Aquarius & Leo Compatibility

When Aquarius and Leo come together in love, it is playful, sweet and all things endearing. Let an image of the water bearer offering the sweet lion to drink from its hand sum up the cuteness of the twosome. To make it even more indicative of these adventurous signs, imagine the drink is not water but some rare beverage from faraway lands that they picked up on their last romantic getaway. Together, Aquarius and Leo are the couple of the zodiac that makes the other signs blush, because they are full on PDA in the most G-rated movie kind of way. It's the only way these signs have of showing the world the uniqueness of Aquarius and Leo compatibility. There is an innocence to their love, as they are playful, which is where their compatibility lies – Aquarius and Leo's adventurous spirits. Aquarius and Leo love is in and of itself an adventure. Looking at the relationship as an adventure is how Aquarius and Leo can make their relationship last. Otherwise, the relationship is likely to go hard in the beginning and then fizzle out as the days, weeks or months pass. In some cases, the Aquarius and Leo will nicely transition to a platonic relationship, as Aquarius and Leo sexually will never be what drives the relationship. That is why Aquarius and Leos are often friends first who have bonded over their love of travel, or other kinds of activities or sports. When the friendship is already established, the sex is a perk, but not be all end all of their connection. These signs are intimate and affectionate toward one another, but tend to get most excited by the sports or outdoor activities with which they participate together. Aquarius and Leo love compatibility is that of opposites attracted. These signs are represented by Fire for Leo and Air in the case of Aquarius, which is where opposite characteristics emerge, but there are plenty of areas where these two signs complement one another, and for opposites, they have a surprisingly fair amount in common when it comes to their adventure time. Otherwise, Leo is often a bit more expressive than the cool and collected Aquarius. This difference in approaches to life isn't necessarily a bad thing for the Aquarius and Leo relationship. The differences keep the excitement going, but the two have the opportunity to learn from one another by having an insider look into a sign that has an instinct counter to their own.

The Pros

Aquarius and Leo together is a light-hearted couple that loves adventure. They keep the excitement going by turning their relationship into an adventure with several activities here and there to keep both satiated. Leo provides Aquarius with a courageous and entertainingly over-the-top personality. The lion is incredibly honest and one of the most generous to those it loves. Leo's wild temperament is met well with the open - and logical minded Aquarius. The even mood of Aquarius helps to calm the Leo when its flair for exaggeration and drama gets the better of them. Aquarius and Leo compatibility is at its highest when these signs are keeping their heads up to see all the fun the world around them has in store. They encourage one another to see the playful side of life. The two both enjoy movies and film, so you might see the Aquarius and Leo video-blogging about their courageously exploratory life together. Leo will love starring in their own movie, and Aquarius will be down if they highlight a social or environmental cause as they do it. Finding a way to make the opposing parts of their nature work where their personalities complement one another is the key to making this relationship work for a longer period of time. In an Aquarius and Leo relationship, each sign can find a playmate in one another. It helps to keep the love light and easy, which is great for the Leo that can be expressive to the point of being dramatic. By finding productive ways for Leo to express the lion's call is exactly what the logically minded Aquarius will do when committed to their lion. Aquarius and Leo love compatibility looks like two butterflies coming together in fluttery excitement, or in this case the water bearer and his or her lion frolicking in meadows together and exploring the world side-by-side. The water bearer is not keen to keep its lion captive, so the love between Aquarius and Leo is about coming together for a journey in which they are both free to roam together. At the end of the day, Aquarius and Leo love is a genuinely happy one, which is expressed through the good times they have together. Aquarius and Leo keep their relationship exciting by finding new places to go and happenings to experience. Aquarius and Leo, sexually, are not the most adventurous. They are incredible loving and affectionate.

The Cons

Aquarius and Leo are opposites in many fundamental ways. Leo is often wild in its expression of emotions, while Aquarius is calmer and more collected. Aquarius tends to be less into an official commitment than Leo. Leo on the other hand, wants to give everything in the world to their partner to make them happy, and that includes commitment even when it is not asked of them. It's just the lion wanting to prove its loyalty to its Aquarius partner. The Aquarius and Leo compatibility comes from places other than their mismatched expressions of loyalty, or a mismatch in terms of how the Aquarius perceives Leo's loyalty. If Aquarius is good at communicating its affection and adoration for its lion, then formal conventions of commitment are not necessary. But Leo will want to stand proud, showcasing their loyalty to everyone and Aquarius needs to deal with the dark side of its character that is afraid to accept this loyalty. At times, Aquarius can be self-destructive and detached. Leo's loyalty is an opportunity for Aquarius to recognize the inner struggle that leads to these characterizations. Despite it all, they are still compatible, but it is not a perfect match. They are opposites that make it work. In an Aquarius and Leo relationship, Leo might annoy their Aquarius love by becoming overly dramatic about the littlest thing that upsets them. Aquarius likes to keep its cool, even when they forgot to leave a light on for the cat during one of their holidays. Leo on the other hand will overly dramatize the situation, making Aquarius tune out. Aquarius and Leo love compatibility is the real deal, but it really depends on the extent to which sign is willing to look at themselves and make the changes necessary in their interactions with one another to make it last. Aquarius and Leo love a good adventure and are happy going at it together. If Leo becomes overly dramatic on excursions or when playing a game, it is likely to turn the Aquarius love away. The more chill the Leo, the better suited for Aquarius and, the more open-minded the Aquarius, the better suited it is for the lion. Aquarius and Leo, sexually, are not as exploratory as one might expect. In fact, it seems most of their energy is spent on other activities outside the bedroom to share a fiery sex life. But for the committed Aquarius and Leo, their sex life works just fine for them. They are a couple that values experiences over most things. It just so happens that this value makes life together outside of the bedroom where the action happens. If Leo's loyalty doesn't trigger the Aquarius to feel anxiety over losing freedom, Aquarius and Leo will be good to go.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo are a good match. They might not live happily ever after forever, but don't put it past them. There are issues that both signs need to work out on their own to make an Aquarius and Leo relationship stand the test of time. The more each one of them has a handle on who they are and what motivates them, then they will do well working on the struggles of the Aquarius and Leo compatibility. Each one can recognize the positive attributes of the other and how they outweigh the annoyances from time to time. While there can be some heavier issues, they are mostly light. After all, the Leo drama is often more superficial and, in the moment, than a mark of something deeper. Aquarius and Leo love compatibility is an opportunity for the lion and water bearer to work on him or herself by taking the guidance from their partners. Having a relationship with an opposite sign helps provide an insider's look at not only the other but also yourself. The Aquarius and Leo love is ultimately a testament to self-love.

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