Aries & Virgo Compatibility

The Cardinal Fire sign of Aries matched with a Mutable Earth sign of Virgo, at first glance, looks less than compatible. Here is another opportunity, however, for Aries to truly get grounded in something that can stand the test of time.

If Aries is looking for a partner that is as real as it gets, Aries will love Virgo and want to keep that in life for as long as possible. Virgo likes to take things slow, but Aries will need to keep that in mind if they find a Virgo they don't want to let go of.

The Pros

This combination is very much the essence of opposite attraction, and at first, it may be the only fault that these individuals see in this union. But at the end of the day, Virgo and Aries will find mutual respect, and this couple will learn much from each other over the long haul. Virgo is fussy and detail-oriented. This will drive Aries nuts but will be appreciated by Aries in the long term. Aries will appreciate what they learn from Virgo when it comes to patience. Aries is used to getting everything their way quickly in life and will learn from Virgo that just as many blessings can arrive by taking the slower approach. Aries also has a deep appreciation and admiration for the Virgo work ethic.

The Cons

As a Cardinal sign, Aries rushes into, well, everything, and this is going to aggravate Virgo considerably. Aries will also be annoyed that Virgo is annoyed by that. Finding the balance between these significant personality differences will be the greatest challenge for this match. Virgo wants to analyze and think about everything, and Aries can learn to adopt this trait or at least be flexible with it. Aries can use a little bit more grounding in life, as much as Virgo can stand learning how to be spontaneous and energetic. Not everything needs to be thought through so thoroughly with Virgo, and Aries is the perfect one to teach them.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Both of these signs need to make serious compromises if they want this match to last the long haul. If Virgo allows Aries to be the boss always, and Aries is flexible and open to Virgo options, this match stands a chance. Aries also needs to slow things down and find that balance between when to rush in life and when to hold back. Virgo is the perfect one to teach them that. Virgo does need to get out a bit more, though, and not be so afraid of spontaneous energy and activity. Aries is the perfect one to bring this out in Virgo. If both of these signs are capable of these compromises, this could very well be a grounded by fiery match made in heaven.

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