Virgo & Gemini Compatibility

The Virgo and Gemini match is one on the love compatibility scale that offers more differences than commonalities at first glance. So though some may call this a case of opposites attracting, they only need to look a little deeper at some critical common grounds these two zodiac signs share. Here we have a Mutable Earth Sign in Virgo pairing with a Mutable Air Sign in Gemini, and it is this mutable and flexible nature of their personalities which will help them to make it work. Focusing on common ground, and not on the differences, will be what helps to make this seemingly opposite match succeed.

The Pros

There is more than meets the eye in the Virgo and Gemini match, so anyone that is struggling in this match can take comfort that common ground here will lead to success. In this match we have a Mutable Earth Sign in Virgo, who is grounded, practical, and not afraid to commit to hard work. Virgo also has a long term vision in love as well, which Gemini finds very appealing. At the same time we have Gemini who is impulsive and high in energy, but likes critical thinkers and chatty talkers. Virgo is both of these things and so Gemini and Virgo will have many intellectual chats that will inspire both of them. Both signs are ruled by Mercury as well, the androgynous one. Gemini is the masculine energy and Virgo is the feminine, so this is a great balance for this match and aids in their love compatibility. We also have two signs ruled by Mercury here, which means they are both ruled by communication. This will be key in navigating the differences that are definitely likely to crop up.

The Cons

The biggest disadvantages that Virgo and Gemini have going into this love compatibility match is that they are entirely different people from each other. Gemini is an Air Sign which means they are quick movers and thinkers, and Virgo is just the opposite as a slow moving Earth Sign. Virgo also has a bit of a critical side, and Gemini simply will not put up with this. At the same time, Virgo needs real talk. And Gemini has a tendency to double talk when they are in a jam, which will irritate Virgo to no end. Virgo is the practical one in this pairing, and Gemini prefers impulsive moves. Gemini could tire of Virgo's need to think every little thing over. Meanwhile, Virgo will tire of Gemini rushing in like a fool over every little thing. These are differences that could create cracks in the relationship, but if both focus on the common grounds they share, they have a real chance at beating the odds of opposites attract.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Both Virgo and Gemini being ruled by Mercury have a tendency to be critical and complain at the slightest sign things are not going their way. This is the wrong approach in this match, if they want it to stand the test of time. Both Virgo and Gemini instead are going to have to embrace the things about their partner that they find so irritating. Virgo for example could stand to try at least one or two spontaneous things once in a while. Gemini as well needs to share their responsibility in stepping outside their box, and could stand to spend a few nights in with their loving Virgo. These two have a lot of security to offer to their match, so long as they are communicating with the real talk in order to keep assuring the other of just that.

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