You Need to Read Your Love Horoscope for Venus in Capricorn Right Now

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Love planet Venus is about to move into Capricorn on January 23rd, 2024!

This can be helpful since Capricorn is the sign of goals and resolutions, and pleasant Venus gives us a little boost for the resolutions we make. In love, we can think more about our path and commitments and want more stability in our love relationships.

What Does it Mean When Venus is in Capricorn?

Venus is the love and money planet that’s as attractive and sizzling as she is stabilizing and luxurious. Venus loves her money and beautiful things and will do almost whatever it takes to get them.

And when Venus is in your corner, she’s trying to ensure you get those things, too!

When transit Venus is in Capricorn, we can take on some of this energy as our own. We can focus on making connections with those we feel will help us achieve our goals, and success can be a big goal.

Commitment can be easier to achieve and may become a goal for many.

If you’re in a relationship, you may focus on trying to take the next step, whatever that is for you. Keeping things casual with someone may not feel as satisfying anymore. But if you’re single, you may push to be with someone more forcefully, wanting some form of commitment. But you won’t settle either, so you may just have to be patient!

How to Make Venus in Capricorn Work For You

A word of warning as we move into Venus in Capricorn: Venus doesn’t “do” toxic relationships or self-serving work matters. Yes, she can be a little naughty, but she’s never on the dark side.

You want to stay in the light of Venus to attract those wonderful things you are hoping for. Trying to get something the sneaky or short way just isn’t going to work. Hoping for a big promotion? Make sure you know your commitments before you sacrifice your quality of life.

Longing for the next commitment in love? Make sure it is the right person before you side-track your life with a love that isn′t good for you. Are you worried about making the wrong wish or making the wrong choice?

Capricorn won′t let you do that, so long as you keep it real and get it done.

Here’s how!

1. Set Boundaries

Boundaries with key partnerships will be stretched, bent, and pushed to their limits. The best way to get what you want from partners, in business or in love, is to not act so desperate.

Engage with partners with an air of openness, availability, and transparency but without an air of desperation.

2. Aim for Serious Relationships

Relationships will be more serious now, whether you want that or not. Earth signs don’t mess around – they play for keeps.

If you are the kind that prefers things casual, this will be an uncomfortable time for you. Just ride it out.

Cherish the people in your life and respect them, or you will lose them to someone who takes them more seriously.

3. Go For What You Want

Don′t be afraid to go after what you want. This transit is all yours. Own it, and if your love interest doesn’t rise to your standards, well then, Venus will find you someone who can.

4. Become Authentic & Vulnerable

Have you been waiting for that time, either at work or in love, when you can let your guard down a little bit? This is the time. Open up that heart and just be real. It is time to ask for what you want and be realistic about it. You will find this both uplifting and grounding at the same time.

This is powerful chemistry to inject into any partnership, and with stable and secure Capricorn in play, this chemistry injects magic that is committed and secure.

5. Sensuality Versus Sexuality

Tactile passions rather than social passions and demonstrating romantic actions versus verbally expressive experiences are all ways to manifest the power of Venus in Capricorn.

In other words, think things through during this transit, and don’t leap in head first! Show, don’t tell!

Venus in Capricorn in the Birth Chart

If you were born while Venus is in Capricorn, you have Venus in Capricorn in your birth chart. This means your primary way of connecting and approaching love and relationships is through Capricorn.

You’re someone who is likely responsible in love, takes things slowly, isn’t in a rush, and keeps your promises. With Venus in Capricorn in your birth chart, you may like traditional, old-school romance and courtship.

You may have high expectations at times, though, which can lead to a lot of disappointment in love and relationships. It’s good not to have a low bar, but you must also allow others to be imperfectly human.

The Venus in Capricorn man can be very loyal and shower you with attention when interested. He may be slow to make the first move unless he’s confident you’ll reciprocate. Whereas the Venus in Capricorn woman can have an Earthy, timeless quality about her, and she can be very patient. She may be a little too concerned with appearances and needs to let go of that.

In general, Venus in Capricorn may not have the best luck in love when young (unless you’ve learned all of the Capricorn and Saturn lessons you have to). You may have better luck as an adult.

Your Venus in Capricorn Love Horoscopes

Now that you have a firmer understanding of Venus in Capricorn, let’s dive into your Venus in Capricorn love horoscopes.


Commitment can be more comfortable for you with Venus in Capricorn, Aries, and you can focus on becoming more committed to new people, plans, and ideas or strengthen commitment in existing relationships.

You may want to be more traditional in love and relationships and generally avoid anything too new or different. You can opt for traditional displays of love and romance, are more serious about love, and appreciate this from others.


Adventure can be the name of the game in love for you with Venus in Capricorn, Taurus, and normally you might shy away from this kind of thing, but you can be open to it now. Going on an adventure with loved ones or a prospective admirer can help you feel closer to them now.

You can keep an open mind in love and may want to keep your options open if you’re single, or at least not put on too many strings. Despite Venus in Capricorn being quite traditional, you may feel slightly less during this period.


There can be deep transformations to work on in a relationship or in your dealings with others while Venus is in Capricorn, Gemini. You can take a very serious approach to this and make sure you’re making changes from the roots so they’ll last.

Emotional bonds can be more important to you, and you can strengthen intimacy in your love relationships. This can make you more passionate about love, and you can find new ways of growing closer.


Venus in Capricorn brings greater attention to the people in your life and your relationships,  Cancer. You can give them more time, help them with anything they’re dealing with, and actually feel good when you’re working with someone else.

You can find ways to meet in the middle, make compromises, negotiate, and mediate. This can help you feel better equipped to deal with relationship issues or make new commitments.


Paying closer attention can be easy for you to do with Venus in Capricorn, Leo. If the people around you are in need, you can pick up on it before they say a word to you and quietly try to help them with whatever they’re dealing with.

You can enjoy being of help, though you may need to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of. If you can avoid that, this can be positive for your relationships and a way to show how much you care.


Your heart can grow bigger, and you can be more generous with Venus in Capricorn, Virgo. This can make you more affectionate, romantic, and light-hearted, and you can make more time for love, romance, and general fun.

While Venus in Capricorn is more practical and serious, you can take a lighter approach with it. You may want to bring more love into your life and enjoy yourself more.


Emotions can be strong with Venus in Capricorn, Libra, and your feelings with others can be on full display, and you can be the one supporting others with emotional developments. This can help you grow closer to others and improve emotional connections.

You may need to improve your support system, which can give you a solid foundation to jump from. As you feel supported, you can keep your emotional energy calm.


Mental connections can be more important for you with Venus in Capricorn, Scorpio. You likely want to feel you can share what’s on your mind openly, and there can be plenty you want to express.

You can be practical with your words, so it’s easier for you to be understood, and you can appreciate others opening up to you as well. You may want to keep love pretty light, though, and not care for being too serious.


Stability and security can get your attention with Venus in Capricorn, Sagittarius, and you can work to improve this in your relationships. Anyone chaotic and unstable can be someone you stay far away from, not wanting to deal with the drama at this point.

In love, you may want to feel connected physically and can show how much you care with little gifts and lots of hugs. Your love language may be all about touch right now.


Venus touring your sign can be great for making you more pleasant, charming, and easy to be around. You can get more attention from others as a result, and you can be more affectionate and open to romance.

You may normally not care much for attention but can revel in it now. There can also be something you want to get started with right now, and it can go well with some help from others.


Love may be expressed quietly and behind closed doors with Venus in Capricorn, Aquarius. You may not feel comfortable showing this to an audience, and instead, keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself until you’re alone with your loved ones.

This can be a time for secret romances and crushes, and you can also do a lot extra for the people you love. You can be more compassionate and empathetic, which makes you want to do more for them.


Friends can be much more important to you with Venus in Capricorn, Pisces, and you can give them more time and care. Feeling the foundation of friendship with loved ones is solid and secure can be a focus.

You can open up to new people, unconventional and unusual types, and may be willing to make changes in existing relationships to grow closer.

3 Relationship Tips for Venus in Capricorn

Here are some relationship tips during the Venus in Capricorn transit:

1. Take Love & Relationships Seriously

Capricorn is a sign that takes anything it’s committed to seriously. Love and relationships are no exception. Give your sweetie more time and improve the foundation of your relationship so you can soar to new heights.

If single, find someone who has the same serious attitude about commitment, so you don’t have to worry.

2. Exercise Self-Control in Relationships

Capricorn always wants to be a professional, whether it’s with work or in love. No getting out of control!

Wild and wonky is for other signs, but not for Capricorn. Having better self-control allows you to be more responsible with your relationships and helps you follow through with commitment.

3. Take Charge In Relationships

Capricorn does love to be the boss! However you do have to watch for becoming bossy (that’s usually not attractive).

Focus more on taking charge instead of bossing loved ones around. Take charge with commitment, and see how sexy THAT is!

Embrace Venus in Capricorn!

Remember, this transit doesn’t permit any nonsense regarding relationships. Mind games and manipulations will fail spectacularly. Honest, open conversation, however raw, is the best way to thrive under Venus in Capricorn. She rewards this honesty by giving you greater insight into the type of relationship you need to be at your best – even if that relationship is with yourself!

The potential for growth and stability is extremely strong. Venus is working hard to bring you the structure and commitment that you need, so stay focused and practical and stay true to yourself.

Capricorn is a sign that demands you do things the right way and for the right reasons and to be in it for the long haul.

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