Succeeding as a Libra

Libra, ruled by Venus, is an astrological sign that encompasses balance, beauty and justice. Libras are insightful, creative and truly unique. You crave fairness in all situations; you are represented by the scales, a symbol of balance and equality. You thrive in beautiful and peaceful surroundings and have many spectacular qualities that can aid you in becoming successful in your endeavors.

Janeane Garofalo, Kate Winslet, Thom Yorke and Sting are just a few examples of our beloved and talented Libra superstars. Let’s review 5 of the most beneficial characteristics associated with the sign of Libra that can assist you in becoming successful, as well as 5 tendencies that would be best for Libras to recognize and work to master or at least improve upon.

Learning to channel our best qualities and to either temper or learn to embrace and redirect those qualities we consider ‘our worst’ is the key to any success we hope to achieve. Don’t think of them as ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ think of them as ‘assets’ and ‘challenges.’ The journey of life is all about learning lessons, and no one is perfect!

Here are the 5 Libra traits most likely to help you succeed:

  1. You are diplomatic.
  2. You are gentle and cooperative.
  3. You are clever.
  4. You are peaceful and promote harmony.
  5. You are romantics.

If we’re seeking an objective third party on any matter, we know we can count on Libra to assist us in an earnest and fair way. Seekers of balance and justice, you are the perfect buffer for any tense situation, making you a valuable asset in all kinds of professions.

If there’s bad news to be given, you can deliver the message with compassion, heart and soul. Genuinely sympathetic and understanding, you will do what it takes to make sure everyone you encounter feels heard and respected.

Libras are intelligent and ever so clever. You are witty and sharp, and make great writers, public speakers and are blessed with many social skills. You can walk into a room and own it within the hour, as your ability to make a connection with someone new is something you do with ease. Your natural charm can win anyone over, without you even trying that hard!

Your tone is as soothing as your speech and you seem to always have the right thing to say. Libras can be counted on to help de-escalate any tense situation. Your manner of speaking and diplomatic nature make you a vital asset to any company, or as a very honest friend.

Libras, being ruled by Venus, are lovers of all things aesthetically pleasing; beautiful art, mellifluous music and everything tantalizing to the senses is the Libran’s domain. You can find the beauty in almost any situation, making you adaptable and a positive influence in otherwise bleak situations.

Now, let’s explore the 5 characteristics associated with Libras that have the potential to hinder your efforts of success if left to their own devices:

  1. You can be naïve.
  2. You can be trouble makers.
  3. You can be indulgent.
  4. You can have trouble making decisions.
  5. You can be superficial.

Your genuine and earnest nature can put you in vulnerable positions if you’re not actively aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to context and be situationally aware to avoid being taken advantage of. As lovers of all things beautiful and enjoyable, Libras run the risk of overindulging in corporeal pleasures. Stay focused on your goals to stay on track and keep yourself in line with reality.

Most air signs spend a lot of time in their head, debating the consequences of any and all of their actions. Trust your intuition to avoid being indecisive. Due to the nature of being an astrological sign ruled by Venus, Libra’s adoration for all things beautiful can appear superficial or vain. Stay balanced and rooted in the Earth to avoid coming across as vapid, as you are indeed a well of wisdom.

We all have our light and shadow sides. Libra is a magical sign with many outstanding qualities such as being balanced, love for beauty, and a gentle spirit. These traits are sure to aid in any Libra’s attempt for success. Learning to channel and embrace the qualities you see as positive will help you at any job and in any relationship.

The real trick to achieving any level of success is to find those things you feel you need to work on. Don’t listen to what others say is ‘wrong’ with you – only you can decide what kind of person you want to be, or what success looks like to you. Be honest with yourself and accept the personal challenge to work on those qualities you’d seek to change in order to be the best you.

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Theresa Greene

I am a mother, grandmother, and lover of all-things related to astrology and the metaphysical world. I first discovered my love for astrology while camping with my father — who seemed to know all of the constellations by name. I just knew that those same stars held the answers to my biggest questions in life. I love sharing my passions, and I hope my writing helps you on your journey. Namaste.
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