How to Use Tarot to Reveal Your True Feelings for Someone

Is there someone in your life that you are on the fence about? Perhaps you are drawn to them, but you really feel they are not right for you. Maybe you keep hanging out with them, but you just don’t feel really excited about the relationship. Emotional reactions can be hard to interpret when we are getting to know someone, and it can be really time and energy consuming trying to figure out how we actually feel about someone. Have no fear! Tarot can help you get to the root of your true feelings so you don’t waste your time or someone else’s.

If you’re not familiar with tarot, on the surface you may think you’re leaving your destiny up to a random card but that is not actually the case. The Tarot is a symbolic tool that helps you tune into your own intuition. Basically, the brain has a limited perspective which gets caught up on small things that bother us about someone or even make us think we like someone based on appearances. The soul can see beyond differences, beyond lust, and even beyond our own desire to make something out of nothing. The soul is a much better compass for our relationships and the tarot is your way to access that wisdom.

The Tarot works best when we know the type of questions that reveal the most useful information. We stay away from asking how other people feel because we cannot change those things and we don’t want to mess with someone else’s free will. We ask questions about how we can best shift our own energy or how we can align with what is truly best for ourselves.

Here are three questions to get you started so you can get clarity on that special person and if you want to spend more time getting close to them. It’s good to do a few spreads so you can glean the theme and overall message that’s coming forward.

3 Questions to Ask the Tarot to Reveal Your True Feelings:

1. What energy draws me to this person?

You can do a 3-card spread to see the past, present, and current projection of the future based on your energy now.

Let’s say that you pull mostly cards from the suit of swords, which are often about thoughts of feeling trapped or following tradition. This may mean your fears are seeking security in the relationship and you’re in it to keep up with expectations.

However, swords can also denote positive healing such as taking charge of your words, healing with them, and even beginning a new path of wisdom and strength. You will get a feeling from the cards when you read the interpretations as to whether this is uplifting energy drawing you to them or one that is not in alignment with your highest self.

2. Show me the true energy between me and this person.

Somewhere within you, you already know if the energy between you and this person is healthy or toxic. However, there’s no shame in using the Tarot to see it clearly.

Again, do a 3-card spread to see the past, present and current projection of the future, or pull just one card and read its interpretation. Often, just one card can shed some new light on your situation.

3. What does staying/going mean for me emotionally?

Try a 2-card spread for this question. Set in your mind that the first card will represent your emotions if you stay and the second card you pull will represent your emotions if you separate from this person. This can help you see if the issues you may be having are actually within yourself and will only repeat with someone else or if you’re misaligned with this person.

You may also see that both options could be positive which is not a bad outcome at all. This reading may not give you a black and white answer but you may want to meditate on the cards and your feelings about them for a few days before making a decision.

Remember, Tarot is not about predicting the future, but tuning into your own energy and inner wisdom in order to make the best possible choices for you.

3 Follow-Up Questions to Determine What to Do Next:

Often one Tarot reading will give way to more questions. Here are some sample questions you can use to “follow-up” with your Tarot deck to understand your reading better. Ask one of these questions, then draw a single card.

Remember, though, the Tarot cannot read the minds of others or change another person’s actions. It will only enable us to see ourselves, our attitudes, and how we can create the best possible energy so we may enjoy our lives and attract good, kind people.

1. What should I focus on to heal this relationship?

Perhaps you’re feeling that it’s time to go within to resolve the energy in this relationship. Let the cards guide to you see what past perspective or experience may be creeping into this relationship. If there is a pattern of negative thinking you can work to release, it will give you a real sense of freedom and revive the energy of the relationship if you take time to shift your focus and raise your vibration. Self-healing is always a great step towards finding clarity in a relationship as well.

2. How can I prepare to separate from this person?

If you are feeling like you need the courage to break things off with someone, ask the cards what you can focus on to pursue this conscious uncoupling. Treating someone with respect in any sensitive conversations will help them feel you have their best intentions and can allow you to maintain a valuable friendship with them in the future. Also, we don’t have to have less love for someone or hurtful words just because we decide to walk different paths. Asking how to approach the process lovingly can help you heal from it faster and shows the other person you value them as a friend.

3. I’m still not clear, what should I focus on?

There may be many layers to your feelings about someone. It may not all become clear right away. You can be loving to yourself in the process of uncovering your true feelings. Sometimes the universe sends us a bit of confusion because it’s not yet time to decide. Sometimes we must learn to accept unclear times so we can still have peace without having black and white absolute answers. There are many things we can learn from those times of confusion about ourselves and how to find joy. Asking the cards what to focus on even when you don’t have clarity may be the best blessing you never expected. You may find you learn how to be grateful for what you have or how to be present when there is uncertainty. This is not a ‘bad’ place to be.

Closing Thoughts…

We want to congratulate you on taking this step to find what your heart truly wants. Sometimes the noise of other people’s opinions can be so loud in our life that we stop hearing what we truly want. You may not be able to explain the love you have to someone else in words because love is beyond explanation. It is a feeling that expands your heart and makes you want to care for someone regardless of their quirks. It is something where your soul speaks to another soul beyond the personality. If you feel you are pressured to be in or stay in a relationship, use these questions to see how you really feel. Change can be a bit scary but it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to make your life better.

On the flip side, we have access to so many dating apps today that it’s very easy to brush off something that could very well turn into a great love. Before you throw something away because you think there’s something better out there, consult the Tarot to see if it may be something within you that needs to heal or shift instead of giving up on the other person. Combined with the power of the Tarot, your heart will help you recognize if you are seeing things clearly or running away from something within yourself. Finding compassion for others using the Tarot and even finding gratefulness for having someone to walk through life with may be just the prescription your heart needs to heal.

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