Pisces & Gemini Compatibility

There are many commonalities joining forces when Pisces and Gemini pair up in love compatibility. Both of these signs have a lot to offer each other, and their differences as well will complement each other well. Here we have the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces joining with the Mutable Air Sign of Gemini. This love match then is one that is marked by flexibility, which creates a harmony between the pair that can stand the test of time. Both Pisces and Gemini may need to be more flexible than they like in some cases, but if they can swing it, theirs will be a match that is an exciting one indeed.

The Pros

The good things about the Pisces and Gemini match is that it is one marked by flexibility. They both bring very different traits to the table and this will bode well for them in love, if they can be flexible through the differences. Pisces is one that is emotionally charged, and emotionally sensitive as well. Gemini is really open to that set of emotions, as Gemini needs an emotional base on which to draw their intellectual conversations. Gemini has an open mind, especially when it comes to sex. And this is something that Pisces has an abundance of, being ruled by Neptune the planet of fantasy. There will be some squabbles in this union, but neither Pisces nor Gemini is the type to hold a grudge, so they will likely be able to get through almost anything with a good old fashioned conversation, and a hug.

The Cons

When we mix Water and Air, the result can be flat sometimes. That's because Pisces as a Water Sign is always looking to emotionally connect, and Gemini is often emotionally unavailable. Pisces as well is very intuitive, to the point of being downright psychic. Gemini is the zodiac sign marked by the Twins, and this means Gemini can be a bit of a double talker. This is not going to bode well for Pisces, who can use their psychic feelers to feel out pretty much anything that Gemini tries to say. So if Gemini is trying to pull the wool over Pisces eyes, it isn't going to fare very well. At the same time, Gemini's wit can turn into a biting criticism, which is something that Pisces will be deeply wounded by, and quickly. As much as Pisces can forgive and forget, there are some cases where even Gemini won't be able to get away with.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for the Pisces and Gemini match to work, they both will need to use their flexibility genes to show that commitment. Both zodiac signs are able to change in almost any circumstance, and thus able to adapt to almost anything that comes their way. But if biting criticisms come into play, this is something that will destroy this budding relationship. Gemini will need to meet Pisces halfway on the double talk, and at least show their partner what a straight shooter they can be. Pisces also needs an emotional connection, and Gemini will need to work a bit harder to give this to Pisces if they want this to be a permanent connection. At the same time, dreamy Pisces will need to pick up the speed with Gemini if they want to find some shared common ground. Pisces can't stay in every night, or Gemini will get bored and move on to the next person with an energy level more aligned. If both Pisces and Gemini can talk through these differences, they will be able to learn from them and work through them to create a lifelong connection.

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