Cancer & Capricorn Compatibility

The Cancer and Capricorn match ranks high for love compatibility. Here we have two Cardinal Signs going head to head in love. We also have a Water Sign and Earth Sign match and this always bodes well for a real and authentic and long lasting union. Water and Earth nurture each other into an abundant love, and so this pair has an intuitive way of knowing just what the other needs, when the other needs it. With water and earth moving around here, we don't have a highly energetic or exciting union on paper. At the same time however, what this match does not have in energy, it has in devotion and loyalty in spades. They both want the real deal and a long term connection as well, and this is a match that is destined to last through many anniversaries as a result.

The Pros

The Cancer and Capricorn match is one that has a strong foundation that is rooted in the Earth, and fed from the Water of the Universe. There is both emotional security here, as well as a practical and material security here. Who could want for anything more in love? Neither one of these signs are big on parties and nights out, so there are a lot of sexy and sensual long nights in that are appreciated by both Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is the home maker in this union, and loves to create the perfect domestic paradise. Capricorn will be the worker bee in all likelihood, and feels good when they are able to provide for those bees buzzing on the homefront. Cancer being ruled by the Moon will ensure that there are many children in the home, and will also create a lovely nostalgia in love that Capricorn will find very enticing. Cancer will also be in great admiration of how successful Capricorn is, or at least how successful they are working to be. This is a slow growing love compatibility, as Earth Signs tend to work that way. But once these relationship wheels have started moving, it will be all systems go for both parties.

The Cons

There are very few differences between Cancer and Capricorn, at least in terms of what they want long term. But it will be the short term issues that create stumbling blocks, if anything. Capricorn has a tendency to focus on the material world, which spiritual and intuitive Cancer may find annoying on occasion. Cancer would much rather have their Capricorn home and in their arms with a few less luxuries in life, than be waiting for the worker Capricorn to get home for dinner every night. Both are born Cardinal Signs as well, which means they both like to be the boss. As we know, not everyone can be the boss all the time, so some challenges over this may occur over time.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order to make this match work, both Cancer and Capricorn are going to need to take turns being the boss once in a while. Both of these Cardinal Signs are born leaders and are skilled negotiators so they will likely have no problem doing this. The reason for that is based on their long term dedication to each other, and their shared vision towards long term goals.

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