Scorpio & Cancer Compatibility

A Scorpio and Cancer match ranks very high in love compatibility. Here we have two Water Signs coming together in love. This relationship then is going to be one rooted in a deep devotion and loyalty to the other, between two zodiac signs that understand each other very well. Both have their own ways and needs of being the boss, so if any tempers erupt that will be the first area. When Scorpio and Cancer navigate the waters of give and take in this union, it will feel like a soul destined connection with potential to go many lifetimes to come. This pairing is not just likely for marriage or the long term, but is probably destined for it as well.

The Pros

When we pair a Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio with the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer we have very common energies coming into play. This relates into a deep understanding between Scorpio and Cancer almost at first sight. Both of these zodiac signs are very psychic, and this works well in their relationship as they both intuitively feel what the other needs and wants, almost in a moment by moment way! They are also both very open emotionally, and there will be a lot of deep conversations about love, life, and the bigger picture. This couple may even explore a psychic connection over the course of their relationship. We also know that Scorpio and Cancer both want the same thing. Scorpio only fixates on one partner at a time, and Cancer is in it for a big happy family long haul. All of these traits will establish a foundation that will keep this adoring Water Sign match together in a connection that feels cosmic.

The Cons

Both Scorpio and Cancer are leaders in their own right, and this will lead to a butting of heads on occasion. Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign and wants one sign and one sign only. As soon as Scorpio has made their mind up, there is no turning back. Cancer could find this stifling, and may at first be turned on by Scorpio's jealousy. But Cancer may wind up retreating if Scorpio goes about this in a smothering way. Scorpio on the other hand likes to be in control in love, and you can't take that away from Cancer or Cancer will erupt. Neither one of these signs is known for being flexible, so this is where problems will arise in this union. Unfortunately both also tend to take every little thing personally and are easily wounded. When tempers flare, permanent damage could result of both Scorpio and Cancer aren't careful.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

If there are passionate tempers flying between Scorpio and Cancer, it is merely indicative of the wells of emotion they each have for each other. This pair is matched by two zodiac signs that need to be the boss in their own unique ways. So both will have to learn the art of compromise with each other, and turn taking when it comes to control. Perhaps if both Scorpio and Cancer are given separate things to control in this union, harmonious balance can be achieved. Scorpio can give on the jealous nature of control by feeling secure in the home and domestic center that Cancer provides. Cancer on the other hand should not be so paranoid about Scorpio's mystery. When both Scorpio and Cancer relax in these areas, their devotion will underscore the potential for a long harmonious relationship indeed.

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