Cancer & Taurus Compatibility

A Water and Earth sign match consistently ranks high on the love compatibility meter. With Cardinal Water sign Cancer paired with Fixed Earth sign Taurus, we have two partners committed to nurturing each other. Earth needs water to survive and flourish, and water needs grounding in reality once in a while.

A Cancer and Taurus match compliments each other, resulting in a lovely nurturing, and long-term connection. There is a lot of common ground with this match, and both will work very hard at satisfying each other's needs. Their stubborn personalities will be where they differ, but when committed to success, Cancer and Taurus can easily overcome these blips.

The Pros

Cancer and Taurus want many of the same things. The things important to Cancer and Taurus are important to both of them, so they will always be working together and individually to make sure these things happen. Cancer, being ruled by the Moon, is the emotional one, and Taurus, being ruled by Venus, is the sexy, passionate one.

Security and stability, both emotionally and financially, are very important to both of these zodiac signs, and as they nurture each other, they will both strive for those goals. Cancer's emotional center will ground Taurus further in reality and nourish their love foundation. Taurus and their practical approach, along with the beauty of Venus chiming in, will make Cancer feel warm and secure as they need to in love.

The Cons

One area of common ground that Taurus and Cancer share could land them in hot waters. They both tend to be very stubborn in their ways and are difficult to sway. Cancer needs to be the boss, and Taurus is committed to truth. Cancer tends to use emotional manipulation to get what they want.

And this won't fly with Taurus. So if any heads are going to be butting, and they will, both will need to back off on these traits if they want this union to fly for the long term. And both do. But when all is bliss, one fight could turn into a catastrophe neither one saw coming. Using emotions to play Taurus must be pulled back on Cancer's part. And Taurus needs to remember Cancer's sensitivity in heated moments.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Here we have a Cardinal Water Sign, Cancer, paired with the Fixed Earth Sign, Taurus. Cardinals like to be the boss, and so do the Fixed signs but in their own controlling ways. This is a love match that can be extremely compatible, so long as the good is focused on more than the bad. Taurus can not hold a grudge against Cancer, or resentment will build for years and then all come out in the wash. On the other hand, Cancer needs to remember that alligator tears are not the only way to get what you want. Cancer just needs to ask and Taurus will usually be all the more willing to comply. Breathing inspiration into this relationship will be the key priority on both Cancer and Taurus parts, and a component they will need to remember if they want it to last. And, Earth and Water rank high on the love compatibility meter, so all of the stars have their fingers crossed with this love match.

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