Cancer & Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio in cahoots are Water sign bliss. These two signs connect on an emotional level and these Water signs feel that instant connection of soul mates, as each sign tends to engage the world through its depths on a spiritual level. They have a high comfort level with the intangible and unspoken undercurrents of life, which makes them quick to recognize the kindred spirit in the other. Cancer and Scorpio compatibility is just that good. The Cancer and Scorpio relationship will work wonderfully when the two Water signs are able to not get caught up in their own emotions, but keep in mind the feelings of their partner and the temperature of the water in which their relationship lives. When we ask ourselves, "Do Cancer and Scorpio get along," the answer is always a resounding, "Yes, but." Cancer and Scorpio get along well when they are mindful of one another and do what is needed to protect the feelings of the other, which is where both live from day to day - that is, their emotion lair (or layer). They can feel the depth of their soulful connection and know the Cancer and Scorpio love compatibility is a match of their souls. The love between a Cancer and a Scorpio is comfortable. They don't just know each other's favorite food; they know each other's soul, and there is a comfort in that kind of all-knowing recognition. Even Cancer Scorpio sex is a spiritual connection. Cancer and Scorpio are certainly at home in the bedroom. It isn't just the depth of intimacy in the bedroom that keeps these two signs coming home to one another every night, Cancer and Scorpio's often feel like they are meant to be together. There are several reasons why these two signs feel such a strong connection and why most of the time they can work through the more challenging parts of Cancer and Scorpio compatibility. The crab and scorpion together are a harmonious pair, which makes a Cancer and Scorpio relationship work.

The Pros

When a Cancer and Scorpio meet, they often feel like they've known their fellow Water sign their entire life. First lamenting, "Why haven't I met you sooner?" and then asking, "But haven't we already met?" The Cancer and Scorpio souls do know one another and when the two meet, it feels like they've always been together with little time needed to catch up on missed hours. The soulful connection between these signs makes the Cancer and Scorpio compatibility strong. Their compatibility sees them through each sign's weaknesses and strengths of character. As in most cases, these signs are most compatible when the Cancer and Scorpio are focus on the strengths of their individual personality traits and that of their partner sign. It helps to strengthen the Cancer and Scorpio relationship. That is not to say that these signs paired up can't make it work even when they slip into the less appealing side of their astrological sign. It is rare that anyone will spend time with people in a Cancer and Scorpio relationship and then ask, "Do Cancer and Scorpio get along?" Cancer and Scorpio love compatibility is given more credence because others often recognize the deep love between the two. The crab and scorpion are too humble about their connection, because to them it feels like it was meant to be. And when it comes to sex between a Cancer and a Scorpio, they are even less likely to discuss their intimacy - and it is intimate. It is the kind of intimacy when you feel connected through mind, body and soul. In many ways, it is an extension of the intimacy they experience in their daily lives with kindness, affection and acceptance. The bedroom is merely another place where Cancer and Scorpio feel at home together. They feel safe together, and they have let go of any pretenses and guards that might otherwise negatively affect Cancer and Scorpio sex, making it an authentically intimate moment. While Cancer and Scorpio feel good together and make it work most of the time, they do have their fair share of conflict or challenges to work out.

The Cons

Cancer and Scorpio are soul mates that feel an instant connection and work best together when they are at their best. That is, when Scorpio shares its passionate, loyal and protective nature with Cancer, who naturally values feeling protected and having loyal companions. And then when Cancer is nurturing, romantic, patient and compassionate toward Scorpio. These attributes will work well for both signs in how they will help to make each sign feel a much-needed sense of security. Cancer and Scorpio compatibility is ideal when the signs acknowledge their need for security, as it can easily turn into a vulnerability for each sign. These signs are incredibly sensitive and require that the other is respectful of their feelings and need to feel safe. The Cancer and Scorpio relationship will only work if the two signs work together to hush the insecurities of the other. It is likely to be the Cancer or Scorpio in the relationship asking, "Do Cancer and Scorpio get along?" Anyone else will look at the Cancer and Scorpio love compatibility in the pairing and know that they are just right for one another. In most Cancer and Scorpio pairings, outsiders are not likely to really see the difficulty the two experiences. The challenges between the two are experienced on an emotional level, which each of them are quite private about sharing. They feel comfortable in sharing with one another, but both are good at protecting themselves and each other from the opinions of others. It's somewhat of an unspoken bond that they just know, because - they are soul mates. The private nature of this couple is why the couple does not often discuss Cancer Scorpio sex with others. Discussing it with others is likely to upset one or the other. The challenge in bed is that they can become too routine for the Scorpio at times, even though the Scorpio loves the level of intimacy and comfort they have skin to skin. It is not likely the Scorpio would trade the comfort for the unknown, but rather encourage the Cancer to try something new. The overly sensitive side of the crab is likely to feel vulnerable in this context, which will require a lot of tact from the Scorpio lover. The scorpion is a passionate lover who has the empathy to encourage a playful change in the routine for the better.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio are a happily matched crab and scorpion. They make their love look comfortable to others, as two signs that have always known one another come together. Cancer and Scorpio have existed in the depths of the same emotionally charged water their entire lives, so there is a comfort in recognizing that in love. Cancer and Scorpio create an instant spark in their deeply soulful connection. Cancer and Scorpio love compatibility is that of two soul mates who recognize one another without putting their finger on it. They feel at home in each other's arms. Cancer and Scorpio compatibility is best characterized as home. Each sign feels at home in their individual body when with the other and just as at home in their Cancer and Scorpio relationship. The insecurities once felt by both the Cancer and Scorpio are so little when in the presence of a Water sign soul mate. Cancer and Scorpio are signs that absolutely do get along. From their day to day life to Cancer Scorpio sex, this astrological pair is one of the most comfortable ones in the zodiac.

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