How Each Zodiac Sign Will Break Your Heart

In love, we all have the capability of capturing someone’s heart, wooing them with our positive qualities. On the flip side, we are just as capable of breaking hearts when the shadow sides of our zodiac sign come out to play. We can repeat patterns of hurting lovers and even our friends and family because of our repeated bad behavior.

Today we’re going to talk about how each sign breaks the heart of those they love, and how to overcome these traits to find success in long-term relationships. It can help you become more aware of your own tendencies and help you watch out for behavior that will harm your relationships.


You are fascinated by and drawn to what’s new and interesting; especially anything that seems like a challenge. When it comes to love, you can come on strong while you woo the one you want – and then drop them like a hot potato when you aren’t getting your way or they become tiresome to you.

Remember that the one you love is not an event, a competition, or an object you can move on from when you lose interest. You have a responsibility to the people that love you, so try to give them a chance to reignite your flame before you toss them to the side.


You love to be surrounded by beautiful things you can add to your collection – and sometimes, that includes people. You can become possessive and male the one you love feel like an object or a captive! In your darkest moments, your jealousy and resentment may lead you to do and say some scary things.

Taurus is usually pretty down to earth, why are you so insecure?! If you feel those sharp pangs of jealousy over your partner, remember that they are not something you own. As long as they’re trustworthy, and they have given you no reason to doubt their loyalty, you have nothing to worry about!


Your gift of the gab ensures you always have scintillating conversations. At first, this seems fascinating to your suitors, as your social skills draw you to large groups of admirers. The downside is that they will learn you have a hard time focusing on any one thing and your listening skills can be non-existent. Your loved one feels ignored or unimportant because it’s all about you.

If there’s someone special in your life, make sure to pause once in a while to get their opinion. Information comes from those around you, so put down the book, turn off the computer, and engage in conversation with the one you care for. You can still learn from them and they might surprise you with what they have to say when they get a chance to speak!


You are as sensitive as they come, Cancer, and when you feel safe and secure in your love life, can be quite nurturing and forgiving. When you feel you’ve been disrespected, or someone lets you down, you can turn on a dime, becoming moody and passive-aggressive. Your loved one’s heart is broken when they see how out of control you can be when your emotions turn on them.

You need to find your sense of self before you commit to a relationship. When you go in with the belief that you are worthwhile and capable of true happiness, you’ll be less likely to freak out when your partner makes an offhand comment or suggests there’s something wrong.


Leo is happy as long as they are having fun, being the center of attention, and receiving accolades from those around them. You can break hearts when you become insecure. Your shadow side reveals your weaknesses of arrogance and the need to assert control. Your loved ones feel you’re making demands, instead of meeting in the middle.

Try to confront issues as they arise, instead of immediately reacting with anger or turning to dominate behavior to get what you want. You might find that your concerns are totally unwarranted, and you can save a good relationship by being mature in a confrontation.


You do not let just anyone into your heart, but when you do, you expect a lot from them. As hard as you are on yourself, when you turn that eagle eye to the one you love, you can be incredibly nitpicky, perfectionist, and downright critical. Your loved one has their heartbroken when they feel like they aren’t good enough for you.

Take your over-analysis of everyone down a notch! While having high standards for yourself can bring you far in the world, it’s not fair to expect everyone to meet your lofty ideals. Rephrase your concerns or pet peeves in a way that isn’t negative.

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Libras are ruled by Venus, and subject to instant attraction, or love at first sight. You are drawn to the wonder of being in love and you want to get there as soon as possible. You’ll be completely charming at first, while still enraptured by a new face, and not long after, you’ll avoid them for a time before awkwardly breaking up with them once you realized this is not the perfect love you were looking for.

Engage the mind of the person you’re attracted to before you jump all the way in. Connect on a deeper level. Libras love harmony, so if you can get past the initial attraction and see them as a lovely, compatible soul on the inside as well, there’s more of a chance for the long term.


You have an intensity and mystery that is magnetic to those who seek to have a relationship with you and it’s likely that the initial phases of love will be exciting, passionate, and intense. The trouble with Scorpio is you have a hard time letting people in and you are difficult to read. People can feel shut out because they can’t get through your protective shell to connect on a deeper level. They never know where they stand.

Trust is critical for you to open up, so ask a lot of questions early on to figure out where this person is coming from. If you get a sense upfront that they’re honest and respectable, the trust will come sooner, and you can peel back the shell before they give up out of frustration.


You are always looking to the future for what’s new, exciting, and interesting. Your eternal optimism shines through and you probably don’t have much of a problem attracting new partners. You can come on strong in the initial phases of a relationship. As soon as you feel tied down, you have no qualms about dropping the one you care for in favor of something new and shiny.

You don’t have to ‘settle down’ to be in a relationship. Find someone to have adventures with and that will keep you guessing – you might not feel like running away at all! If you make more effort to get to know the person upfront, you can tell if your interests align. It will be more likely you’ll have a longer relationship.


Capricorns are difficult to get to know – you like to maintain a controlled state at all times and breaking through your tough exterior can prove daunting. You can be so dedicated to your job, it may seem like you’re prioritizing that over your relationship, or worse, that you love your job more than you love them! You’re not likely to do the breaking up, more likely you’ll slowly forget about them within your busy schedule.

Schedule your dates or time to meet new people into your calendar. Seriously! While you’re starting out in a new relationship, this can be an easy reminder of what else is in your life. As you start to trust them, you’ll find yourself wanting to be with them more and more.


In relationships, you can come across as detached, living mostly in your head. While you have no trouble attracting people with your quirky personality and amazing observations, you are not willing to give up your independence. You can spend a lot of time with someone and when they even mention the word ‘commitment,’ you become quite stubborn and cold.

You need to be as open as possible with the person you are involved with, right from the beginning. You need your freedom, and while they may want commitment from you, tell them you want to take it slow. It’s not that you don’t care, you just aren’t as openly affectionate as some when it comes to love.


You are the true empath of the zodiac, absorbing the emotions of the ones around you. While in the early stages of love, you wow your suitor with your ability to get on the same page as them. If you become overwhelmed by the feelings of those you care for, you tend to run to your inner fantasy world to retreat and rest. In your dark times, you may resort to alcohol or drug consumption to further escape.

For the one you are leaving behind, they often have no idea what changed course, because you never opened up to them to ask for help. They feel abandoned. Instead of running away, practice sharing your inner turmoil with the people that love you. If you don’t store it up inside so much, the easing of your worry will increase, and you’ll be less likely to feel the need to escape into your own head.


We all have the capability to both have our hearts broken and to break those of others. If we are mindful of the qualities we exhibit when we are in love, we may be more likely to overcome the shadow sides to find success in our love lives.

No one is perfect, to be sure, but we can all strive to improve those traits we possess that can get us in trouble. If we are willing to take a step back and realize we have things to work on, our lives and relationships will become easier in the long run.

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