Gemini & Pisces Compatibility

There are as many commonalities between Gemini and Pisces in love as there are differences. This makes for a fascinating match between them because they are both flexible, willing, and open to understanding and embracing these differences. Where we have Gemini's flexible mind and Pisces' flexible emotions, this makes for a relationship where both love and communication are constantly flowing.

What Gemini will need to remember is that Pisces wounds easily with critical words. On the other hand, Pisces will need to keep an open mind and not take so much so personally. If they can circumvent these differences, Gemini and Pisces are in for a long and happy life together.

The Pros

One beautiful thing about this Mutable sign match is that they are both Mutable, making them very flexible to live's changes and experiences. They are also very flexible with their partners. Mutable signs like Gemini and Pisces can take shape and change with the situation. As such, this love match does not often have many disputes because Gemini and Pisces get over things very easily.

Pisces will certainly appreciate how Gemini keeps them thinking. And Gemini will love how open and expressive Pisces is in, well, everything. The quick wit of Gemini will make Pisces laugh and enjoy a new way of looking at things. The dreamy fantasy side of Pisces will also be well appreciated by Gemini, who is always up for something new.

The Cons

Gemini has a way with words; they aren't always the kindest words. Pisces has a sensitive soul, and harsh words or bitter, scathing criticism could likely wound Pisces for some time. Gemini is also always thinking, whereas Pisces is constantly feeling.

Sometimes conversations between this pair will have them feeling like they are on different planets. Pisces will not feel understood by Gemini, and Gemini may feel weighed down by Pisces' neediness. These differences could percolate into some problems, so both Gemini and Pisces need to be sensitive to the other's needs.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Sensitivity and flexibility will be required from both sides of this love match. This is a good thing because, as Mutable signs, both Gemini and Pisces have this trait in spades. Neither one holds onto a grudge for too long, so frequent battles of the wit and the will should certainly not last too long.

Pisces can learn from Gemini not to take things so personally and sensitively. At the same time, quick wit from Gemini should be spared around Pisces during sticky conversations, or Pisces will misinterpret the situation. Focusing on these strengths will bode well for the couple. Gemini will learn to appreciate Pisces' dreamy side and love for fantasies, and Pisces will love to share them. If the pair can focus on their commonalities, this is a match made in heaven that will last for the long run.

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