7 Ways Blocked Chakras Are Messing Up Your Life

Do you ever feel out of whack and you’re not really sure why? Maybe you even have some physical symptoms, but you can’t pin down any physical ailment. Or perhaps you do have a physical ailment, and regular treatment just isn’t cutting it. Got life problems that you just can’t seem to solve? A blocked chakra may just be the cause If any of these are ringing true for you, then you probably have a blocked chakra, or two. It happens to all of us sometimes.

Similarly to your physical health, chakra health is not something that you can just let go and hope it works itself out. You need to unblock that problem. Today we are going to look at the seven ways blocked chakras are messing up your life. So let’s have a look at how to turf those problems and get your chakra centers spinning just the way you like them. Here’s the good news, anyone can do it!

1. Root Chakra – Do You Feel Afraid & Anxious?

The root chakra reflects where your basic needs are met, the place you call home, it also makes you feel safe and sound. When your root chakra is in good shape, you are feeling confident, financially secure, happy. All of your needs are met and you are feeling rooted in your life. When this chakra needs work, you feel a little greedy as you try to balance financial problems, you may be feeling over confident and over compensating in life with ego, and you may have some physical symptoms as well.

Cold feet or leg problems are a sign your root chakra needs a tweak, as are some immune issues, arthritis, or knee problems. Living a fearful life is also a sign that you have root chakra issues. If you are always worried or acting in fear, angry a lot, or feeling very insecure as opposed to over confident, then a blocked root chakra is interfering with your life. Let go of fears, no matter your financial situation, and see what a difference this can make.

2. Sacral Chakra – Does Sex Lack the Sizzle?

Your sacral chakra is located right above your root chakra in your pelvis region. It rules the sex organs and everything related to fertility, sexual experiences…you get the drift. If you are usually pretty saucy and are going through a phase of low libido, then you probably have a blocked sacral chakra.

There could be a physical reason for these feelings, of course. You always want to get that checked out if this goes on for an extended period of time or you are experiencing pain in that area. Sometimes the sex just doesn’t sizzle and there is no known problem for that. If it appears there is no medical reason, it’s usually a blocked sacral chakra. Let go, have more fun, and inject more pleasure (that includes sex) into your life is one way to fix that. Meditating on the color orange can help quite a bit as well.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – When the Chest Bumping Falls Flat

The solar plexus chakra is located in your navel area. When you are feeling good about life, and yourself, you feel a little puffed out, no? You think you are pretty awesome. You should always think you are awesome! When you’re just not feeling confident, you could have a blocked solar plexus chakra. This is going to damage your sense of self and who you are in the world. You could also experience fatigue, chronic stress, blood pressure issues, gall bladder problems, and feel a lot of shame.

Your will power is the center of this chakra. If you feel you just don’t have that ambitious drive anymore, your solar plexus probably needs a little tweak. Other problems you will have is excessive anger or maybe feeling way too good and over-confident about yourself when it’s not warranted. Meditating on the color yellow, and overcoming the urge to procrastinate and avoid will dial down the anger, and increase the joy.

4. Heart Chakra – Is Your Heart not in it?

Your heart chakra is located in your chest by your heart and is aligned with the color green. If you are having a problem emoting with people, then your heart chakra is likely blocked. If you are not sure how to emotionally relate to people, or you just aren’t feeling what you normally feel for people, feel sad more than you don’t, and can’t respond with appropriate emotions, you may have a blocked heart chakra. This is really going to interfere with all aspects of your life.

Grief can be a common cause of a blocked heart chakra. Sometimes staying with the wrong person can block our heart chakra too. There are some things in life that all the meditation in the world can’t fix for you. You will need to spend more time around people that love you and understand when you communicate what your heart wants. Saying your needs out loud will clear that problem right up as well. This is a big one. You don’t need to be sad all the time. A blocked heart chakra is unhealthy in so many ways.

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5. Throat Chakra – Got a Lump in Your Throat?

If you’re having a really hard time just saying something, and it happens more often than it should, you might have a blocked throat chakra. The throat chakra is located in the neck area and is the color blue. If your communication problems are really bad, you might find yourself terrified of public speaking and might even stutter. When it is doing well and its open, you are communicating exactly what you want to who you want to. You aren’t fearful of the words you are saying, and you are standing in truth.

If you aren’t standing in truth, your throat chakra needs some work. Lies will block the throat chakra faster than almost anything else will. Not saying what you need to say will also cause that lump in your throat that blocks this chakra. Imagine not being able to speak ever. Horrifying, right? The damage caused by a blocked throat chakra is a similar effect. You don’t deserve to be silenced. Meditating on the color blue, or wearing a blue tie or scarf are some ways to clear the throat chakra.

6. Third Eye Chakra – Are You Seeing Things?

Your third eye chakra is indigo or violet, and located in the center of your forehead between your two eyes. It functions as a ‘sixth sense’ of sorts. When its open and doing well, it allows you to see the other world and with psychic clarity. If you feel like you are seeing things, are living life in a world of paranoia, then your third eye chakra may be blocked. A blocked third eye chakra can also lead to living a lie or not being able to see people for who they are, judge character, or detect lies and illusions.

Let’s say you have a sixth sense your partner is cheating on you (and they really are) but don’t want to look that problem in the eye. A blocked third eye chakra is preventing you from seeing down the road. This is how damaging a blocked third eye chakra can be. Don’t feed the illusions, stand in your truth, and allow yourself to see things with clarity. When this chakra is humming at full speed, you see things for what they really are and are able to use your intuition well. You deserve to see clearly and live clearly.

7. Crown Chakra – Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Your crown chakra is located at the top of your head and its the color violet, or sometimes white. This is the chakra that connects you to the divine. Some say there is a white cord that goes from the top of your head to the divine, and can not be seen by the naked eye.If this one is out of whack, you likely feel like everything in your life is out of whack. Your intuition is feeling really foggy as well, and it’s really hard to get a read on someone.

You need this rooting to the other world to be able to do everything else, and to function well in society. When this chakra is blocked, the strength of this invisible cord is much weaker, and the end result is you feel alone, depressed; like you have nobody in the world. When this chakra is open, you feel like you have the power of the Universe on your side, because you do! Focus on white light in meditation, stay in touch with the divine, and you never feel lonesome again.


When any one of your chakras is blocked, nothing is going right in your world. That feeling is the single most prevalent problem with having blocked chakras. You can’t be successful and lead a life of abundance when your chakras are out of balance. You deserve joy and success, and you deserve to feel on top of the world.

You can easily learn how to heal your chakras. There are many effective methods of opening your chakras. Some might work better than others for you. The important thing is to find the things that work for you and do it regularly to keep your chakras open and functioning properly.

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