Your Communication Might Be Affected By THIS Astrological Transit

Think about all of the relationships you have in your life, from romantic to professional, from those that infuse your spirit with connection, intimacy, and joy to those that may even fill you with dread, anger, or jealousy.

What do all of these relationships have in common?


Whether that communication flows smoothly and with love or poorly and with confusion, your communication with someone shapes your relationship with them. It can make or break a connection – that’s how powerful our words are.

And Mercury, the planet of communication and the sharing of information, has a monumental yet mystical effect on the way we speak to and understand one another. Depending on the zodiac sign that Mercury is glimmering through, our communication with others may feel like a beautiful tango or a clumsy dance with two left feet.

Mercury moves into bubbly Sagittarius on November 17th, 2022, and today, we’re here to break down the effects that this will have on you and your relationships.

So, if you’re excited to learn more about honesty-inducing transit, get ready to dive into the expressive world of Mercury in Sagittarius!

How Does Mercury Influence Us?

Mercury is a spritely planet, flickering about in the sky with determination and purpose. And that’s because Mercury does have a special purpose.

Mercury is named after the Roman messenger of the gods, and this sign represents intelligence, communication, and the mind. It is also associated with short-distance travel and certain technologies, which is why Mercury retrograde periods can cause so many frustrating challenges in these areas.

This planet is connected to how we communicate with others, how we express ourselves to the world and the frequency and manner of information being spread between people. This is the planet of cosmic intellect—of celestial conversation.

Not only does Mercury represent each person’s personal style of communication, but it also connects to our minds and how they tick – how we conceptualize certain ideas or perceive particular situations. It dictates how we express ourselves and how others respond to that form of self-expression.

In other words, when we see Mercury hanging out in any one particular sign, it’s safe to expect the traits and attributes of that sign to work their way into these areas of our lives.

And, with Mercury in bright, fiery Sagittarius, we can look forward to optimistic conversations, grand ideas for the future, and fun and creative forms of self-expression!

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Mercury in Sagittarius Effects

There’s a lot to unpack with this Mercury in Sagittarius placement.

On the one hand, we feel more motivated than ever to plan for the future and dream big; but on the other hand, we’re dealing with the spontaneous, somewhat chaotic energy of the Fire sign, Sagittarius.

The archer represents Sagittarius because they’re so focused on their goals, but that doesn’t always mean those goals are met. Sagittarius is a sign that gets distracted, a sign whose passions shift frequently depending on their mood. Therefore, they often aim their arrow at another target so quickly they’ve forgotten about the last significant dream they had their sights set on.

Mercury is swift and intelligent but far more focused on ideas than action. To top it all off, Mercury is thought to be in its “detriment” in Sagittarius, which is far less sinister than it sounds. Because Sagittarius is opposite Gemini – one of the planets Mercury rules over – Mercury’s power is weakened. It’s as far away from home base as it can get, after all.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of enchanting energy to pick up on from this transit. Sagittarius rules over the 9th house, the House of Philosophy. When that unites with the intelligence of Mercury, your curiosity knows no bounds. You may find yourself fascinated with new concepts, ideas, philosophies, or metaphysical and spiritual activities.

Let’s take a look at some of the other ways Mercury in Sagittarius will sprinkle a little magic on your life!

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Mercury in Sagittarius: Career

Sagittarius is a sign that focuses on the big picture – and as a Fire sign, it possesses an instinctual nature, an intuition that guides it through the Universe. Sagittarius understands why we do the things we do and how to stoke the flames of passion, especially in our careers.

So, if you’ve been looking for a more meaningful, soulful experience when it comes to your work, this might be just the energy to open your eyes to a new opportunity or path.

Sagittarius is also a rather expressive, even blunt sign, so if you usually have a hard time speaking up and sharing your ideas at work, use this energy to your advantage. With Mercury in this sign, it’ll be easier than usual for you to stand up for yourself, propose that million-dollar idea you’ve been keeping to yourself, or even ask for the raise that you know you deserve.

Maybe you’ve been dying to kick-start a high-risk project at work or make bold moves toward your dreams, and now is the time to go for it! Remember, fortune favors the bold. If you challenge yourself to make daring strides right now, you can bet that they’ll pay off in the future, thanks to this transit.

And if you’re reading this right now, take it as the sign you’ve been looking for. Go for the gold!

Mercury in Sagittarius: Love

Do you ever have a thought or a feeling weighing on you that you wish you could express to your partner, but you can’t seem to find the strength? Maybe it’s saying, “I love you” for the first time or sharing your thoughts on the relationship’s future.

Maybe it’s setting boundaries or expressing your expectations for a romantic connection.

If you’ve been too shy to let your words slip through your lips, this is the time to step up to the plate. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable can feel scary and complicated. The energy of Sagittarius helps you find the courage you need to put yourself out there.

Further, this planetary energy encourages long, deep conversations that bring more intimacy and connection into romantic relationships. This is a perfect time to stay up all hours of the night, discussing philosophy, spirituality, the meaning of life, and beyond.

So, go ahead and allow yourself to be vulnerable with your crush or your partner! You have everything to gain.

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Mercury in Sagittarius: Spirituality

Sag is known as an evolved, spiritual sign that brings the old soul out of us.

The depth and curiosity brought on by both of these signs urge deep conversations, research, studying, and connecting to new metaphysical and spiritual concepts. This is the time to let your soul shine, to connect to the energies of the Universe and the stars within it. It’s time to find your spiritual voice and share it with those aligned with the same ideas.

Each one of us has the ability to perceive the world around us in a more creative, spiritual light – and doing so often lifts our vibrations and helps us focus on positivity. The more you connect to that curious, otherworldly part of your spirit, the more you attract the relationships and situations you need to blossom into your most evolved self.

Let this energy, as well as your intuition, guide you toward new philosophies and spiritualities!

Mercury in Sagittarius: Communication

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive planet, Jupiter, meaning that this sign does not think in terms of limits – it knows no bounds!

This sign is known for being honest, almost to a fault, as their words sometimes come out as blunt or even tactless. So, while you’re more encouraged than ever to speak what’s on your mind, it’s important to do so with compassion and maybe even some caution.

This is a time when you’ll feel like you have no filter, where words seem to spill out of you. And while these sentiments you’re so eager to share feel positive and constructive to you, you’ll need to choose your words carefully to make sure that you don’t come across as brash. If you have a friend going through something tough, try harder to listen than to offer advice.

That’s another issue with this transit; with Mercury in its sign of detriment, we may have a harder time listening to and really hearing the words of others. You are full of ideas, and you want to share all of them with the world around you, but you also need to let others’ ideas and feelings into your periphery.

However, if there is someone in your life that you’ve meant to confront, now is the time. You’re not afraid to say what you really mean, not too shy to let someone know that your boundaries or expectations have outgrown a certain union.

And finally, you’re more persuasive than ever during Mercury’s ride through charming Sagittarius. So, if there’s something you need to ask for, this is your moment! Be bold and let the magnetism and charm wash over you and your words.

How to Speak Your Mind Like a Sagittarius

1. Share Your Creative Ideas

Your imagination is amplified thanks to Mercury’s mental attributes teaming up with the expansive, creative nature of Sagittarius.

But you mustn’t keep all of that creativity to yourself. You never know who might be dying to work on a certain project unless you let them in on your ideas. If you have a vision, share it with the right people in your life to let the manifestation begin!

2. Ask for What You Want

While we often keep our deepest desires to ourselves, this is the time to take your wants and needs to the Universe and allow it to work its magic on your behalf. This energy gives you the extra boost you need to recognize your desires, so it’s up to you to let them be known.

3. State Your Goals Out Loud

Sagittarius is a sign that excels at manifestation because of its generous ruling planet, Jupiter. And because Mercury is the messenger for our ideas, this is an excellent time to express your desires out loud, allowing Mercury to send the message out there into the benevolent Universe.

Don’t be afraid – speak your desires aloud to start attracting everything you want in your life! It doesn’t matter if you say these things to yourself or someone else. What’s important is that you get those ideas out there.

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4. Express Your True Feelings

Even if you typically keep your emotions to yourself, this transit calls on you to be vulnerable with those you care about and express your feelings to them. Bottled emotions have the opportunity to be released right now, leaving room for creativity, connection, and communication.

Let your soul unite with those you love by letting them into your internal world of emotions.

5. Be Transparent

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and honest right now, even if that might not be what others have come to expect from you.

You don’t have to take on all of your thoughts or worries by yourself. Be transparent and completely honest with yourself and others to make sure you’re living your most genuine truth.

6. Share Intuitive Insights

You may receive flashes of insight or visions during this time, thanks to the Universally connected, intuitive nature of Sagittarius meeting up with the messenger planet, Mercury. This energy opens us up to unexpected bouts of clairvoyance; so, if you receive these messages, share them with others!

7. Speak Without Apologizing

Sagittarius is a sign that speaks its mind without worrying about what others are going to think about what they have to say. They value the truth over emotions surrounding the truth, which means that this is the time to speak your truth without stressing how it will be received.

Let the courage within you shine.

8. Show Gratitude & Appreciation

As the holidays approach, we’re reminded of the love and connections that make our life so interesting and fulfilling. It’s time to show your gratitude for those you love. Tell your best friend how much you appreciate their willingness to listen to you, and let your partner know how much you love their acts of service or the quality time they spend with you.

Sharing these feelings of gratitude will create more intimacy, resulting in a deeper bond.

Take a Risk With Mercury in Sagittarius

Think about the things that make our Sagittarian friends so magnetic and charming – their positivity, idealism, lofty goals, ability to have fun, and curiosity are among their best traits. And these traits carry over into your personality and communication style during this transit, regardless of your zodiac sign.

You’re driven to find the meaning in all situations right now, urging you to explore new philosophies – or perhaps discover more about your own personal philosophy in life.

While Sag may be a bit scatterbrained and afraid of commitment, they know how to go about getting what they want in life. They know when to go after their dreams, as they are deeply connected to their own purpose in life.

Connect to your purpose. Find your philosophy. Aim your arrow and manifest your goals. Let the curiosity wash over you, and encourage you to follow new paths, and find new adventures. It’s time to take risks and make things happen!

What Will You Do With Mercury in Sagittarius?

Now we know what to expect from communicative Mercury in optimistic Sagittarius – grand plans, manifestation, communication, and brutal honesty that can help you release bottled emotions and create deeper bonds with those you love. A fire now burns within you, creating a spark of courage and the glow of confidence that allows you to be more open and honest than ever.

Spend this transit focused on gathering new information, enjoying deep conversations with others, and exploring new philosophies. Dig deep into your well of wisdom to discover your truest desires and then go after your dreams!

Mercury in Sagittarius helps you take the risks that will lead to exciting new developments and opportunities in your life. This transit breaks down the boundaries and barriers preventing us from living our best lives and creating intimacy in our relationships.

Embrace this motivation and remind yourself that, just like Sag, you can do absolutely anything that you put your mind to!

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