Sagittarius & Leo Compatibility

A Sagittarius and Leo connection is an exciting one indeed. It ranks very well on all counts of the love compatibility meter. Here we have the Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius joining forces with the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo! Both zodiac signs bring passion, energy, sexual chemistry, and excitement to this dynamic relationship. Where these two saucy fire signs are going to butt heads will be in their Mutable and Fixed natures. Most of the time this couple will be enjoying many exciting adventures together, but there will be some butting of the heads when these signs get their flirt on with those that aren't each other. And this is something that both Sagittarius and Leo are known for. If they can keep their eyes on each other though Sagittarius and Leo will be burning the midnight fire together for as many nights as they want.

The Pros

The Sagittarius and Leo connection is one that has all of the energy and excitement of a dual fire sign pair. Here we have Mutable Fire of Sagittarius joining forces with the Fixed Fire of Leo. Leo is very turned on by Sagittarius, and how easy going they are and up for any adventure. Sagittarius on the other hand loves how Leo takes control, like any king of the jungle would and should. Leo is especially fond of how Sagittarius loves to travel, and is always up for a passionate round or two. Sagittarius is attracted to Leo's flirty nature, and the way Leo has of always making them feel special. The sexual chemistry between this pair is exactly what you should expect in a double Fire Sign match. And it is a chemistry that will ensure that most of the time, Sagittarius and Leo can't keep their hands off each other!

The Cons

Both Sagittarius and Leo have a very unique way of looking at love. Leo looks at one thing and one thing only, despite what a big flirt they are. That's due to the Fixed Nature of Leo, who is as loyal to the core as it gets. Leo expects this in their partner as well, and will not waste time on someone that can't meet that grade. Sagittarius is a natural wanderer, and doesn't like to be pinned down to one thing or one person. Leo isn't going to have patience for that, and Sagittarius will be turned off by Leo's jealous side. Both Sagittarius and Leo are natural flirts as well, which will land both of them in respective trouble on more than one occasion. As a dual Fire Sign match as well, Sagittarius and Leo both have a temper that is better left at bay when conflict is bound to arise.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for this match to work, Sagittarius and Leo will need to get on the same page early on in the relationship. Leo may not necessarily want a commitment, but they won't want Sagittarius wandering off at any opportunity either. As long as Sagittarius is clear with Leo about expectations, hurt feelings will be kept at bay. Sagittarius just needs to stroke Leo's ego, often, in order to keep Leo feeling secure in the relationship. Daily compliments and flattery will get Sagittarius everywhere with Leo. And if Leo wants to get on Sag's good side, they only need to give them a night out or a night off to do what they want. Sagittarius will be so honored by Leo's respect to give them freedom, they will be only too happy to run home and get the sparks flying to show their appreciation. There is some potential trouble ahead for this pair if they don't get on the same page, but the chemistry between them will find a way to keep the commitment sparks flying.

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