10 Things You Need to Know About the Year of the Tiger

Move over, Year of the Ox! The Year of the Tiger is almost upon us—it’s time to prepare.

The Year of the Water Tiger begins on February 1st, 2022, and as with all Tiger years, it will prove to have many qualities that the Tiger possesses—dynamic, engaging, and unexpected.

Tiger people are known for their courage and spontaneous nature, so we can expect to see a lot of this in 2022. Challenging situations that require steel nerves and our own brand of bravery are likely to pop up out of the blue.

Tiger energy provides a boost of motivation. It can also be quite a rollercoaster ride, and there are likely to be plenty of ups and downs on an emotional level. One moment you may feel you are on top of the world. The next, well, not so much.

But this is a water year, and that is important to take into consideration. We will explain why!

Why is a Water Year Significant?

Each Year in Chinese culture is governed by an element:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Metal

The type of element that governs each year plays a role in the energy of that sign.

In the case of the Water Tiger year, while we have the naturally fiery, dynamic, and unexpected energy of the Tiger, Water tempers these ups and downs and makes things a bit calmer.

Water helps to quench the powerful fire of this sign. It provides greater stability and an ability to look before you leap.

Water is the most controlled of all the Tiger elements. Recklessness is a sign associated with the Tiger, and Water Tigers tend to possess quiet self-control that other Tigers lack.

Water represents kindness, intuition, observation, and curiosity. Therefore, while the spontaneous nature of the Tiger may get the better of us sometimes in 2022, we are more prone to sitting back and having a think before jumping into something.

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Is the Year of the Tiger Lucky or Unlucky?

We go into more detail about this below, but the Tiger is, on the whole, a lucky sign!

No matter what situation it finds itself in, the Tiger always finds a way out.

2022 is a year when increased luck applies to all signs. But at the same time, it is essential to remember that due to the volatile nature of Tiger energy, luck can change quickly, and situations can change as dramatically as they first appeared.

Exercising caution is always wise with Tiger energy. In other words, don’t get carried away!

10 Things to Look Out For in the Year of the Water Tiger

No matter what element governs it, Tiger years are always exciting, dynamic, and full of unexpected surprises that can leave us looking back thinking, “What was that?

The 2021 Year of the Ox brought a slower pace and greater grounding. It was a year of rebuilding and getting back on our feet. The last year provided the opportunity to analyze and assess, enabling us to set the groundwork for the future we want to build.

The forthcoming Tiger year is about action and adventure.

So what are 10 things to look out for in the year of the Water Tiger?

1. Emotional Drama

The Tiger is a sign that is emotional and sensitive. There will be heightened sensitivity and with it comes greater emotional drama.

While this can result in screaming matches, it can also result in tender heart-filled moments and passionate conversations.

Jealousy and possessiveness also increase under this energy. The Tiger is a jealous and possessive sign and does not like anyone infringing on its territory!

2. Passion & Intensity

We can expect greater passion and intensity in our relationships with others, as well as towards our goals and aspirations. Anything you throw yourself into will not be done hardheartedly.

During periods when you feel like giving up, you will find it easier to bounce back with renewed vigor.

The Tiger is a sign that always lands on its feet!

3. Scandal

One thing Tiger years never fail to bring is scandal in some form or another.

Whether it’s scandal on a personal level or scandal you observe or discover, this sign is known for its spontaneous and reckless actions that can leave everyone gasping in awe.

So be prepared. This is a year where scandals take place behind closed doors but also burst into the open.

4. Original Thinking

This is one of the best years for forming a new creative project and getting it off the ground.

In Western Astrology, the Tiger’s equivalent is Aquarius, the original mover and shaker of the zodiac that marches to the beat of its own drum. Aquarius energy is going to have a stronger impact on us, promoting original thinking and encouraging us to step outside the box.

Be prepared for moments of going with the wind and suddenly changing direction. It may create moments of shock but just remember to follow your intuition!

5. Heightened Intuition

Speaking of intuition, this is a Water year, and therefore our intuitive abilities are increasing.

We are likely to follow our feelings over our rational minds. This is what leads to dramatic displays of emotion that come with this year.

Heightened intuition means it is a good idea to listen to our dreams and practice psychic abilities as we find it easier to listen to our inner voice this year.

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6. More Luck

The Tiger is a lucky animal. Tigers always land on their feet, and other signs are often amazed at the way they manage to get themselves out of hot water.

There may be a few close calls during the Year of the Tiger, but lady luck is on your side. Signs in the Third Trine—the Tiger, Horse, and Dog—are likely to experience more luck than the average, and most endeavors will pay off, one way or another.

7. Whirlwind Romance

The Tiger is known for exciting and dynamic romantic relationships. Anyone who is a Tiger or in a relationship with one knows that the relationship is exciting, often explosive, and rarely easy.

Tiger romance is often short-lived but intense and passionate. This year, singles may experience passionate romances, and long-term relationships may experience challenging moments, but the storms will determine whether it’s make or break.

Clandestine affairs also increase during the Year of the Tiger. This year brings unexpected encounters and memories you won’t forget.

8. Increased Creativity

The Tiger is a creative sign, and during the Year of the Tiger, we can expect to see heightened creativity.

Because the Tiger is a sign that likes to get things done, these ideas can be quickly put into action. Under Tiger energy, things speed up, and when it comes to implementing ideas, the ability to get more done in a shorter amount of time.

9. Leadership

The Tiger is a sign of leadership. Those who feel the calling of leadership will be thrust into positions where their skills to lead will be required of them.

Tiger leadership is rarely planned. It is often spontaneous and unexpected. This type of leadership may be a spur of the moment and feel like you are being thrown into the deep end, but it is here that your courage and determination to succeed will kick in.

10. Burn Out

The Tiger is a sign of high energy, and while this means it throws itself into projects and relationships with enthusiasm, it also means it tends to burn itself out!

Taking time out for self-care is crucial at the best of times, even more so during 2022. Relaxing, walking among nature, and enjoying the sweet scents of essential oils are all excellent ideas to help you unwind under Tiger energy.

Get Ready for the Year of the Tiger!

All in all, the Year of the Tiger will bring excitement, rollercoaster rides of emotion, and memories you are unlikely to forget.

However, it can also bring jealousy, scandal, and passion that spirals out of control.

The water element works in our favor because it helps to temper the raging sea of emotions and enables us to think logically and reasonably about all of our experiences.

This is a lucky year but be aware. Luck and fortune can change dramatically under this sign, so it is also best to proceed with caution, save for a rainy day, and think before we take action.

No matter what your sign is, the Year of the Tiger promises to be unforgettable – harness your inner warrior, fight for what you believe in, and let Tiger energy bring out the power within!

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