You Need This 2021 Summer Solstice Checklist

The Summer Solstice is now officially upon us, and it’s go-time for all of those big ideas and infused positive energy vibes. As it dawns upon us in a sweet Cancer sun, with the Summer Solstice comes an energy of excitement, inspiration, and hope!

Also celebrated as Litha, Summer Solstice energy is potent, and we want to use this exciting energy productively.

But rather than waiting around and hoping for the best, we can plan ahead and ensure our readiness for this special time instead. Put this Summer Solstice checklist to memory, and you are one step closer to another fantastic summer!

When is the Summer Solstice?

Dawn will begin to arrive earlier every day, and after Sunday, June 20th, the days will get a little bit shorter by a few minutes. That will mean less sunlight in the day than we have right now as we inch closer to fall and winter once again.

What is the Summer Solstice?

The Summer Solstice occurs when the Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer, launches the summer season by taking over from Gemini season. This is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The word “solstice” itself comes from Latin and literally means “the Sun stands still.”

Simply put, the Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year or the day where we get the most light from the Sun. But, it also marks a time of new beginnings, as sweet and sensitive Cancer gets some love. It’s time to start taking spiritual stock of our lives and deciding what new beginnings we want.

For those seeking abundance and wealth from astrology, it’s a magical time. It is when the seeds you planted during the spring equinox will begin to ripen and bear fruit!

So what fruit do you want to bear during the Summer Solstice?

The Summer Solstice & Cardinal Cancer

It’s not a coincidence that the Summer Solstice and the kick-off of Cancer season go hand-in-hand.

Let’s not forget: Cancer is ruled by the Moon, linked to the ocean and tides. With potent psychic and intuitive power brought to the table because of this, the Summer Solstice — known to be when the Sun is the most powerful — gets all the more exciting.

There are a lot of emotions floating around when the Summer Solstice kicks off. So, emotions are swirling, and intuitive insights will be running high, and what’s more — Cardinal sign leadership energy is kicking in.

The need for progress, change, and initiative will be flying high. And with this information in your back pocket, you’re more equipped to utilize it to make this time worth it!

Your 2021 Summer Solstice Checklist

Now that you know a bit about the power of the Summer Solstice and the impact of Cancer season, you’re already more prepared to take on this special astrological time.

The next stop? Knowing what steps you can actually take!

Are you ready to take advantage of this year’s Summer Solstice?

1. Connect With Nature

There is no better way to feel at peace as the Summer Solstice arrives!

In many guided meditations, you are inspired to go to your “happy place.” Make an actual happy place for yourself this summer.

It might be a bench at the park in front of a water fountain, a cozy spot on a private beach, or just a haven in your backyard that you can escape to while dinner is cooking and nobody will bother you.

Take the day to wander outdoors and get in touch with nature. Whether you take a hiking trail through the woods or getting to appreciate a regular ol’ house plant, there are many creative ways to say hello to Mother Nature.

It doesn’t have to be wildly deep or complicated either! Close your eyes in your nature spot and connect with the energies that are arriving. Don’t think of anything but relaxing, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

Just enjoy the world and the sensations that are coming to you.

Do this even those small 15 minutes a day this summer, and it will be a simple but effective Summer Solstice ritual that keeps giving all season long.

2. Know Your Goals & Write Them Down

Good things come to those who plan!

Cancer is a very creative soul. After all, Water signs are typically emotional but also intuitive.

If you aren’t sure of what your goals are, spend some time near water and get in touch with those intuitive and creative energies to help out. Write down whatever comes to you, even if it seems silly at the time.

That Water element can be anything from an actual beach to enjoy or simply putting a diffuser in your bedroom and contemplating on life for a few minutes as you enjoy that relaxing sensation of water bubbling and giving back into the world.

Know your goals, and write them down — just setting that intention is more powerful than you know!

3. Family Matters Matter

It is no coincidence that we see more of our families during the summer months, whether that’s because of literal family reunions or just more family talk than usual.

As the fourth zodiac sign, Cancer rules the 4th house of roots and foundations, your family, and home house. It is no coincidence that the Universe sends family matters to your front door!

These folks may not be for you; sometimes, family just isn’t. That’s okay, as long as you follow your authentic self and come into each situation with some pure intent.

Whether it’s to resolve an old family issue, prove that you can handle family drama with grace, or just enjoy time appreciating your roots, there are many ways to make this part of the Summer Solstice a good one.

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4. Use Fire Rituals to Spark Your Inner Flame

Of course, the Sun is a fiery star in the sky, and fittingly many summer solstice rituals include Fire rituals. Even if you’re unfamiliar with this and never tried one, you can still use Fire to light your inner inspiration!

Go big and light a fire, dance around it, and enjoy yourself as you usher in the longest day of light. Feel the energy and the heat of the fire and give praise to the powers that be for providing us with vitality, life, energy, love, and sustenance!

Or, on a smaller scale but still with incredible potency, you can initiate your own burning bowl ritual. With the intent to release and let go of whatever is holding you back, setting fire to something that no longer serves you can also be a beautiful way to take advantage of the Summer Solstice.

As one of the four elements of the zodiac, fire has a way of tapping into a creative, exciting, and powerful side of you. Whether or not this is an element that typically speaks to you, the Summer Solstice is a wonderful time to align yourself with its power.

5. Dance, Dance, Dance!

One of the best ways to get back to your roots- to the spiritual core of your being- is to celebrate the miracle of life through dance.

Dancing frees your mind and your body, boosting your confidence and filling you with the life force of nature. If that isn’t enough to get you moving, dancing also reduces stress! How cool is that?

Whether you form a drum circle or dance around your living room, be free, be uninhibited and dance your heart out.

6. Give Back

This is an excellent time to give of yourself, donate your time to your community, and contribute to our global consciousness.

Maybe it’s something as small as spending a few hours in the park picking up litter. Or maybe it’s donating some old items or making a sizable monetary donation. Whatever it is, you’ll feel better for having done your part to lift the spirits of others and contribute positivity and compassion to the globe.

This is overall a time to enjoy your life, to rejoice in being alive and having love in your life. The goal is to create any ritual that reminds you to be grateful, excites your senses, enchants your soul, and, of course, harms no one.

Whatever you choose to do this Summer Solstice, do it with love and appreciation for the warm light of the Sun.

Saying Hello to Summer Sun

The Summer Solstice has arrived at last!

Whether you know it as the longest day of the year, celebrate Litha, or have never bothered to pay attention to this event until now, there is magic waiting here for you, ready or not.

Spiritually, astrologically, emotionally, and physically (if you’re going to get those dancing muscles moving), this time propels our growth and attunes us with some supremely positive vibes.

How are you celebrating the Summer Solstice?

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