Gemini & Virgo Compatibility

If you ask an astrologer what they think about the love compatibility chances are between a Gemini and Virgo, you may not like your answer. But if this is the match you are interested in, we'll help you figure this one out.

Here we have a Mutable Air sign with Gemini and a Mutable Earth sign in Virgo. Both Mutable signs and thus Mutable energy are in play here, which will be what this pair must focus on to make it the long haul. There are many slow and sudden movements in this match, but the love can and will be there if they are willing to put their differences aside for each other.

The Earth sign energy will give this pair the stick-it-out quality it needs, and the Air sign energy will get Earth out of its comfort zone once in a while, which bodes nothing but good things in the long term.

The Pros

The pros of this love match between Gemini and Virgo are that they both want the same things. But before they meet, they spend their lives going about it in totally different ways. This won't change once they meet, but it is important to take note of if you are involved in this pairing. Two things the Gemini and Virgo match have in common is that they are both ruled by Mercury, making them big thinkers and skilled communicators.

They also both love to travel, which bodes well for this match. Virgo is feminine energy, and Gemini is masculine, so pairing this Mutable energy creates a lovely union. Virgo brings a down-to-earth and genuine attitude to the relationship, which Gemini, constantly flitting from one story to the next, appreciates. Gemini likes to keep the stimulating conversations going, which is something Virgo looks for in love. On paper, many astrologers say this love compatibility doesn't rank high. Still, if both signs are willing to embrace each other's strengths, it will be a profoundly stimulating union.

The Cons

The challenge in the love match between Gemini and Virgo is being ruled by Mercury. They can both be very critical in their unique ways. Gemini cuts to the chase with harsh words or criticism, which backfires on Virgo, who needs to think things over. Virgo is also very practical this way but can be practical in a strict sense of the word.

Have you ever heard of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory? This is the type of nature Virgo can sometimes be almost obsessive about every little detail being just so and never changing. Virgo gets upset about this if these details are not heeded. Gemini has little patience and blows in and out of a room as their whim desires. Once these differences are spotted, these big thinkers can and will use that information to improve their relationship.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The Mutable energy in this match with Gemini and Virgo will be its greatest strength. If there are two signs you can call who will drop everything for you, it will be Gemini and Virgo.

This makes them very good for each other. They will know they can always count on each other despite their differences. At the same time, this mutable energy makes for a very flexible relationship. Some signs can not handle the slightest human error in love, but these signs are not the ones. When relationship mistakes happen, Gemini and Virgo will be the first to forgive, making them essentially perfect for each other.

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