Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Zodiac Sign

For the week of: May 28, 2023 - Jun 03, 2023

You’ve got success on your mind this week, Libra, but it can go much further than just your mind if you really put in the effort. Your ruler, pleasure-loving Venus is currently touring Cancer and your 10th House of career goals, so you’ve probably already been thinking about success and advancement for some time now. That being said, come the 2nd, Venus will reach out from this sector of your chart and form a harmonious trine to dreamy Neptune, currently spinning through Pisces and your 6th House of daily work and health. On this day you could possible meet a new client or receive news about a new job that could be especially helpful and lucrative, but Neptune can also dissolve things, so it is possible you might find yourself leaving a job or client, preferably for one more in line with what you want out of your work. These planets tend to work quite nicely together, however, so even if something does get dissolved, you’ll likely be glad you no longer have to deal with, as opposed to mourning its loss.

The energy continues to build with a buzzy Full Moon in Sagittarius and your 3rd House of local community and communications on the 3rd, cuing you in to all the local happenings in your area. You could become privy to some very interesting soundbites throughout the week, and perhaps garner some information that totally changes the playing field for you. This sector of your chart also rules your siblings, so if you haven’t checked in with a brother or sister for a hot minute this might be the perfect time to call them and have a real conversation–yes, a conversation, not just a text.

The 4th arrives with a positively electric energy, one which may catch you a little off guard, although that doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you don’t let it! Mercury and Uranus are coming together for their yearly conjunction in Taurus and your 8th House of shared resources, which could leave you dealing with some complicated matters regarding what belongs to ‘you’ versus what belongs to ‘us’. Uranus can bring surprises in its wake, so you likely won’t see this conversation coming until it’s looking you right in the face, but this surprise could turn out to be a positive one, since the 8th House rules windfalls and lump sums, among other things. If you’ve been looking for a loan or a credit extension this would be the perfect day to seek it out.

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