THIS Passionate Transit is About to Shake Things Up

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We hope you are ready for an exciting time on May 20th because Mars, the planet of passion and energy, is entering the Fixed Fire sign of Leo.

Whirlwind romances are on the horizon for many, but there’s so much more than love and romance in the air this summer – there’s passion!

And you can thank Leo for that.

Leo, which rules the 5th house of romance and creativity, is all about passion.

A zest for life defines our feline friends, and it’s not just exclusive to romance, either. If you need help in some other area of your life, like work, career, or money, this transit can help you with that too.

When inspiration strikes this summer, whether in love, life or play, run with it!

What Happens When Mars is in Leo?

Mars in Leo is a transit that begins on May 20th, 2023. Now, Mars is the ruler of Aries, another feisty sign, but when it enters Leo, things heat up quickly!

Leo and Aries are both powerful Fire signs, and they each bring drive, passion, and ambition to the collective energy that rains down on us. In other words, there is never a dull moment!

So what exactly can you expect when Mars enters Leo?

1. Time for Drive & Passion

The things that excite you and get you out of bed in the morning are going to excite you even more.

Both Leo and Mars are very passionate about, well, everything. If you aren’t excited about something in your life right now, ask for inspiration under this transit, and you will get it (especially during the Full Moon and New Moon, the perfect times for manifestation).

2. Time to Have Fun

Leo loves to have fun and sometimes only loves to have fun.

Now, Mars is one of the sexiest planets of them all (in fact, you can tell a lot about someone’s love-making style from their Mars sign). Mars is bold and aggressive and doesn’t take no for an answer – a bit like the Aries ram he rules over!

Do you need some pleasure zones satisfied right now?

Mars in Leo will help you make that happen.

Follow your instinct and your drive under this transit, and the pleasure will find you eventually!

3. Time to Make Things Happen

Mars waits for no man. Leo is too excited to wait for anything. If you need a boost in any area of your life, go for it.

So whether it’s a romance, a creative project, work, or any type of interest that gets your heart pumping, you’ll have greater ease tapping into your emotions and sharing that enthusiasm with the world.

Dos & Don’ts With Mars in Leo

As with all transits, there are a few dos and don’ts to watch out for!

Essentially, what you want to do is harness the positive energy of Leo while keeping an eye out for the negative aspects of it.

Knowing in advance how to do this can help you navigate this fiery energy to the best of your ability!

Do Be Loyal

Being a Fixed Fire sign symbolized by the lion, Leo is the most loyal sign of them all. If you follow this energy, things will go well in love and your areas of passionate work as well. For some, they will go almost too well.

Loyalty can be tested under these circumstances. Don’t let it come under fire.

Loyalty will also be rewarded!

Don’t Be Shy

Again we say being direct gets you everywhere. Just ask for what you want, and always be professional if it’s a work matter.

Always be loving if it’s a love matter. Simple!

Do Be Affectionate & Playful

This tip is mostly for those hoping to use Mars in Leo for a love boost.

Under this fiery and passionate energy, you will see fireworks in love if you follow all of this energy to your advantage.

But there’s a fine line between being passionate and playful and being the creepy stalker with a restraining order. Don’t be that guy. Or that girl. Just be a sexy, playful, passionate playmate, and your lover or lover-to-be will be feeling it too. And avoid serious or long-term talk for the time being.

Just enjoy the fun of the moment, as that will bond you and your love closer than you think. Subtle but bold and direct moves are the key to harnessing romantic magic under this transit.

Don’t Be Jealous or Possessive

These are some weaknesses of Leo that need some work. Again this brings out an insecure vibe in love that ends up ruining a very good thing.

Do Pitch New Ideas

Whether you are at work or in love, pitch some bold ideas to your partner or your boss.

Go ahead and ask them, “Don’t you think it would be fun/creative/exciting if we tried…?”

When pitching an idea, always pitch it from the perspective of how it will benefit the other party. This is an especially good idea during the Mercury in Cancer transit, as Cancer is all about empathy!

Do Come From a Place of Love

This is an important tip whether Mars is in Leo or not.

Mars is only too happy to give Leo the energy needed to make love happen. So when you come from a place of love under this transit, fireworks are not only possible but probable.

Make all the bold moves you want in both love and work.

You’ll be glad you did!

This a Transit You’ll Be Sure to Feel

This is a fantastic transit, and you are certain to feel it, one way or another.

The question is, how are you going to make it work for you?

Mars in Leo encourages you to get up and get moving – it provides a fabulous burst of energy and motivation!

So whether it’s a romance, your career, interests and hobbies, friendships and family life, or something completely new and unexpected, prepare yourself for a time of adventure and passion!

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