Virgo & Cancer Compatibility

There are a lot of wonderful things to say about the Virgo and Cancer match when it comes to love compatibility. Here we have the Mutable Earth Virgo paired with the Cardinal Water Cancer. Earth and Water are the elements of the Earth that nurture and encourage each other to grow and prosper, so this is a highly compatible match indeed. The markers of this union are a real and down to earth experience, marked by Virgo, paired with the ever flowing well of emotions that Cancer provides. A slow to start union, but one that will be rooted in devotion and dedication and an authentic love.

The Pros

In the Virgo and Cancer match we have two very different personalities that complement each other beautifully. Like many Earth Sign matches, this is one that will start off slowly, but percolate into something wonderful with time. Cancer brings a Cardinal leadership to the table, and offers an ever flowing vessel of love that Virgo deeply appreciates. Virgo brings communication and real talk to the table, and a groundedness that Cancer can always count on. Both signs are hard workers and they appreciate this in each other, because both zodiac signs love to have luxury and pretty things in their world. So they do very well at providing each other with just the things they want. Virgo longs for a family, and that's Cancer's mission in life. These are shared goals and visions that should be focused on for Virgo and Cancer to prevail.

The Cons

As much as Virgo and Cancer complement and nourish each other, there are some fundamental differences in play in this love match that both zodiac signs will need to keep at bay. Virgo is an organized one, and a little on the fussy side. As a result, this can lead to some critical moments that Cancer will be easily wounded by. As the leader of the Water Signs, Cancer's feelings get hurt very easily, and they become quite bitter and resentful when these things happen. Cancer has a tendency to also be on the stubborn side. And for the flexible and mutable Virgo, this just isn't going to fly. These are some key differences that will need to be attended to if both Virgo and Cancer want to stick this one out for the long haul.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Because the Virgo and Cancer match is so highly compatible, there are more similarities between this pair than there are differences. The personalities in play are certainly very different, but it is the shared vision and goals that this couple has that will ensure their long term success. Continuing to focus on the real talk by Mercury ruled Virgo will be one key to this couple's success. Moon ruled Cancer also needs to learn to curb the emotions when it comes to getting what they want. Asking nicely is all Virgo needs to give Cancer the world. There is no room for a stubborn side, Cancer, or a critical side Virgo in this love match. If both signs can get past these issues, and focus on the deep well of devotion that runs this relationship, they will enjoy each other's companies through many years, and probably many grandchildren as well!

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