Let Luck Be Your Lady in Love Under Jupiter Retrograde

Ready to find out how to get lucky this month? It’s easier than you think. In astrology, all is pre-destined, but we always have that wonderful little variable called “free will” that can disrupt even the most pre-destined paths. For those moments, we always hope a little luck will come our way to shift the gears back in our favor again.

As the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot can affirm, it always does. That wheel is always spinning, and it’s always Jupiter that is behind that wheel, but we want to see in advance where it is going to land. Am I right? That’s why we are all here. To find out what lies ahead.

Well, that’s not the only thing we are here for. Not only do we want to know what’s ahead, we want to know how to deal with it., and that’s what today’s talk on luck is all about. Can you really create your own luck? Yes. Yes you can. We have a planet for that, and his name is Jupiter.

This month Jupiter is going to go retrograde, and this is your cue from the universe to sit in the pilot’s seat on luck. What better area to start with than love?! Who doesn’t want to be luckier in love? Are you ready? Here’s how to let luck be your lady in love under Jupiter retrograde.

What is Jupiter Retrograde?

The brief primer on retrogrades is basically that in the physical sense, a planet is said to be moving “backwards” when in retrograde motion, but that’s not really the case. A planet is never moving backwards. It moves slower, and sometimes so slow that it actually is trailing, but it’s never backward.

When a planet is retrograde then, it is influencing the themes in our life that have to do with past issues, or issues from within.

When a planet is direct, or going forward at full steam, we say it is influencing the external and direct things in your life, like your job, your home, your relationships. When retrograde, it is helping you to deal with all of the internal stuff, like memories, nostalgia; areas where you need to seal the cracks in a bad karma situation. Stuff like that.

Jupiter is the god of luck, the god of fate, the god of all gods, and thus the biggest planet of them all. When Jupiter effects happen, big things happen, but this can go to both good and bad extremes. Jupiter rules things in excess. You might buy a bigger home under a Jupiter spell, or get a better deal on one.

No matter the sign (Libra, Sagittarius, etc), you may also spend more time than you should on the couch eating Cheetos and watching Netflix. 17 hours a time for that is not good unless you are not physically well. Jupiter can take us in many extreme directions. Events that happen now are Jupiter’s way of saying, “Hey, you need to work on this. Get this done so that I can pass on something really amazing to you.”

If you have not been fair with people in your life, whether it’s in love or at work doesn’t matter, get to it. Jupiter is going to be sending some karmic boomerangs right now. If you want a balanced and healthy love life, you need to listen to Jupiter’s messages right now.

When Jupiter is retrograde, all of that work is happening internally. When it comes to relationships, this can get pretty heavy as you imagine, but if you are trying to get an ex back, maybe not so much. Old flames and Jupiter retrograde, or any retrograde period, go hand in hand. Let’s have a look at how you can be the master of your Wheel of Fortune in love under Jupiter retrograde.

1. March 2018 will be a big month!

March 8, 2018 to July 10, 2018 is when you are going to be experiencing this big luck internally. That means, the more internal work you do in the next four months, the more luck you will have in the love department. That also means March could be a generous and very giving place if you are open to this energy, and use it wisely.

Mark these dates down, and look forward to BIG things happening!

2. Release the old, bring in the new.

With this transit, it is time to really and truly release the old once and for all. With this trine, innovation is key. Under a retrograde that means releasing bad habits, toxic relationships, things that are feeding the not so great parts of you. That means, whatever ISN′T working in your life, needs to be released, and you need to be innovative in coming up with new results.

What is draining you emotionally? Get rid of it. If you want somebody to love, you need to weed out the ick. Jupiter is the planet of luck, so, if you are truly open to change and exciting things in your life, you are going to be given the lucky events you need to make it happen. Sooo, be open to it and let go of all that is not working.

Jupiter will be happy to wave his magic wand, to help you with some fun surprises that have the potential to change the way you love and are loved…for forever.

3. Wait for the thunderbolts.

Expect surprises. There is no way we can prepare you better for that than by just saying to expect surprises. With Jupiter energy in play here, they are going to come as thunderbolts. These are completely out of the blue events and experiences that will make you want to catch your breath…in a good way, so be ready!

Embrace them when they come to you because that is how that magic is going to spread.

4. Expect nothing….to receive….everything.

This is very key to Jupiter activity, and also activating the Law of Attraction. Jupiter is the generous, benevolent planet that rewards gratitude and love, good karma and good intentions. You will receive surprises and gifts in your life during this period. Warning – they may not come in the pretty box you expect them to.

That doesn′t mean they are bad, it just means we should have no expectations and the miracles are yours for the taking! Jupiter rewards gratitude, so don′t forget your thank yous when your surprises come! Be humble in love, and Jupiter will send you some really special experiences.

These are the kind that will make you feel like you are the most lucky person on the planet to be loved so much. Be humble, and turn that Wheel of Fate as Jupiter would have it.

5. Watch for signs and happy coincidences.

We say this during many transits, but it is especially important for this one. You are going to come across many synchronicities and happy coincidences that will open miraculous doors for you. This is Jupiter saying, “You’re on the right track. Keep going. I have something really special for you when you do.”

Again, be grateful when you see them, and follow those open doors when they come. You can always ask for more from your angels and guides if you need validation as well.

6. Get out there!

Jupiter magic is all about being in the right place at the right time. We have cosmic events happen, which means cosmic experiences are on the way. We are talking about fate and destiny, and things that were just meant to BE. You aren′t going to experience these things if you are holed up in the basement drinking your favorite wine by yourself.

Get out there! Invitations and requests will come your way that will help you do that. Come from a place of yes, and get yourself out there. Wait for it, the surprises are on their way, no matter what your relationship status is right now. Jupiter says, it IS possible, but you have to put some effort out there.

Concluding thoughts…

There you have it! Everything you need to know to experience the joy of luck and miraculous surprises in your life! Are you ready for luck to be your lady? What lucky surprises are you hoping that Jupiter retrograde has for you?

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