Your New Years’ Resolution, Based on Your Rising Sign

2020 was not an easy year, but you should pat yourself on the back because you made it through. Now we are all here at the edge of a new year. 2021 will not automatically flip a switch and make everything better, but it does provide us an opportunity to reflect once again on our goals.

An interesting way to approach your goals is to learn more about your Rising sign.

If you haven’t heard about your Rising sign, it is the sign that was rising above the horizon at your birth. I will go into more details about how it affects you but know that this sign plays a significant role in your approach to life.

So what does your Rising sign tell you about yourself?

Your Rising Sign & You

You should know right away that the Rising sign is also called the Ascendant in astrology.

Put into straightforward terms, the Rising sign is how you appear to others. You may have, at times, felt that people see you one way separate from your Sun sign. Well, this is largely a component of the Ascendant. Some astrologers like to say it’s the mask you wear while in public.

I like to think of it differently.

Imagine your Rising sign just being another way you express yourself! Instead of a mask, think of it as an outfit. It’s an expression of the unique person you are and has to deal more with your public image than some other elements of the chart.

Learn more about your Rising sign by reading: The Ultimate Guide to Your Rising Sign

How Do I Find My Rising Sign?

You will need your natal chart and the exact time of birth. If you don’t have your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator right now. (Birth chart and natal chart are the same things.)

From there, look for the sign that is at 9 o’clock. This is the Rising sign!

What if I Don’t Have My Birth Time?

Here is where the struggle lies with an Ascendant.

One needs to know the exact time of birth. This is a privileged position, and I recognize that this is not available to everyone. Many astrologers are skilled in rectifying charts if a client does not have access to their birth time.

There are also certain ways to approach a chart regardless of if you have your birth time or not!

Don’t let this stop you from your New Year resolutions in 2021, and especially don’t let it stop you from determining your Rising sign. One step that can be fun and insightful is to ask those closest to you to describe you in a few traits. Take these and look through the signs.

Which ones best represent who you show yourself in the world? Which ones resonate with what your friends say? Remember, you know best and trust that first instinct.

For more insights, make sure to read: I Don’t Know My Birth Time, Now What?

2021 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Rising Sign



Finish that project, Aries Rising, and whenever you get bored with it, remind yourself this year why you started it in the first place. Centering back on purpose may be all the motivation you need.


You’re already very creative, Taurus Rising, so consider starting a new craft hobby or perfecting a craft you already have. Perhaps this is the year you invest in that piano tutor?


Try creating a habit of journaling. Many Geminis can get too in their heads with decisions or thoughts. Getting something on paper may help you process this year.


If there is an area of your home that could be updated, work on that this year, Cancer Rising! Play some fun music and get to organizing that closet or switch up the curtains. Make your space sing with joy.


Perhaps this is the year you get involved with a non-profit organization or cause that you feel passionately about, Leo Rising. The world needs your bold character to bring awareness!


Stick to a self-care routine in 2021, Virgo Rising. More often than not, you are the one serving others, but try and make yourself the person you’re helping this year. You might be surprised how much it helps.


The challenge this year is to really foster one or two strong relationships, Libra Rising. If there is a person you’d like to grow closer to, suggest a weekly hangout. Get consistent in your close friendships.


It’s the year to organize your finances, Scorpio Rising. You probably already have a strong system in place, but when was the last time you sat down with your budget? Maybe there is something you didn’t consider before?


2020 made it hard for your travel goals, Sagittarius Rising. A New Year’s resolution for you is to learn some new recipes. Challenge yourself by trying something from a culture unfamiliar to you without directly being “in” it.


I know work is a big priority for you, but this year, you are not allowed to skip the gym or your fitness routine, Capricorn Rising. Even if the emails are piling up, make sure you get some time to take care of your health.


The internet provides so many wonderful distractions in the form of cat videos and Reddit threads. In 2021, commit to reading more books, Aquarius Rising. Dust off that library card and get into a story.


Do something that makes you uncomfortable, Pisces Rising. This year try to get yourself out of the comfort zone. Even if it’s just attending one online Zumba class, if you’re curious about it, then to do!

Time for New Beginnings

Whether you are someone who likes to create resolutions moving into a new year or not, this is the start of a new beginning, a new cycle, and the first step in your 2021 journey.

Your Rising sign can give you some fantastic insights, so use it to your advantage when considering 2021. You got this!

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About The Author

Caroline Capungcol

Caroline first learned about astrology at a very young age. She initially began to shy away from the practice based on some foundational beliefs in her family’s religion. However, she realized the energy that formed the Universe is the same energy from which each of us is formed. The Moon affects the tides, so each of us can experience this same energetic pull from all the heavenly bodies.Now knowing that astrology is so much more than a fortune-telling tool and having experienced unique insights into her own life, Caroline embraces astrology wholeheartedly and can point to specific breakthroughs it’s helped her have about herself!You can find Caroline on her Instagram page: @carolinecapungcol.
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