Everything You Need to Know About Healing Wands & Why You Need One

What is a Healing Wand?

A healing wand is a powerful energy healing tool that has historically been used since ancient times by metaphysicians, shamans and healers to ground focus, ambitions and basal intentions. However, one need not be a trained wizard to use one effectively. By setting one’s intentions and goals and working toward affecting good, a crystal healing wand can be used by anyone.

Healing wands are typically comprised of an elongated object that can be constructed from wood or other material, and that has crystals attached. These wands can alternatively be made entirely of crystals, stones and minerals. Rarely are any two crystal healing wands exactly alike.

What Do Healing Wands Look Like?

Healing wands come in all shapes and sizes and can be as simple or ornate as one prefers. They are available in round shapes, tapered, as wire matrices, pointed or cylindrical. Each wand has different healing powers that are based on its composition. Some crystal healing wands come with special symbols that represent spiritual healing powers.

Before a healing wand is used initially, it should be activated by means of a shamanic blessing, a carefully chosen positive affirmation or an incantation that evokes healing energy. It is important that the powers contained in the wands be used only for positive purposes and the betterment of humankind.

Healing Wand Activation

If a person should come into possession of a wand that has an unknown activation status, the new user can activate the powers of the healing wand by placing it in the lap or by holding it in the hands, during an extended positive and focused meditation. The mind should focus on the wand for up to 20 minutes before using it for the first time while directing its energies toward affecting the greater good. When fully activated, the user may feel a warming sensation or barely discernible vibration coming from the wand, although this is not always the case.

There are ways in which one can maximize the powers of his or her healing wand. Crystal wands work by harnessing the power of one’s intention to move energy to more desirable locations, or to disperse it back into the Universe. For instance, if a person wanted to remove energy causing pain to a particular joint or muscle, he or she would hold the wand over the area with the point of the wand facing away from the area that needs to be healed, and gently run the wand from the painful area to a boundary outside the body. Healing can also be accomplished by drawing a circle in the air above the injured area, and by waving the wand in a counter-clockwise motion.

Handling of a Healing Wand

Crystal wands should always be handled with reverence, respect and awareness. Intuitive wisdom should accompany the use of a healing wand in order to best utilize its healing powers. Prior to each use, quiet, solitary time should be spent with the wand to re-familiarize oneself with it and to form harmonizing energy levels that will work best for its purpose.

Other Uses for Healing Wands

Healing wands provide an effective means to facilitate balancing the chakras, healing emotional issues and for development of the spiritual self. They are powerful, high energy cleansing tools that are also deeply protective when utilized properly. The wands may also be used to activate fields of human energy, and are also known to be helpful in feng shui for environmental blessings, purification and space clearings.

Can Healing Wands Be Used to Determine Destiny?

Part of the skill that goes along with using a healing wand is learning to detect slight energy shifts and to follow their lead. These energy shifts can be used to help interpret the wand’s messages about determining destiny. It can be helpful to begin a meditation session with a specific question that pertains to destiny while holding the wand in both hands. Your focus should be placed fully and completely on the question while you mentally direct the energy to the pointed end of the wand until the answer reveals itself inside your mind. The revelation usually occurs as a subtle energy shift that should be examined closely and with an open mind.

Stress Relief Using a Healing Wand

People that are experiencing high-stress levels can attain a more peaceful, serene state of mind with help from their healing wands. It is recommended that a wand containing different types of crystals be used in this practice, because each type of crystal has a unique vibration and specific healing powers. However, wands containing only one crystal work on more specific issues.

Crystal wands are used to direct healing energy to tension points on the body, and to clear away emotional blockages along the 7 chakras. Used during meditation, the wand can be used to scan over each chakra’s area, from the Root chakra at the base of the spine all the way up to the Crown chakra. One should carefully note any intuitive feelings during this time.

Depending on the level of stress, a crystal wand healing session can last as few as 5 minutes, or take up to an hour. Extra time should be focused on difficult areas. The most important thing is for the user to set his or her intentions for healing. This can be accomplished by the visualization of clear energy flows and pathways. When the healing has occurred, the wand user will automatically sense the resolution.

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