Virgo & Aries Compatibility

A Virgo and Aries match may rank low on the love compatibility meter at first, but if both zodiac signs are committed to making it work, then it will! This is a relationship that is slow to start, but has all of the potential of true heat in love with these opposite individuals. Here we have the Mutable Earth Sign Virgo matched with the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries. The best things about the Virgo and Aries match is there is a lot of heat, and a lot of real talk keeping things moving. Both will need to focus on their shared and common goals in order to get past their differences. But this is a match that has long term potential if they are able to overcome this!

The Pros

This match has all of the classic markings of opposites attract, however if both Virgo and Aries are committed to this pairing, it is this very trait that will keep them plugging on for many years. Both zodiac signs have very unique approaches to love, that they can balance with each other in order to see success in love. As different as they are, their differences are what the other secretly adores. Virgo is the Mutable Earth Sign, meaning they are as flexible and as real as the day is long. Aries loves someone that isn't set in their ways, and is highly attracted to flexible and organized Virgo. Aries on the other hand as the Cardinal Fire Sign, is a great leader and initiator, and brings revitalized energy into this union. Virgo loves that and how Aries is always pointing them to new experiences. With Aries ruled by Mars, and Virgo ruled by Mercury, straightforward conversation will be a marker in this relationship, and one that will enhance their union over many years if they both allow it.

The Cons

The differences between the two in this union will be what marks their downfall, if they throw in the towel too soon. Aries is a quick mover, and may become impatient with Virgo's need to think everything over. Virgo on the other hand may not want quick movement, all the time, and may get a little frustrated by that. Virgo is also a little bit on the fussy and critical side, and this is likely to bring out the Aries temper if Virgo isn't sure how to keep that at bay. Aries however rushes in a little too quickly to many things, and will not be happy with how slow this relationship gets off the ground. Both Virgo and Aries will need to learn to embrace these differences if they want this match to last the test of time.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

An Earth and Fire Sign match is a classic case of opposites attracting. As in any case of opposites attract, both zodiac signs are going to need to embrace differences, and embrace their shared vision and common goals in order for this to work. Aries needs to learn in this relationship to pull back on the impetuous moves. Virgo on the other hand will need to pick up the pace a little bit, and be okay with making spontaneous decisions. They will also need to balance out their nights in, with their nights out, as they both differ in this outlook as well. Thankfully, the heat from the Mars ruled Fire Sign, and the communication and real talk from the Mercury ruled Earth Sign, will help to give this relationship a shot. But that is only if, both Virgo and Aries want that. If they do, this is a great team that will celebrate many years together.

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