Chinese Zodiac

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Chinese astrology is an astrological system from China that is based on a 12-year cycle. There are twelve animals and five elements in the system. 

This cycle is set based on the myth of the great race to the heavenly gates.

It is said that the Jade Emperor wanted 12 animals to act as guards, so he sent an immortal being down to earth to spread the word. What place each animal would arrive in would determine its rank.

The 12-year cycle is in the order that the animals arrive: 

  1. Rat – Quick, intelligent, and ambitious. 

  2. Ox – Reliable, determined, and grounded.

  3. Tiger – Brave, enthusiastic, and resilient.

  4. Rabbit – Trustworthy, modest, and empathetic.

  5. Dragon – Eccentric, responsible, and innovative.

  6. Snake – Cunning, intense, and decisive.

  7. Horse – Adaptable, spontaneous, ambitious.

  8. Goat – Conforming, warm, and peaceful.

  9. Monkey – Clever, persuasive, and charming.

  10. Rooster – Confident, energetic, and opinionated.

  11. Dog – Loyal, responsible, and friendly.

  12. Pig  Sincere, persevering, and brave.

In the Chinese zodiac, the attributes of each animal affect the year associated with that animal and the element assigned to each year. Different from western astrology, five elements follow a five-year cycle. 

The five Chinese zodiac elements are: 

  1. Metal

  2. Wood

  3. Fire

  4. Water

  5. Earth

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