Embrace the Details When Mars Enters Virgo

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Get ready for some grounded and reliable energy when Mars enters Virgo on July 10th, 2023.

When Mars moves out of the fiery and passionate Leo, things slow down a little, and we have time to think about the whirlwind time we’ve had.

You may have experienced a passionate romance, a change in career, or a rush of energy with a new interest or hobby. Undoubtedly, these moments have resulted in a few heart-thumping moments, but with Mars entering the analytical and practical Virgo, we are able to take a step back and now work on a plan to move forward for the long term.

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Mars: The Planet of Motivation

Mars is the planet that holds our desire and sense of drive. It is the planet of motivation and willpower. It is what makes you fight for something. That is why when Mars is retrograde, our motivation becomes lower than usual.

Mars spends about 1.5 months in each sign, taking two years to go through all twelve zodiac signs.

Tracking which sign the planet of motivation is in will help you see why you have more willpower and energy during some months, while during others, you feel like goofing off and relaxing more.

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How Does Virgo Work For You?

If you are a Virgo–or you know a Virgo–you will notice that these people are easily distinguishable by their grounded and practical nature.

Virgo energy can come across as dull for more exuberant types at times, but the truth is, we all need a little Virgo in our life.

Too much passion can result in too much chaos, but Virgo energy brings stability and practicality. Virgo people are some of the best to have around in a crisis when emotions are going haywire because they help to stabilize emotions and keep everything in perspective.

Virgos are known to be perfectionists, meaning they will not stop until they have figured out why something is not working.

The good news is that when Mars is in Virgo, we can really use this energy regarding moving toward our purpose to make sure there are no leaking cracks in the soul ship hull.

Mars in Leo brought intensity and passion. Now it is time to lay the groundwork and ensure we have the physical and material means to get to our goal. It means finding the right frame of mind to move toward your ambitions.

How Can You Best Use the Energy of Mars in Virgo?

So, how do you capture this energy to upgrade your own success and move into the life you truly desire, which has a real purpose?

Try the following steps to harness the power of Mars in Virgo.

1. Make a List

Virgo is the sign of the list-maker. They are the most organized and practical of the zodiac. You can rest easy in the knowledge that Virgo energy brings you greater organizational skills and structure.

So channel this strength and make a list of the things that are most significant to you. Write down whatever comes to mind. Consider what is most meaningful.

For example, if you’ve met someone new, think about what you would like to develop with this person and how you can achieve it.

Once you have this list, circle the causes or goals that feel most like your own life purpose. To get clear with your soul purpose, ask yourself:

  • How does this help people?
  • Does this life purpose make me feel alive?

Then, write down the practical steps you can take to achieve your goals.

This may take some time, so set aside a day when you can do this. And don’t worry–with Mars in Virgo energy around, there’ll be a lot of days when you’re in the mood to do this.

2. Ignite Your Passion

Virgo energy is wonderfully grounded and realistic, but there can be a few moments of stagnation. Virgo works tirelessly to reach their goals, but there can be a lack of passion, which Mars in Virgo does provide.

If you need a boost of motivation, you can remind yourself of your personal strengths that are revealed in your birth chart. Keep that list nearby and visible to stay confident in your own unique skills.

You can also read books or watch films/shows that ignite the passion within. Sometimes, a good drift into the world of fantasy can be helpful under this Virgo energy to make sure you don’t end up being too grounded.

During this energy, it is good to harness the power of your imagination–however, that might manifest itself.

3. Seek Mentors

Think about what you don’t yet know that you could learn. Seek mentors or people with good advice who might help enlighten you.

Along with these tips, seeking advice from someone else will help you move forward with assuredness as you align yourself to your soul purpose.

Virgo energy is related to learning, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get your head down and focus on the knowledge and education that can help you reach your goals.

4. Focus on Your Health

Virgo rules the 6th house–the house of work and health.

As you can imagine, this energy might make you feel more health-conscious. And with fiery Mars in Virgo, you’ll likely feel compelled to make changes to your lifestyle if there are aspects detrimental to your health.

The Universe has a way of sending us messages when it wants us to know something.

Keep an eye out for moments during this transit when your health is brought to your attention. Follow your instincts.

Your Future is Bright With Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo brings grounding, stability, and a desire to reach your goals.

For signs that struggle with sticking to a plan or have a tendency to be distracted easily (yes, Gemini, we’re looking at you!), this is great energy to really get things done and work towards your desires.

Mars is the planet of desire and energy. Though exalted in Capricorn, it doesn’t fare too badly in Virgo, where implementing fantasy into reality becomes more of a reality.

So take the advice in this article and take advantage of this wonderful energy of Mars in Virgo.

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