Sagittarius & Libra Compatibility

A Sagittarius and Libra match is an exciting one indeed, as is always the case when Air and Fire combine. Here we have the Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius pairing with the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra and so the energy in this union is past paced and exciting, for both zodiac signs! Sagittarius brings inspiration and passion to the table, and a thirst for new adventures. Libra brings the rooted harmony and balance that Sagittarius needs. This is a match that can breathe wind into fire any day of the week, for decades to come.

The Pros

There are many pros with the Sagittarius and Libra match, as this is a match that has a natural chemistry that just gets along. Libra is a harmonious one, and loves balance and peace, and runs from drama like the plague. Sagittarius loves this because Sagittarius doesn't like to be told what to do all the time. Sagittarius is flexible with Libra's need for order however, which Libra finds very charming. And speaking of charming, for Sagittarius Libra will really bring it, which turns on the fire of Sagittarius no matter how mad they are at the time. Sagittarius is both forgiving and forgivable, and Libra really appreciates how they don't remember every little thing to haunt them. Both will need to learn how to balance all of these things and the sparks can really fly for many generations.

The Cons

When it comes to what Sagittarius and Libra wants, both will have very different answers. Sagittarius lives in the here and the now, and Libra is looking for a partner for life. It's not that Sagittarius isn't, it's just that Sagittarius doesn't want to think about anything so serious right now. Sagittarius may become frustrated or feel stifled if Libra puts the pressure on to make things legal. Libra on the other hand might lose patience waiting for Sagittarius to come around and commit. Sagittarius is also a big flirt, with a bit of a wandering eye. Even in a committed relationship Sagittarius is easily tempted. Not that Sagittarius would ever do anything, but this is not a trait that Libra will hang around for. Both Sagittarius and Libra can have a tendency to get critical when they are upset, and this will backfire on both of them and start a fire that they may not be able to put out.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The Sagittarius and Libra match has all of the makings off a high score in love compatibility. This is what happens when you combine Air and Fire. The sexual chemistry lays a good foundation for a long relationship, if both parties pull their weight. Anytime you add wind or air to a fire, you must be willing to work with the elements and nurture them into the size of the flame that you want. Such is the case with Sagittarius and Libra. This relationship must proceed with caution and with balance, and both will be able to grow their tiny sparks into big flames that are the envies of all of their friends. With Libra's need for long term partnership, and the Sagittarius desire to make Libra happy, these flames will be stoked for a long time, with a dual commitment.

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