Sagittarius & Scorpio Compatibility

In the Sagittarius and Scorpio match we have two very different elements and personalities that make things heated from a love compatibility perspective. This will either work for generations, or explode into a terrible drizzle. But if Sagittarius and Scorpio really want to give this a chance, they both have the fortitude and the talent to make this work for as long as they want it to. In this match we have Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius with Fixed Earth Sign Scorpio. Scorpio never budges, and that's all that Sagittarius knows. This will create some wrinkles. What Sagittarius and Scorpio do share however is a high sexual energy with an authentic thirst for new experiences that they are only too happy to share together. This common ground could make this odd couple miles ahead of everyone for anniversaries to come.

The Pros

In this match we have two very different energies. On the one side we have the Mutable Fire of Sagittarius. On the other, the Fixed Water of Scorpio. What both of these signs have in common is a mentality that every day is a new day to discover more mysteries of the universe, and it is this common ground that will fuel this couple into success. Sagittarius loves to travel and explore a new world every day, for no other reason than it is fun. Scorpio likes to do it too, but Scorpio's reason is to discover the secrets of the world. So Sagittarius will be very intrigued by what Scorpio is able to show them, even if it is Sagittarius launching the road trip. Scorpio on the other hand will appreciate how easy going Sagittarius is. Scorpio likes to be in control and needs someone that is flexible in that way. Sagittarius fits the bill just fine. And when fire and water begin to join forces in the bedroom, the result is often steam if both Sagittarius and Scorpio play their chemistry right. And they will for as many nights as they want.

The Cons

Where the couple of Sagittarius and Scorpio have their problems lies in what they are both looking for in love. It's not that Sagittarius doesn't want a commitment, most Sagittarians actually do. They just don't want to rush into it and talk about it ALL the time. And the last thing to do to a Sag is pressure them. These are all basically all of the problems that Sagittarius will have with Scorpio, because once Scorpio decides that's what they want, you aren't going to hear the end of it until you answer. Scorpio as a Fixed Sign is a bit on the stubborn side that way, and if Sagittarius doesn't play those cards right, the infamous Scorpio stinger is going to come out. Sagittarius has a few arrows of flame to throw as well, so Scorpio will need to be very careful. This can be a great match, but when it's ugly, it is ugly.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for Sagittarius and Scorpio to get a high score on the love compatibility scale, they are both going to need to learn the art of flexibility. Since that is literally Sagittarius middle name, it will need to be Scorpio to bend their own rules if they want Sagittarius to stick around. And this is to Scorpio's benefit to be the one making the most compromises here, because it's Scorpio that is making most of the demands in this union. Sagittarius can usually take it or leave it without much thought, that is the other side of them being flexible. If Scorpio is dishing out too much jealousy or control, Sagittarius will not stick around to forgive Scorpio. So Scorpio will have to pull back in these areas if they want Sagittarius to compromise in others, such as, with commitment. Sagittarius can make Scorpio feel secure by constantly flirting with only them. And Scorpio can appreciate Sagittarius efforts more and Sagittarius won't be so quick to flirt elsewhere. When both Sagittarius and Scorpio let this relationship percolate at a natural pace, and give it a chance, this fire and water combination will ensure the steam keeps them rolling for as long as they want.

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