Leo & Sagittarius Compatibility

When we combine Leo and Sagittarius, we have a very exciting love compatibility combination. Here we have the Fixed Fire energy of Leo, matched with the Mutable Fire energy of Sagittarius. These two zodiac signs seem to know exactly what the other party needs, and are only too happy to provide it! Creativity, inspiration, passion, and most importantly, fireworks, are often the markers of this love match. This match is a lot of fun marked by a lot of movement and excitement. Both Leo and Sagittarius will have to learn to overcome their differences and embrace their commonalities if they want to see this one go the long haul. And if they do, it certainly has all of the exciting potential to offer as a result!

The Pros

In the Leo and Sagittarius match, we have warmth, charm, and charisma from both Fire Signs coming into play. As the Fixed Fire Sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, and thus brings optimism, energy, and creativity into their union. As the Mutable Fire Sign, Sagittarius brings an "anything goes" mentality that Leo is really attracted to. There will be a lot of spontaneous road trips and travel plans with this pair, and they will both really love it! Leo needs flattery and Sagittarius is a huge flirt, so these two will always be involved in a fun banter with each other. Both of these Fire Signs also love and need to be social, and so there are few if any arguments over who is staying in or going out. Passion is a key trait that both Leo and Sagittarius have. So sexual chemistry is never going to be a problem with these two. At the root of this match is a deep respect, an exciting passion, and a lot of common ground that both fire signs enjoy learning about together.

The Cons

In this match we have the Fixed Fire Sign Leo who likes to flirt, and the Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius who has flirt in the middle name. So Leo is not going to be too happy if Sagittarius and their mutable nature seeks flirting from outside circles. The energy is high in this relationship, and this high energy needs to be maintained for both parties to feel fulfilled. This can be exhausting. As well, Leo is fixed on one person at a time, and Sagittarius is a little more wishy washy this way. Leo will need to give Sagittarius something real to hang onto if they want this relationship to go the long haul. And Leo definitely will.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The Leo and Sagittarius match is one that is destined to do well in love compatibility if both Leo and Sagittarius remember how to meet each other's needs. And they both often have the same needs so this is not a difficult concept to grasp. However Leo's pride can get in the way easily, and Sagittarius is not known to be patient. So both Leo and Sagittarius will need to have some willingness to make this match last the long haul, if that is what they want. As well, the passion between these two is easily ignited. This is the case whether they have been together for two days or two decades. Remembering the exciting sexual chemistry they have will be an important, and fun way, to keep this connection alive for a very long time.

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