Your Weekly Tarotoscope for July 8th – 14th, 2024

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Your passions speak louder than words. Do you remember how to use them? This week, Venus will enter vibrant and creative Leo on the 11th, heightening the potential for affectionate romantic opportunities. Mercury entered this loving, passionate sign just recently, so we’ll be dealing with the excitable sign of the lion quite a bit right now.

In other words, this can be a particularly powerful time for tuning into your passions, feelings, and self-image.

But, of course, it’s best to examine how this energy will likely play out on a personal level before figuring out your plans of action. We’ve turned to the Tarot for its expertise!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for July 8 – 14, 2024


Queen of Pentacles 

Aries, the element of Earth is calling your name.

The Queen of Pentacles asks you to focus on the part of your world that you can control. You have expertise over some aspects of your career, home, and finances, even if you often may feel at the mercy of some larger fate with that.

In reality, you are capable of being responsible, playing the role of a helpful advisor, teaching others valuable skills, and finding your home even in faraway places.

Tune into the parts of the practical element that you know actually work for you, and take extra time this week to validate those skills.


6 of Swords (Reversed)

Taurus, sometimes the bravest thing is to move on.

The 6 of Swords indicates that you should be moving forward with your life, whether it’s pushing away from old relationships that do not serve you or leaving an old career path behind.

You intuitively know what doesn’t click with you at this point in your life, but of course, that doesn’t make the decision any easier.

This week, channel that Leo energy in the stars and planets for its confidence and bravery.


2 of Wands (Reversed)

Gemini has been facing off with a lot of reversed Wands energy over the past few weeks, so this isn’t anything new for you.

However, the 2 of Wands reversed can still feel just as equally frustrating. Although you want to look toward the future and make progress, you’re struggling to make headway.

It may feel like your plans somewhat materialize, only to fall apart at the last second. Others may feel like they’re receiving no moral support from loved ones, making you question your confidence.

These obstacles should not discourage you. It’s time to channel extra strength within to persevere through them.


10 of Cups

Cancer, love is all around.

With the 10 of Cups at your side, it’s time to embrace what truly fulfills you and allow that to fill up your view at this time.

You need not focus on what’s “missing,” what doesn’t feel right, or any outstanding obstacles. This week is firmly about noticing everything right with your path and finding time to extend gratitude in that direction.

What are you grateful for, Cancer?


4 of Cups

Life is looking a little drab for Leo lately.

You may be feeling particularly dissatisfied when the 4 of Cups shows up at your door. Suddenly, the world seems to be colored with a boring shade of gray.

When nothing seems to be hitting the spot — making you feel passionate, excited, or ready to face the day with a full heart — that means it’s time to withdraw your energy and examine the problem head-on (rather than expecting it to just go away).

After all, this week is all about passion anyway, so now is the time to reconnect with your inner spark.


Queen of Cups (Reversed)

Virgo, feeling out of sorts with your emotions is a very normal human experience.

For Virgos, feeling in control of your lives (emotionally, mentally, and practically) is usually essential. However, the Queen of Cups reversed notes that this week is not one of those weeks where everything just comes together like that.

You’ll need to find ways to validate your discomfort and work with the emotional unease. It’s okay to not be okay and not be able to source why.

Hold space for your emotional unrest right now, and be patient and self-forgiving in the process.


King of Pentacles

Libra is finally catching a breath in their practical affairs.

The King of Pentacles is a positive omen for Libras attempting to make financial progress, develop a clear material plan for the future, or assert themselves as a leader in the workplace.

You may feel more confident and well-equipped to handle more serious responsibilities and also have a better intuitive understanding of how to work with your time.


The Devil (Reversed)

Scorpio is battling their inner demons, and it’s good work (even if it’s hard).

The Devil reversed shows Scorpio handling memories and baggage that you may actually rather forget exists, but on a deeper level are conscious of its importance.

In essence, this week is also about healing and becoming the best version of yourself, even if it’s likely to involve the grittier path to getting there first (rather than focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel).

For now, recognize this time as one of real, hard work, even if it all feels very internal for now. There will be a payoff.


The Hierophant (Reversed)

Sagittarius has always been one to forge an independent path, this week being a prime example of that.

You may not always understand the answers for what makes sense for you, how you should proceed, or where to go next, but you have a good awareness of the systems and rules that will not vibe with you.

The Hierophant reversed validates this, emphasizing the importance of finding your own spiritual gifts, personal values, and avoiding constricting authorities.

What form of independence will you seek this week, Sagittarius?


8 of Cups (Reversed)

Capricorn is attempting to move on, but the path there is paved with extreme emotions.

Some Capricorns may have already taken steps to advance beyond their past, bravely facing a new unknown.

Others are aware that change is necessary but may be resisting fully taking any new steps just yet.

Whatever the case, the 8 of Cups reversed asks that you seriously examine what intuitively is holding you back, honoring how your emotions respond to something that doesn’t serve you.


Page of Wands (Reversed)

Aquarius has a scattered inner willpower and a profound sense of restlessness to deal with right now.

With the Page of Wands reversed, you’re feeling restless, ready to face the world, excited but tired of it all, and scared of making the next steps but also desperately wanting to.

This tricky balancing act will come with high emotions and unpredictable energy spurts, which can be frustrating but also revealing of your true desires.

Listen to your instincts, Aquarius. They have a lot to say.


The Sun (Reversed)

Pisces will be using this week as an opportunity to reconnect with their true self and potential.

The Sun reversed asks you to examine what really makes you happy. Who are you? What are you here to do? What fills you with joy?

You may have strayed from your original path, perhaps focusing on others’ expectations rather than your true capabilities.

Look toward the light, Pisces.

What Does Your Tarotscope Really Do?

You’ve received your Tarotscope, but now it’s time to really put its energy to use.

What does that mean? Well, the Tarot tends to have a reputation for fortune-telling, but it’s also a powerful tool for self-growth and personal change.

This is because the Tarot is also a tool for forging one’s own path, seeing broader horizons, and gaining a clearer image of oneself. 

Even with your card for this week already on the table, you still have free will — and it’s up to you to work with your fate and even use any “negative” energy as a powerful warning signal for how to best approach your future.

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