Aquarius & Taurus Compatibility

At first glance, the Aquarius and Taurus match has too many differences to work. But when it comes to love compatibility, they both have shared goals and visions that, when aligned, can jump tall buildings in a single bound.

This match will need to coordinate their strengths to make this union work. Some very stubborn energies are coming into this pair, so both will need to work on flexibility and compromise if they want this to last.

The Pros

We have two very different energies in an Aquarius and Taurus match. Here we have the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius pairing with the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus.

Venus rules Taurus, which gives the relationship a sensual and beautiful energy based on unconditional love. Uranus and Saturn rule Aquarius, so Aquarius brings karma and a bit of a wild side to the match, which Taurus is secretly intrigued by. The earthy sensuality of Taurus turns on Aquarius. Aquarius also really appreciates the fixed nature of Taurus and how they will be loyal to the end.

Both are hard workers who are not afraid to work for what they want, so both will admire this trait in the other. Taurus will learn more about opening their intellect with Aquarius, and Aquarius will learn about getting their hands dirty once in a while when it comes to having fun.

The Cons

As much as we have two zodiac signs committed to harmony in their unique ways, we also have two zodiac signs that can be very stubborn. You have two very strong-willed people whenever you pair two Fixed signs together, as you have with Aquarius and Taurus.

Neither of these signs likes to budge when it comes to compromise or argument, and this could very well be the thing that separates this wildly different pair. If Taurus pushes too much, Aquarius will run in the other direction. And Taurus will, too, if Aquarius is the guilty party! Taurus is down to earth, practical. Aquarius is just the opposite and more progressive than slow-moving Taurus.

This difference in pace could also impact the relationship if neither of these Fixed signs is willing to move toward a compromise.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In this match, we have two very different personalities. Taurus is thinking about the "right now," and Aquarius is thinking about the "what next" in life. These different perspectives could cause problems only if the two zodiac signs aren't willing to compromise.

Aquarius likes the sensual side of Taurus, so Taurus will need to keep enticing Aquarius in the here and now. Taurus also likes the big-thinking style of Aquarius, and Aquarius would benefit from connecting with Taurus on this level. However, both parties are Fixed signs, so a lot of stubborn and jealous energy comes into play.

Aquarius and Taurus will have to pull back on this and focus only on each other. When they do, they will find a loyalty that both will use to remain devoted to each other for as long as they want this relationship to last.

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