Scorpio & Pisces Compatibility

There are many astrologers that say the most cosmic connection of the zodiac is when a Scorpio and Pisces pair in love. Here we have the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio joining in romance with the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces. With a dual Water Sign match, we have a match that is rooted in emotions, devotion, and a psychic connection that is mesmerizing to both Scorpio and Pisces. This is a relationship that can easily begin as love at first sight, because instinct and intuition are present with this pair from day one. They both offer each other a unique sexual chemistry as well that creates fireworks at the very suggestion. The only thing threatening this love bond is the possibility of too many emotions ruining a good thing, but if the love that is rooted in this passion is strong enough, it can survive any ripple or wave that comes the way of these loving Water Signs.

The Pros

The beautiful thing about the Scorpio and Pisces match is that it feels like a soul destined connection from the very beginning. Both Scorpio and Pisces fall in love very easily, and when two Water Signs connect even accidentally in romance, it often leads to a life time connection. This is the case even if Scorpio and Pisces break up 25 times during their lifetime! The emotional bond that starts between a Scorpio and a Pisces almost can't be broken. And both of these signs feel this from the moment they meet. Scorpio is deeply attracted to how dreamy, passionate, and creative Pisces can be. Pisces on the other hand is intrigued by the mystery and fantasy world of intense Scorpio. Scorpio is just as creative as Pisces, and this is a relationship that will have many love letters, stories, and episodes of romance that will be unstoppable by any other zodiac sign. What Scorpio and Pisces have going for them is an abundance of flowing water, that embodies a flowing love that withstands every ebb and flow of the tides.

The Cons

While the Scorpio and Pisces connection is one that feels soul destined and with cosmic sparks, there is only so much that these Water Signs can take. Scorpio and Pisces themselves easily feel overwhelmed in this situation with so many emotions going back and forth. As the Fixed Water Sign, Scorpio is the one that will be jealous and controlling before any other. As the Mutable Water Sign, Pisces is the one that needs freedom and room to grow. So you can imagine then that there will be trouble in paradise when Scorpio wants to pin Pisces down, and Pisces isn't ready. We also have two zodiac signs here who are easily wounded if the other one ticks them off. Pisces will retreat to the cave but eventually be forgiving. Scorpio on the other hand is not so quick to forgive, especially if their loyalty has been betrayed.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The Scorpio and Pisces connection has a significant amount of karmic potential that will help this relationship along, even without work from either Scorpio or Pisces. But when there are fractures in the relationship, both will feel devastated as if the world just ended. In order to prevent this, Scorpio needs to pull back on the jealousy and learn that Pisces need for freedom isn't a need to search elsewhere. At the same time, Pisces needs to remember how easily wounded Scorpio is, and spend time and energy ensuring Scorpio feels secure. Scorpio should give Pisces the freedom they need to retreat to the cave once in a while without feeling so abandoned by it, and Pisces can make an effort to give Scorpio the affection they need to realize cave time is just a reboot period. If both are willing to put in the effort, easily forgiving Pisces and deeply devoted Scorpio will enjoy a karmic love that will reward them for some time.

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