Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Zodiac Sign

For the week of: Nov 28, 2022 - Dec 04, 2022

This week ushers in an efficient energy for you, Libra, and it begins on the 30th when the skies glow with a particular Half Moon in Pisces, which might leave you feeling as though you’ve left a few too many projects on the backburner. If the urge to get your life in order strikes don’t be surprised, and don’t fight it either; the perfect reminder that we must find inner balance before we can find it outside of ourselves. Clear up any clutter, and if there are any areas of your home you’ve let get out of sorts, it’s time to put everything back in its proper place, including yourself.

The next day, however, changes the general tone as messenger Mercury in Sagittarius and your 3rd House of community and communications forms a tense square to Neptune, who just so happens to be moving through Pisces and your 6th House of routine and organization, which is hardly the best place to host such a confusing energy. It might be easy to get overwhelmed right now, as nothing will make much sense under these vibrations. Wires can get crossed without much effort, so be extremely careful about how you speak to people. Don’t sign any contracts, don’t take anyone at face value, and don’t hold anyone to their word, including yourself.

Speaking of Neptune, he will be performing a major act a couple days later, on December 3rd. Neptune will turn direct on this day after spending the last five months retrograding through your 6th House, and this about-face will help to clear up any confusion around work and health you might have experienced during this time. If you’ve had a hard time staying on the bandwagon lately, this shift will help you get back on track without much effort.

That being said, the weekend has one more confusing moment to offer up. The 4th might prove to be more than a little conflicting as romantic Venus in Sagittarius and your buzzy and exciting 3rd House forms a grounding square to Neptune. Yes, it would be fun to go off on the first adventure that presents itself, but chances are you already have duties and responsibilities to see to in the here and now and chances are they are demanding your attention this instant. That being said, this transit is only temporary so if you find there are only roadblocks in your way then remember the path will open up to something far more wide and expansive in just a few days’ time. The thing to keep in mind is that it’s easy to get confused now, so hold off on making any iffy decisions until the skies clear.

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