Enemies of the Chinese Zodiac

Eastern Astrology goes one step further than Western Astrology in the sense that certain signs possess either great affinity for one another or great abhorrence! As in Western Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac’s signs are grouped according to what they have in common (for example, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer as the Water signs).

However, with Chinese Astrology, it is a little different. They are grouped according to their characteristics, not the elements. These are known as the Trines.

So, in the Third Trine, we have the Tiger, Horse, and Dog, three animals that belong to a group that share common beliefs of humanitarianism and loyalty. These three tend to make the best of friends.

But just as we have friends, so do we have enemies! Read on to find out about which signs aren’t particularly affable towards one another and how this can help you in your relationships with others.

The Chinese Zodiac & the Circle of Conflict

It would be silly to suggest that every person of one sign detests every person of another sign. Like Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology is complex and made up of many different facets. Rather, “enemies” are branched together based on how very different their characters are.

The Rat, for example, is a focused, serious sort of person who doesn’t take anything lightly. The Horse is his mortal enemy, and the Horse takes everything lightly. The frivolous, ‘here-one-minute-gone-the-next’ attitude of the Horse is likely to send the Rat around the bend; likewise, the Horse would find the Rat’s one-track mind and determination to stick to one path, with one method, incredibly dull.

However, in some instances, opposites attract. So this doesn’t automatically mean that every Horse will detest every Rat and vice versa, especially if they have a friendly ascendant. Their differences could very well help them learn from one another.

I (a Tiger) happen to have a long-term partner who is a Monkey. In Chinese Astrology, these two signs are mortal enemies. And while it is true that we drive each other up the wall sometimes and would like nothing more than to ring each other’s necks on a frequent basis, we learn from one another, love one another and guide one another, just as any team should. Remember, nothing is set in stone!

Below is a list of the animals who are known as ‘mortal enemies’ in the Chinese Zodiac. In the ‘Circle of Conflict,’ each animal stands opposite the other. They tend to have opposing natural elements (such as Fire and Water) and opposing seasons (such as Summer and Winter):

Rat & Horse

Snake & Pig

Dragon & Dog

Rooster & Rabbit

Monkey & Tiger

Goat & Ox

How Can Knowledge of Chinese Zodiac Enemies Help?

Mostly it can help you deal with situations or people that may appear tricky or causing you problems. Knowledge is power. Let’s say that the person you’re dating is an Ox and you’re a Goat. You’re most likely a creative, dreamy sort of person with your head in the clouds some of the time and your emotions on your sleeve the rest of the time.

Your Ox love interest, on the other hand, most likely a reliable, driven, focused individual with little time for emotional displays of any sort. This could lead to frustration on both sides, when one is much more emotional and the other much more logical.

But it helps to understand the qualities of the ‘enemies’ because if you really want it to work with this person, then understanding another’s strengths, weaknesses and any quality that isn’t compatible with your own is a good way to try and reach a compromise. The Ox may not be the most emotional sort of person, but with compromise and understanding, they can make a rational-based effort to be more sympathetic and understanding.

Likewise, the Goat may prioritize the heart over the head at the best of times, but if they take the time to use their great gifts of empathy and look at it from the other’s perspective, they may find it easier not to become over-sensitive if they feel their emotions are not given the proper respect they deserve.

Similarly, if you have trouble in the workplace with one particular person, it can be helpful to know what sign they are. If you are a Dog person, you’ll likely have issues with a boss who is a Dragon – they may come across as egotistical or disrespectful to you. But again, understanding that what is perceived as egoism is simply part of the Dragon’s natural high self-confidence may help harness empathy which can lead to compromise.

Compromise truly is key!

Concluding Thoughts…

As mentioned, your Chinese Zodiac animal’s ‘enemies’ won’t necessarily be wielding daggers and aiming to plunge them at your chest. It just means that these are the people who are most opposite to you. You can avoid them or walk away from them – or you can try and compromise with them.

As with all branches of astrology, Chinese Astrology is all about understanding, both of ourselves and others, so we may come to greater levels of understanding and empathy. After all, who better to learn from than those who are the most different to us!

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