Ways for Aries to Update Their Living Spaces for Aries Season

In this recurring monthly series, we’ll discuss ways for the various signs to get inspired and make some changes around their most important spaces within the home. Regardless of budget or skill level, there are always small ways we can adapt our living spaces to bring about renewed inspiration, harmony, and energies to the places we occupy.

Now that Aries season has begun, let’s kick off some inspiration for this confident, take charge sign. Being one of the Fire signs of the zodiac, Aries makes bold decisions easily and likes to get ‘fired up’ about projects; committing to updating their living space is no hardship for them. Aries must be careful when redecorating or renovating though, as their tendency is to overspend – sometimes, it’s hard for the sign of the Ram to know when enough is enough.

Check out some of our tailored suggestions based on home living trends, and see if you get inspired!

What’s In for Aries?

– Bold Patterns

It takes a strong personality to work a bold print into their home, so this is a great fit for this Fire sign. We’re not just talking a throw pillow here or there, no; the best way for Aries to maximize this trend is to make a statement with a feature wall, tile backsplash, or upholstery. Picking a ‘popular’ color or design is less important than how the print inspires you and makes you feel, Aries. You’ll know you’ve found the right pattern the same way you decide everything else – with absolute certainty.

– Sheer Curtains

Though Aries is ruled by Mars, they also have the Sun exalted in their sign – which could account for the energy and vitality most members of this sign display. Make the most of this connection by investing in sheer curtains for your living spaces. You’d be hard pressed to find an Aries that sleeps the day away, so letting more naturally occurring light into your bedroom will help reset your Circadian rhythms and boost your Vitamin D intake; this, in turn, elevates your mood and sharpens your mind.

– Floating Shelves

Cardinal signs are known for being focused on movement, change and possibility – so does it really make sense for Aries to ‘ground’ themselves with traditional storage and display options? While tried and true furnishings like bookshelves and night tables may work for other signs, their lack of versatility stifles Aries. Floating shelves come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any need, and can be configured in endless ways. Just be sure to mount and secure them correctly to prevent any accidents.

What’s Out for Aries?

– Minimalist Art

It’s easy to see why minimalist art appeals to the Aries aesthetic; clean lines, primary colors and dynamic shading all resonate with this sign’s direct, take charge attitude. However, there’s none of the creative thinking and adventure that Aries is known for in this style of art. Try abstract expressionist works (like Mark Rothko) instead if you still want to keep a simple presence on your walls. Or, if you really want to make a statement, try updating to some late Baroque fresco reproductions!

– Bright Red

Sometimes, a trend can be a little too ‘on the nose’, and that is definitely the case for Aries decorating with vibrant reds – you’re a Fire sign, we get it! While it is an undeniable power color for this sign that aligns with Aries’ confidence and sensuality, it can also be a little predictable, which is not a word in their wheelhouse. If you still want to keep red in your living space, try updating it to something more tonal and with depth, like rust, burgundy, or ruby. This keeps your space modern but still inviting.

– Wood

Wood is an easy, accessible furnishing to use that’s relatively cheap and works with any living space… so why would an Aries decorate with it?! Everything about this humble material is anathema to the decisiveness and creativity the Ram thrives on. Given the variety of different materials available now, it’s hard for Aries to justify keeping something so simple and uninspiring in their living space. Some great options to invest in (without breaking the bank!) are acrylic, concrete, or Lucite furnishings.

Hopefully, this helps you focus your energy for spring, Aries. Stay tuned into your Daily Horoscope and remember to use these concepts sparingly – less is more when it comes to your sign!

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