Aries & Leo Compatibility

An Aries and Leo match is a double Fire sign match, so if you find yourself in this combination, know that you will never be short on sparks or passion. Aries is the Cardinal Fire, and Leo is the Fixed Fire, so this is a dynamic connection with a lot of action and movement. If there is any clash, it will be a clash of the egos, but both Aries and Leo are in it for the long haul. You will both genuinely admire each other and carry a deep and abiding respect for each other, and your fire will truly light each other up wherever you go for as long as you can keep those fires stoked.

The Pros

One thing we do know about Fire signs is they are never short of passion or energy. When you pair Aries with Leo, this is a very exciting combination. As the Fixed Sign, Leo loves relationships that last and falls in love with the object of their fixation very easily. It's also pretty tough to get Leo's eyes off "the one," so Aries will appreciate that. Aries may have a problem with Leo's flirty nature and constant need for attention, but Aries will find that all of that is superficial. If Leo has declared love to Aries, there will be little, if anything, that Aries can do to change their mind. Aries also loves Leo's loyal side and highly respects how this commands a strong friendship with this match. This is a match with two masculine energies, so there may occasionally be a clash of the egos. Both partners need to learn flexibility to keep the fires burning. On the upside, this is another match where the makeup sex will be outstanding.

The Cons

As a double Fire sign match, it is very, very good when it's good. But when it is bad, be sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand...or several. The fights will be as grand as your love, but will you survive them? Fights with damaged egos are a potential for this pair if they don't put aside their sense of self. With all of this Fire energy going on, both signs are also quite on the move. Leo, in particular, will find Aries' movement even too quick for them on occasion. Leo will have to hold off on the resentment and petty pouting if they want their Aries to stick around. Aries too, needs to shine some light on Leo as often as possible. Feeling respect isn't enough for Leo. You will need to show it too.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

If Aries and Leo can get past their ego, this match will be a passionate and energetic one that will stand the test of time. Leo will love how Aries drives them to go forth and take risks and chances in life. Aries will love Leo's Fixed nature and their ability to follow through. These signs need to learn from each other and allow flexibility instead of ego to drive their partnership. If they do, they will find the mutual respect and admiration these mates have for each other and create the foundation of their unconditional love.

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