Exploring Your Inner Medium: Communicating With the Other Side

Happy Halloween! It’s an astrologer’s, psychics, and medium’s favorite night of the year. It is the night when Spirit comes out to play. Trick or treat! And be careful what you wish for. To be sure, Spirit comes out to play every day. But this is the one time of the year when the portal opens just a little bit wider, and the energy is abundant for any zodiac sign to have connections and experiences with The Other Side. It is a tradition that dates back through many centuries and through many countries, the tradition we know of today as Halloween. And its purpose has been the same since the beginning of time, to connect with The Other Side. Have you ever wondered how to do so? That’s what we are going to talk about today, and how to use that powerful energy during today’s haunting period, and every day of the year.

The Earliest Mediums and the Legend of Halloween

Believe it or not, Halloween is said to have originated in the Christianity religion many centuries ago. This is very interesting since today, many fundamentalist Christians believe this period to be a period for the devil, and will not celebrate it. But this is not what the earliest Christians believed. The period of Halloween was actually the period of All Hallow’s Eve, and was a liturgical period that lasted three days, and included All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Eve, and All Saints Day, which occurs on November 1 every calendar year.

That this period occurs in the Water Sign of Scorpio is no coincidence. Scorpio is one of the most psychic zodiac signs of all, and can very easily connect with the purpose of this liturgical period. And that purpose is to connect with The Other Side. Scorpios that are born during the All Hallows Eve three day period are said to be among the most psychic people on Earth. You will also find they are the most drained and emotional as a result of sucking in everyone else’s energy. But during this period, Scorpio comes alive, particularly Scorpios with birthdays in this time range. But Scorpio is not the only one. All Earthlings and all zodiac signs have the power within to connect with the energy on The Other Side, and this power becomes a super power during the period we call Halloween and All Saints Day.

The earliest liturgical scholars celebrated this period with the intent to call on the dead saints and martyrs that taught them so much through the legacies they left behind. This would be a period where early scholars would engage in an activity known as “guising”, as “guising” was said to assist in establishing connections with Saints and martyrs from The Other Side. Studying the legacies was one thing. Actually talking to the souls and experiencing them first hand was considered a great religious gift. One was not worthy however to present one’s Self to the dearly departed Saints and Martyrs as one’s Self, and thus a guise was necessary in a tradition that became known as guising. Today, we do the same thing, when we put on costumes on Halloween because our own plain Self is not worthy enough to present on its own to the purity of The Other Side. And when we do, we, like the scholars of days gone yore, open the portal between the now and The Other Side. Trick? Or Treat? What are your wishes during this Halloween period?

Now more than ever is it possible to connect with The Other Side. But you are not restricted to using this energy in this time frame alone. Here are some tips on how to get comfortable developing and embracing your own psychic abilities to connect with The Other Side. Yes it is true that there are some zodiac signs that will find these exercises as easy as breathing. If you don’t, all that means is that you are different, and you have your own gifts that come as easy as breathing to you, that they struggle with. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to connect with The Other Side, every soul has it, and has since the beginning of time. If you find you are struggling, don’t give up. Embrace the potential, and the souls you want to connect with will find the way to give you exactly the message that you need to hear. Here is how to start developing and embracing those talents, no matter what zodiac sign or life path number you are.

1. Remember your perspective.

A lot of people think they need a medium to connect with the Other Side. You really don’t. It helps, of course. Why wouldn’t you ask someone that does this for a living and experiences this every day, seemingly on command, for help? Who wouldn’t? Even psychics have their own psychic. That’s because we can not be objective and unfeeling when it comes to our own connections, so we do need unbiased third parties for guidance, just as much as you do. That is however as Oprah would say, a whole other show. When it comes to remembering your perspective in connecting with the Other Side, you need to let go of the notion that you need someone else to help you. The only real soul you need help from is the soul you are trying to connect with.

Teresa Caputo, medium and regular talker to the dead, also star of TLC’s Long Island Medium, says people make this mistake with her all the time. She told People Magazine that people think she walks around her life with their loved ones all the time. She says this is not the case, that in fact, we walk around our lives with our own loved ones, all the time. In other words, they come with us, not with the medium we use to connect with them. Teresa said that point was really driven home to her during a reading when a boy asked her to tell his mother that she didn’t need to visit his grave every day. He said, she goes to such trouble and she doesn’t really need to because I’m with her all the time.

Thinking you need someone else’s help, or even a place like a cemetery to connect to other souls, makes it seem like other souls are far away somewhere. But they aren’t. If they are in your soul, they are with you now, and forever. Like angels, you really can connect to them whenever you want, you just need to be open to that process. Once you establish that perspective, it’s easier to be open to that process.

2. Ask for signs.

During a period such as the Halloween period, expect many strange things to be happening. I have a butter knife in my kitchen that pops out of the dish at the strangest times, when nobody else is in the room. It has been happening all week since the Full Moon at a greater intensity than usual. This is not a sign that I have asked for and I still have not quite figured this one out, but this is an example of a sign. If you are one of those that has troubles connecting with The Other Side easily, ask for signs and yes be specific! “Can you send me a lady bug or a butterfly or something to show me that you are around?” Then, when the sign arrives, and it will, don’t forget to thank your soul friend! The key here is to really and truly, just ask. “They” really and truly are waiting for the signal to send out their own vibration. The biggest mistake you will make is overthinking this. This is as simple as it sounds. Set the intention. Just ask. Make the wish. Ask for the sign. The angels are always standing by for that dispatch. You just have to make the call.

3. Celebrate children.

There isn’t a medium, psychic, or astrologer on the planet that will argue this one. Children are very close to the Other Side and their connections, and your connections, for many reasons. One is that they are newly incarnated on this planet and thus just have more recent memories of the Other Side. Another is, they are children. And they are pure in thought and not as distracted by life in general as adults are. This pureness and undistracted focus makes it very easy to connect with the Other Side, and one reason children and their experiences should be celebrated. It is not a coincidence that Halloween is largely a child celebrated holiday now. When children come to your door for trick or treat, embrace their beauty and pure joy. They bring with them the fresh energy from the spirit world that allows you to connect more with either your loved ones, or just souls in general. You may even notice a child that reminds you of a loved one. Again, nothing is a coincidence. Children in your own domain during this time period should be carefully observed as well. Don’t be surprised if some random statements crop up now like, “So that boogey man showed up in my closet again last night.”

This is happening for many reasons. Children are surrounded by haunting and Halloween celebrations at school and at extracurriculars and it’s just on their minds, for one thing. This can be called a predispostion, or a societal conditioning, or any fancy psychological term you want to call it. It’s a latent expression of a recent memory, we all do it. They are socially predisposed to just naturally discuss it more, and even see these things happening in their dreams. But there are other explanations as well. This period is known to heighten these experiences in children as well. Their recent journey in the spirit world was not all that long ago, and it is much easier to connect with that vibration at any time. At this time, it could also very well be that there is a spirit in their closet that is communicating with them. I used to wonder about a very specific static on my son’s baby monitor when he was just an infant. He is a teenager now, but since his very first days I always wondered who it was that was around him. He too, like millions of other children all over the world had a “boogey man” that would sit on the top of his bookshelf. For the life of me, no matter what I did with the lighting in his room, it wouldn’t change the shadow on the wall that he perceived as his “boogey man.” I never saw it, which is why I could not eliminate the shadow he kept seeing, which he describes as the side profile of an older man. It was not until he was 9 when he saw photos of his great grandparents on the wall at a holiday dinner. As he was passing the turkey he said, “Oh thank goodness. Now I know who it is that’s in my room every night! That’s the guy! Thank god. I thought I would never figure that one out!” Of course, every fork at the table immediately clattered to the holiday china as we all sat in stunned silence. And now we know, our grandfather is around our children. Think about the children in your life and your soul connections, and you will likely begin to come up with some similar examples. This is phenomena that happens not just in psychic families, but in all families all over the world. Celebrate the children that come into your life, they bring special messages with them.

4. Go unplugged.

The souls that you wish to connect with are on a certain energy pattern or vibration. There is scientific evidence to prove this. Many means of technology have been created to capture spirit world on camera, on recording devices, and in many ways. The truth is, these devices actually slow down the spirit process of connecting with the Other Side. These devices operate at an energy that interferes with spirit vibrations. So why do so many psychics use them you will ask? Because it does help you in your after the fact processing. We know this. We know you receive more validations after a good reading than you do during it. Some psychics are talented enough to connect with the Other Side despite electronical interferences. The less you have around you, the easier it is to connect. It works almost exactly like a Wi Fi signal, because it is all electric energy that you can’t see. If you have many of your spiritual “devices” plugged in around you, the souls you want to connect with will simply arrive, or their messages will, slower, because you have more energy distributed amongst various sources. The more sources you unplug, the stronger the signal between you and The Other Side. If you have a phone or recording device near you, that doesn’t mean you won’t connect, just that, your signal might be weaker depending on all variables like, what else is “plugged in” or draining energy, or blocking energy.

5. The early bird gets the worm.

Spirit for some reason is most energetic and easiest to connect with first thing in the morning, or in the dusk hours just before nightfall. I imagine it has something to do with less interference with Sun or light energy and vibration connections are just easier. But that is just a theory. Minimal light is a fairly universal accepted practice by most psychics and mediums, as it is just generally accepted that dim lighting is preferred by spirit. It’s no myth that the ghosts come out when the Sun goes down. Many of the famous ghost stories you will hear occur in the very wee early hours of the morning, right before dawn, and right after Sundown. So if you want to engage in meditation sessions, psychic sessions, or channelling, doing so in the wee hours of the morning or at dusk will help you in your efforts. Remember that connecting with The Other Side is really just about getting your vibration to match theirs. Theirs is enlightened and elevated, ours is human and grounded. Anything you can do like finding the best time of day for you gets you one step closer. If you ever have gone camping or had family vacations and taken pictures of sun rise or sun set times with the family, take a look again. There is a very good chance you are not alone in those pictures. And those are the best times of day to catch spirit on film as well.

6. Use whatever method you are most comfortable with.

Once you have opened yourself to the process, have asked Spirit to give you physical signs of their presence, and are embracing all possibilities, find the method of connecting with other souls that works best for you. There is no one size fits all. You can simply sit in a quiet place with no electronics around you and meditate. Taking photos of the people that you want to connect with and meditating on those helps as well. There is a technique called the mirror technique that you can try when you first begin connecting.

In this method, find a quiet spot that is unplugged, and dimly lit, and hold a mirror in front of you. Stare at the mirror and empty your mind of distractions until the mirror takes on a cloudy look. It should almost look like an overcast sky. The more you meditate, the more likely you are to have visions and see souls that wish to communicate. You can stop anytime by just not looking at the mirror anymore.

Meditating, quiet time, dimly lit rooms, and opening yourself to the process are all great ways to begin exploring your inner medium and connecting with the other side. Every person will find the method that works the best for them. When you begin to have your experiences, don’t forget to thank your spirit friends for making themselves known, and passing on their messages of healing. When you do, they will be that much more likely to appear again. Who are you hoping to “see” this Halloween? Trick or treat? What are your Halloween wishes? Do you have any experiences you wish to share about your spirit connections?

About The Author


I consider myself part astrologer, part comedian, and part psychologist. I try to help people turn on their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in an objective way. I have been in private practice for over 40 years. I use astrology and my own system called The 4 Elements as tools to help people step into their power. I want to empower people from all walks of life and I have written a book, magazine columns, hosted a radio show and I have a YouTube channel with over 3 million views to accomplish that goal. I’m dedicated to creating community.I believe the future is arriving and none of us can do it alone. I also believe in the power of listening. When we are silent - both with ourselves and each other - the messages that are trying to come through us can be given a voice, and we can all start walking our authentic and powerful path. I split my time between Kauai, Hawaii and Boulder, Colorado where I enjoy talking to the beautiful flowers, daily swims and laughing with my partner, Larry.You can keep up with Debra on our Video Horoscopes page - where she posts her Daily Horoscope videos for Astrology Answers!
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