieve a sense of fulfillment and balance in life. Healthy relationships promote emotional well-being, mutual growth, and a sense of belonging. Through nurturing our relationships with others and investing in them, we cultivate a network of trust and reciprocity that benefits all aspects of our lives, including our career, health, and personal fulfillment. Relationships are the cornerstone of abundance, giving us emotional stability and encouragement to succeed.

Cancer season is about creating a loving and secure environment so relationships can flourish. The energy shifts to grand displays of affection and loyalty as we move into Leo season. The passionate and courageous nature of Leo makes us express our love boldly and confidently, strengthening our relationships and bringing joy and excitement to our relationships.

The following days are most ideal for manifesting relationship abundance in July

  • July 8 – Venus Sextile Uranus: Try something new in your relationship today and embrace spontaneity, welcome excitement and renewal. Keep an open mind and avoid rigid expectations.
  • July 11 – Venus Trine Neptune: Ideal for deepening emotional connections and expressing dreams and fantasies with loved ones. Avoid being too idealistic or ignoring potential red flags.
  • July 12 – Venus Opposite Pluto: Honest and intense communication can transform and heal deep-seated relationship issues. Enhances intimacy and sexual connection. Avoid manipulative behaviors and power struggles.
  • July 19 – July 21 – Mars Sextile Neptune: The days are perfect for taking inspired action towards your relationship goals with passion and compassion, enhancing intimacy and spiritual connection. Make sure your actions are grounded in empathy, and avoid being impulsive.

4. Self-Care Abundance

Manifesting self-care abundance is key to living a balanced and fulfilling life. Prioritizing self-care means spending time and energy on activities that nurture your physical, emotional, and mental health. Establishing a self-care routine creates a foundation of stability and resilience that supports everything else you do. Taking care of yourself gives you more energy, focus, and emotional capacity to invest in your relationships, career, and personal development. You’ll be at your best when you take care of yourself, so you’ll be able to handle life’s challenges.

July is an ideal month for self-care due to the complementary energies of the zodiac seasons. Cancer season at the beginning of the month promotes self-love, being gentle with yourself, and creating a comforting environment that promotes relaxation, nurturing, and healing. While Leo season mid-July shifts the focus toward taking pride in yourself and prioritizing your well-being.

While all days are excellent for self-care, the following days in July provide extra support to maintain a better self-care routine:

  • July 11 – Venus moves into Leo: The day is great for starting a new self-care routine since Venus in Leo boosts your self-esteem and confidence and encourages you to prioritize self-love.
  • July 20 – Mars in Gemini: This day is particularly important for taking action to revamp your self-care, as Mars in Gemini can stimulate the nervous system, resulting in anxiety. Self-care and other healing practices are essential to maintaining calm and balance.
  • July 21 – Venus sextile Jupiter: There is a positive energy present during this period that is conducive to fulfilling self-care activities that bring joy and relaxation, thus enhancing your overall well-being.
  • July 31 – Waning Moon in Cancer: This day is ideal for manifesting self-care, as the waning moon in Cancer supports letting go of stress and emotional healing, allowing you to reset and nurture your inner self.

Try This Ritual To Attract More Abundance in July

Try this simple ritual to enhance abundance and wealth in your life.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper and a pen
  • Your favorite essential oil or incense (to create a sacred atmosphere)
  • A small bowl of salt or a Himalayan salt lamp (for purification and grounding).
  • A green or gold candle (green symbolizes growth and prosperity, while gold represents wealth and success).


  1. Preparation: Find a quiet place where you can perform the ritual without distractions. Cleanse the space with incense or essential oils to create a serene atmosphere. Focus your intention by taking deep breaths.
  2. Candle Lighting: Light your candle, allowing its flame to represent the abundance flowing into your life. Visualize your desires coming true with clarity and joy as you watch the candle burn. Let the candle’s glow envelope you with positivity and prosperity.
  3. Written Intentions: Make a list of your intentions for abundance, using affirmative language as if your desires have already been fulfilled. For example, write statements such as “I am blessed with financial abundance,” “I attract fulfilling relationships,” or “I am vibrant and healthy.” Be specific and heartfelt in your intentions.
  4. Salt Purification: You can dip your fingers into the bowl of salt or visualize the purifying energy of salt all around you. Close your eyes and visualize doubts and negative energies dissolving away. Feel yourself cleansed and purified.
  5. Affirmations & Visualizations: Keep the paper with your intentions close to your heart. Read each intention aloud with conviction while standing or sitting. Visualize each intention coming true. Feel gratitude and excitement as if these blessings have already come your way.
  6. Gratitude & Closing: Thank the Universe and your guides for assisting you in manifesting abundance. Let your candle burn and go about your day.

In summary, July’s abundance forecast is your roadmap to abundance, directing you to the most auspicious days for manifesting your dreams. The key is to ensure you are living in harmony with your deepest desires and handling any challenges or insecurities along the way.

Stay tuned to your emotions throughout the month, placing self-care at the forefront. Make time to unwind, rejuvenate, and stay connected to your inner strength.

Happy Manifesting!

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