Leo & Aries Compatibility

When a Leo and Aries get together in the game of love compatibility, there are always sparks flying, and they are usually the good kind! Here we have the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo paired with the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries, and these qualities bring a lot of energy, creativity, and passion to the relationship. This is a love compatibility match that will always be in motion, slow is not the word to describe this one. Where problems will arise will be in the fact that both signs need to be the boss. So both Leo and Aries are going to have to learn how to compromise with each other, in order to keep those sexy sparks flying for as long as possible.

The Pros

In a Leo and Aries match, we have two Fire Signs coming together making a relationship that is passionate, creative, and inspired. Both of these signs bring a lot to the table that the other sign deeply appreciates. Leo is a big flirt who loves attention and passionate nights. Aries is only too happy to oblige, and will keep Leo happy with this for a very long time. Aries on the other hand is one that likes to dominate the scene with a lot of happy energy. Leo loves this because this meets all of Leo's needs in terms of getting up and getting out in the world. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Aries is ruled by Mars, so egos are front and center in this relationship, and both signs are very gifted in stroking the other's often. With dual fire sign energy in play here, both Leo and Aries have a deep and abiding mutual respect for each other. There is also a lot of passion between these two, they can't keep their hands off each other!

The Cons

When you have two Fire Signs in play, from a love compatibility perspective, this means there will be plenty of sparks flying. Most of the time in a Leo and Aries match, this is a great thing! But Aries likes to be the boss, and so does Leo, so there will be sparks flying when heads butt on this one. Leo also is ruled by the Sun, and this means ego takes front and center for them in almost everything they do. Leo needs their ego stroked as often as possible, and Aries could get tired of this if they are not given enough attention in return. There are possible power struggles that will come into play with this one, and this could lead to a competitive spirit that is more damaging than good in this union. This will be a love match with many disagreements, and both zodiac signs will need to be committed to overcoming them if they want this to last.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

For a Leo and Aries match to work, both will need to remember that egos are not what keeps a relationship alive. And this will be very easy for them because they are both excited, lively, and passionate signs. As often as there will be disagreements here, there are plenty of opportunities for both parties to explore their deep admiration of each other. In order to keep the happy sparks flying, they will both then need to make a point of expressing that deep admiration often. If they do, they will be able to get past the petty squabbles. As well, there will be plenty of fun makeup sex to help them both forgive and forget easily, and quickly.

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