Dawn Anne

Dawn discovered astrology in the late 1980s. Having been a Tarot reader for several years at that point, when it came to the precision of TIMING and specific advice for clients going through difficult challenges, she needed something more…In the years since then, Dawn has immersed herself in astrological studies to help her clients evolve on a soul level and handle difficult personal challenges. She is certified in a number of life-changing modalities, including neuro-linguistic programming, clinical hypnotherapy, and hold’s a Master’s degree in Reiki and Shamanic Intuitive studies. Dawn has also written a #1 best-selling book called Spirit, Mind & Money, and she leads small group intensive retreats 2 times annually.Dawn is deeply grateful for the life she gets to lead today, and credits much of her success to aligning with her personal astrological profile, then following key transit periods to help her grow and face changes with greater ease.For Dawn, astrology is a superior tool for understanding the individual and the world.

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