Cancer & Virgo Compatibility

A Cancer and Virgo match is a very good one from a love compatibility perspective. Here we have the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer with the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo in a match that is very well balanced. Earth and Water are always well balanced in the zodiac as one element nurtures the other towards abundance and prosperity. With Cancer we have the emotionally centered partner whose cup of love always floweth over. With Virgo we have the flexible, go with the flow real one who is about as down to Earth as it gets. This is a match that may not be the most adventurous or exciting, but will keep on giving the love for many years to come.

The Pros

There is very little that is negative to be said about the Cancer and Virgo match. Virgo is the flexible and Mutable Earth Sign whose middle name is basically "go with the flow", and bossy Cancer really appreciates that. Virgo longs for a grounded and practical home life, and really appreciates how good Cancer is at providing that. With this match we have Cancer who is ruled by the Moon, overflowing with love and emotion. We also have Virgo who is ruled by Mercury, grounded in the Earth and being real, and ruling communication. So this is a match with a lot of long and lovely conversations that are real, authentic, honest, and loving! The Moon is a feminine energy and Mercury is a masculine energy, another matter that enhances the love compatibility of the Cancer and Virgo match. This may not be the most energetic love match, but it is one that is rooted in devotion and love, and one that will last much longer than the matches that are always in motion.

The Cons

Although the Cancer and Virgo match is one that is built by the stars, every match is going to have its wrinkles on occasion. With Virgo we have someone who is detail oriented, and very critical when things are out of place, emotionally or practically. This could pose a problem for Cancer on occasion, who has a bit of a tendency to take things personally and feels wounded over the slightest sound of negativity. Cancer also has a bit of a stubborn streak, and can be like a dog with a bone when they get their mind set on something. This is the exact opposite of Virgo, who is flexible with situations as they come and as they go. So Virgo may find themselves frustrated with this part of Cancer on occasion.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Every zodiac sign has a shadow side, so in the Cancer and Virgo match, as exciting as the match actually is, there will be some wrinkles on occasion like any other relationship. The wrinkles in this one are small however, and Cancer is fortunate to have a Virgo who literally will go with the flow any day of the week. Unless their needs are not being met. To do so, Cancer needs to learn to give a little on occasion, and not take every little thing so personally. Virgo on the other hand can ease off some of the teasing, because it can be taken a little too far very easily with Cancer. For the most part though, these are passing moments for the Cancer and Virgo match. This Water and Earth Sign combination is slow to start, but deeply rooted in devotion, love, and appreciative communication. All the things needed to ensure many happy years to come.

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