Number 22

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22 is the second of the three Master numbers.

22 is not usually reduced to a single digit in numerology readings. It is read as its own number in its own right. The name “Master number” may be a bit misleading, for it’s not making you a master of anything or elevating you higher than anyone else. It’s showing you where you’ve got above-average work to do in this lifetime and where you might find things harder to “master” than others. 

22 is a blend of 2 and 4. It has the hopes and aspirations of 2 and the determination and pragmatic energy of 4. This is the number of all that is good, all that is worth doing and worth having. It doesn’t launch into things without properly preparing. It lays the foundations for what it wants to achieve. There’s purpose and confidence and plain old common sense here. 

This number also takes things way too seriously, and part of its purpose is to show you where you need to lighten up.

You can’t alienate others by being so focused on making your dreams a reality. 22 brings the capacity for significant change and great success, but if you’re unaware of this or unwilling to roll up your sleeves and get stuck, you’ll not accomplish much. Likewise, if you apply the “builder” aspect of 22 and try to do too much, you’ll leave a trail of broken dreams behind you. 

Look closely where 22 appears in your numerology reading. The message is always the same: you’ve got great potential, so lighten up and get on with it.

Get to know yourself. See who you are and what you are meant to do with your life. 22 is here to awaken you to your calling and to remind you that you’ve got what it takes to be a great success. You just have to apply yourself.

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